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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Bureau of Standards of steps up inspection of imported second hand vehicles

General News Bureau of Standards of steps up inspection of imported second hand vehicles

Deputy Minister of Commerce and Trade Miles Sampa finally unveils the new Zambia Bureau of Standards logo just after cutting the ribbon
FILE: Then Deputy Minister of Commerce and Trade Miles Sampa finally unveils the new Zambia Bureau of Standards logo just after cutting the ribbon

The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has stepped up used motor vehicle inspections from 4, 322 in the second quarter of 2015 to 4,724 in the third quarter.

This is in a bid to promote public safety and to monitor compliance with the Zambian standard relating to used motor vehicles, which is Zambian Standard – ZS560 a code of practice for the inspection and testing of used motor vehicles for roadworthiness that was was declared compulsory by the Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry through Statutory Instrument number 120 of 2006.

Of the 4,724 used motor vehicles that were inspected by the Bureau in the period under review 2,664 vehicles were issued with Road Worthiness Inspection (RWI) certificates whereas 2,064 vehicles paid penalties due to the failure by the importers to comply with this very importance pre-shipment requirement.

1, 612 vehicles were inspected in July, 1,512 in August and 1,602 used motor vehicles were inspected in September 2015.

ZABS is not happy that some vehicle importers have continued to evade road worthiness inspections at the point of origin and warns that such importers should know that they are in violation of the standards act Cap 416 of the laws of Zambia and risk the lives of road users.

‘ZABS would also like to advise importers of used motor vehicles to ensure that they subject their vehicles to road worthiness inspections at the point of origin to avoid bringing in un-roadworthy vehicles into the country.’

Pre-shipment inspection of goods in general is a standard international practice which helps countries control the influx of sub-standard products from entering their markets. The greatest advantage of this practice is that the sub-standard products are detected at source and prevented from being shipped to importing countries.

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  1. If the govt values lives of road users, they must give incentives to buyers of brand new cars or those importers who import relatively newer cars. The current practice where importers newer are cars punished with exorbitant import duty is immoral. That’s why many unscrupulous buyers end up manipulating the age of imported cars on import documents so that they could pay less duty. I understand govt has since introduced a surcharge on cars which are 5 years old from date of registration, but they should have also offered some good incentives which would enable buyers to go for newer cars. It’s not about maximising revenue, but govt should have a moral duty to safeguard lives.

  2. I strongly disagree with ZABS. For many who have been to Dar Port they will agree with me how JEVIC has cheated us with their fake inspections. Many imported vehicles with JEVIC certificates are marooned in Tanzania because they were so absolute from wherever they came from but JEVIC passed them.Do a quick survey and you will be surprised how many people have wasted their money on JEVIC. ZABS should be doing inspection at the borders themselves. In that way you also create employment for many unemployed Auto mechanics here in Zambia. On top of that you help strengthen the Kwacha. Just calculate- $300 multiply by the number of cars being imported. Wake up ZABS. Is someone there getting a CUT from JEVIC?

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