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I saw angels and the devil- Sepp Blatter

Headlines I saw angels and the devil- Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter
Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter has revealed he was “close to death” after collapsing earlier this month.

The 79-year-old, currently suspended from his post as FIFA president, fainted while visiting his parents’ grave with family members before being taken to hospital.

“I was very close to death,” he said. “I was between the angels singing and the devil with the fire. But it was the angels who sang.”

Blatter says the collapse was brought on by the stress of the FIFA corruption scandal.

He told Swiss TV channel RTS: “The pressure on me was enormous. If you are strong mentally, you can resist but at some point the body says ‘no’, and in this case the body has reacted badly.”

Fifa’s ethics committee is believed to be seeking bans of several years over what Swiss law terms a “disloyal payment” of £1.35m made by Blatter to Platini in 2011, weeks before the former was re-elected as Fifa’s president. The payment dated back to the period between 1998 and 2002 when Platini was a special adviser to Blatter. He was paid £203,465 a year but both men argued that they had a gentleman’s agreement that Platini would get the extra money at a later date.

Both deny any wrongdoing, with Platini’s candidacy for next year’s elections on hold while the case is investigated. Nonetheless, Blatter believes the former France international can still succeed him in football’s top job.

“Platini is an honest man,” Blatter said. “If he comes back, he will be elected. And then [if] he comes back, I will return too.”

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    • Yes Bratter many people who get close to death have tested such experiences. A proof that there is a God and the evil is equally true. You are lucky God showed you that reality. Ask God to forgive your sins and invite Christ in your life. All your sins will be forgiven though people many continue scandalising you. You will be a new creation and you will die in peace. Thank you for being so supportive to the African Football. We have seen a lot of improvement in African football during your time.

  1. I wouldn’t call it a tactic but a coming face to face with their mortality.There comes a time when the rich and powerful are forced to see that there is more to life than money and a greater power that they have no control over.

    • You are a wise woman and you have a great gift of insight. Sepp Blatter has been given a second chance. He can blow it off or reconcile himself with his past. A lot of dirty stuff happens in the world of Sport. His parents must have interceded for him since he had this experience after visiting his parents’ grave after which he collapsed. Girl you have good and special insight …..

    • ….the common nature god inculcated in animals that includes insects..birds ..repitiles whatever has life and can move on its own is fear of death…we muntu you are almost 80…your usefulness getting into red but able to dramatize the near death encounter eeish…dementia is associated with going kooky.. bananas.. psychotic….seeing things….there can be no better symptom than this….. its time they find him a bed in one of the care homes….and ensure his room is equipped with a 50” TV for watching all the soccer games…

  2. I dont understand this near death experience by Blatter; what were the Angels saying exactly? Did the Devil say anything either. When you say “between”, was it at arms length, ear-shot or about a mile between the two sides. Were you closer to one of the sides, say, the Devil’s side?

    This is how people become false prophets.. “I was about to die, I saw Angels and the Devil, Im starting a Church, it will be Universal, etc…”

    “I was very close to death,” he said. “I was between the angels singing and the devil with the fire. But it was the angels who sang.” What is this? Doesn’t make sense to me…


  4. It reminds me of Chiluba and his feigning heart sickness to skip court appearances, until the court decided it had enough of the stinker’s toilet acrobatics and cardiac arrested the pygmy. The rest is history. If Lungu is not careful, the same fate awaits him.

  5. Sounds like a scene from the Tom and Jerry cartoon where Tom is condemned to go to hell unless he can get a signed pardon from the little mouse he had been chasing all his life … so there you have it old man, REPENT!

  6. Na fwaka baibepeshafye. It is not strange to hallucinate about angels and the devil when you are corrupt, it is simply a manifestation of his corrupt mind and the fear of the unknown and death. This whole story smells nonsense. Remember Hosin Mubarak being bed-ridden immediately upon losing power!…simply comical.

  7. Before the scandal, Blatter was having dreams of money and young women. Scandal yanunkila, Blatter is now a prophet, wow, nice try!

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