Energy Regulations Board (ERB) offices
Energy Regulations Board (ERB) offices

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has warned motorists against contamination in fuels for vehicles.

ERB Public Relations Manager Kwali Mfuni says during the course of this year, the Regulator has noted increasing accidents of consumers complaining of wrong fuel had allegedly been dispensed into their vehicles.

Motorists should be alert whenever fuelling their vehicles at filling station to avoid cross contamination of fuel, she explains in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

“Adulterated fuel should immediately be decanted in the presence of the car owners so that the customers only buy quality commodity (fuel), “ Ms. Mfuni said.

She advised motorists to contact the Regulator’s Toll Free line 8080 at all times whenever there is such an incident.

She furthermore appealed to the motorists to familiarize themselves with the different fuel colour codes to avoid such incidents.

The ERB Public Relations Manager explained that Green colour is for Petrol, while Blue is Kerosene or Paraffin and Diesel has got two colour codes Yellow/straw and Purple respectively.

The Regulator has so far handled eight cases of cross contamination and fuel pollution which at the expense of motorists who have complained to ERB who in-turn have charged the affected filling stations.

Ms. Mfuni urged motorists always obtain receipts whenever they purchase fuel and take note of the distributor.

Recently, the Regulator summoned Puma, Mt Meru and Engene filling stations following complaints from customers over polluted fuels.

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