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General Kanene can’t afford a Lawyer, to represent himself

General News General Kanene can't afford a Lawyer, to represent himself

Clifford Dimba, alias General Kanene
Clifford Dimba, alias General Kanene

Musician Clifford Dimba, alias General Kanene has told the court that his lawyer Nicholas Chanda no longer represents him because he cannot afford a lawyer anymore.This was heard before principal resident magistrate Kenneth Mulife in a case in which Dimba, 30, is charged with assault.

Mr Dimba told the court that Mr Chanda no longer represents him because he cannot afford a lawyer anymore.

“I have challenges with money, so I will start representing myself,” Dimba said.

Meanwhile, the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court yesterday issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Modrine Chisanga, the woman of Chawama Township who was allegedly assaulted by musician Clifford Dimba, alias General Kanene.

It is alleged that Dimba on October 27 this year in Lusaka assaulted Ms Chisanga thereby occasioning her actual bodily harm.

When the case came up for trial, State prosecutor Zakes Yumba applied for Ms Chisanga to be brought to court under a bench warrant because all efforts to compel her to attend court sessions have proved futile.

Mr Mulife granted the application and ordered that Ms Chisanga be compelled to attend court under a bench warrant.

Earlier, Dimba’s lawyer Nicholas Chanda told the court that the witness would not avail herself to the court because she told the police before the case started in court that she wanted to withdraw the matter.


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  1. Again, this is a criminal matter and not a civil one. How can a witness withdraw a case? It is us Zambians who don’t agree with General Chinena’s behaviour. Ms Chisanga should do us a favour and just appear in court. She is not the complainant; we are!

    • This Kanene ldiot only targets women because of their physical weakness. Why not try fellow men? He knows they can wipe out that stupid mustache off his hideous face!

  2. After the President pardoned this “child defiler”, alias General Kanene, he thought he was above the law, he was well connected to the top Leadership. This is the second assualt case over women after his prison release, why can’t he test his boxing skills against other men? He has let down the President and many others who felt mercy for him when he was in prison. The President must revoke the “Pardon” and let him continue his 15 years sentence for child defilement.

  3. Case dismissed, stop wasting taxpayers money, she can simply say i never saw that beast attack her, there are more deserving cases than this Chisanga prostitute.

  4. Is he a tonga bull? Then President Lungu is not tribal after all.
    But anyway, Dimba whatever has abused the presidential pardon, lock him and throw away the keys!

  5. This is how low the Zambian society has fallen; because everything is political, criminals pardoned from gaol think that they have been empowered to continue what they were jailed for and given license to become authoritative over matters that are otherwise no longer available to them. It is only in Zambia where a parliamentarian with a conviction continues to shamelessly sit in parliament, and a sex offending, pardoned criminal can go ahead and batter not only his wife upon release but go on to beat up his friend’s business associates. Remove politics from people’s lives for goodness sake!

  6. I think what we seem to be forgetting is the person who pardoned Kanene. He is equally responsible, liable and capable of being sued. If only Modrine Chisanga could find a reputable lawyer who can go after Lungu. Kanene was hired as a GBV ambassador by the now quiet president on this issues. Vicarious Liability tort covers this meaning the president is liable for Kanene’s actions. In the case of RIL, Chisanga, can prove negligence on the presidents part for pardoning an unreformed criminal which justifies her injuries.

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