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The lead up to the Zed Me Free, A Concert to end HIV, which will take place on the 28th November 2015, has seen a number of “Roadshows” taking place. These take the form of mobile clinics, where free HIV testing takes place, which is all that is required to gain entrance to the Zed Me Free, A Concert to End HIV.

The Clinics have proved to be a great success with a total of 4,835 people having been tested so far. Knowing your status is a step in the right direction in the ongoing war against aids,” says Francis Kasonde, Prevention program Manager, AIDS Healthcare Foundation Zambia. Testing will continue at Chawama from 09:00 to 17:00 featuring guest appearances from Maiko Zulu, John Chiti and Danny Kaya, where tickets for the show will be given to all those who are tested.

This spectacular show, which has been arranged by the The Muchimba Music Foundation, features Headline Act, Thomas Buttenschøn as well as some of Africa’s top talent including; Macky 2, Mampi, Afunka, Chef 187 and B Flow to name a few. The Muchimbas Music Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness through the power of music. Co-founder, Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn has spread his messages of positivity and hope through his pervasive and powerful music which has taken him around the world from his home country of Denmark, to his motherlands of Zambia. It’s within these journeys that Thomas has seen, firsthand, just how the power of music can change the hearts and minds of entire communities and help create positive changes within societies.

So get on down to the testing centers, get tested, get condoms, get the t-shirt and get access to Zed Me Free, A Concert to End HIV!

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  1. So get on down to the testing centers, get tested, get condoms, for what? i can’t use condoms with my wife, far be it! . having sex outside or before marriage is sin, so what are you encouraging? people use condoms and still become pregnant or HIV+ for your information sin is more deadlier than HIV and aids so choose today don’t be deceived. i always wonder people who organize these functions mostly you will find they are already sick and they want you also fall in a same trap.



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