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Zambians Christian faith a foundation of nation’s character – President Lungu

Headlines Zambians Christian faith a foundation of nation’s character – President Lungu

President Lungu takes Salute at the Cenotaph
President Lungu takes Salute at the Cenotaph

President Edgar Lungu says Zambians Christian faith has continued to be the foundation of the country’s cherished national character.

Mr. Lungu said Christian faith should be the admirable co-existence and tolerance of the broad diversities which has distinguished the country as bastion of peace and unity.

The Head of State this in Lusaka today when he officiated at the ground breaking ceremony for the uplifting of the Our Heavenly Father Catholic Parish in Chelstone.

He said as Christians, Zambians are called upon not to use their Christian faith to despise others but to bring hope in other people’s lives.

The President said “As Christians, what we believe in should be the basis of expanding the pace for greater tolerance, forgiving one another’s transgression and use the Christian faith as a symbol of hope”.

And Mr Lungu praised the parishioners of Chelstone Catholic Parish for being magnanimous in raising funds for the uplifting of the church.

Mr. Lungu said contributing to building of a church is the highest point of ones Christian’s faith and an actual realisation of the scripture that requires all Christians to build God a house of prayer.

Mr. Lungu has since reaffirmed government committed to partner with the church and other cooperating partners in uplifting the living standards of the people of Zambia.

And Chelstone Catholic Parish Priest Father Godwin Mulenga praised President Lungu for being above partisan politics in taking development to all parts of the country.

Fr. Mulenga further urged Mr Lungu to put God first in his discharge of national duties and reaffirmed the church continued prayers.

Earlier, Catholic Parish Finance Committee Chairman Patrick Chisanga disclosed that K1 million has so been raised out the total K3.5 million required for the complete uplift of the church.


    • Lungu is a hypocrite. Today he can say this at a religious function, tomorrow he will be back to his usual and favourite ways attacking and insulting HH and UPND. Useless president. Love God and love your neighbour. Your neighbour means all people, PF, UPND, FDD, MMD, etc. Lungu is just a crook, another FTJ in the making. Watch this space. The earlier we avoid another FTJ situation the better.

    • Eish, these economic hardships have transformed our dear Excellency from the heavy drunkard we still know him to be to some angelic clergyman/prophet. I recently heard him sing a gospel tune by Michael W Smith. What a transformation from the General Kanene songs he used to sing. The other day he declared October 18th as the national day of prayer. It seems the country’s prayers were heard and answered as today the USD is trading at K 10/$! Or, is it the borrowed dollars that were injected into circulation??!!

    • Personal and private.
      You have as much religion as you can possibly take, just don’t use it to legislate. At point I will have something to say, Mr. Lungu.

    • After the economic boat has left Lungu he his now trying to fool people by getting on the christian bandwagon when he his not clearly one. Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) once said Zambians have short memories

    • After the economic boat has left Lungu, he his now trying to cheat people by using christianity when he his clearly not one. Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) once said Zambians have short memories

    • Christian nation? My foot! Politicians swearing on the bible? Some would have been struck by lightning by now! On Friday you are stealing and dealing, Saturday you get sick and seek medicine from witch doctors, Sunday you rush to church for prayers where some pastors are rich beyond measure and enjoying the material world, Monday you rush to UTH because your medicine from the witch doctor didn’t work. A nation with so much hatred for one another because they belong to that tribe, a nation so obsessed with S a tanism that they kill old people that look like witches.

    • A nation that despises its own wealthy people as S a tanists , a nation so engrossed with get rich schemes even from which doctors, a nation where there is no difference between sleeping with another man or another man’s wife. You are lucky GOD does not kill people as in biblical times otherwise he would have just poured acid on you. You are lucky sharia law is far away most of you would have been stoned and most of you would have had their arms amputated. Christian nation what? Have you no fear for GOD?

    • Today he was marshaling cadres stoning radio station where Kabimba was delivering message of love and peace. Lungu is a hypocrite!

  1. Edgar Lungu need to be seeing mental doctors. Something seem to be wrong in his brain. Iam fed up with this man. I think now i will just stop commenting as way of demonstrating against Lusaka Times for giving Edgar Lungu the visionless Man, space in the wonderful online paper..
    This man should only feature on Zambia Reports.

  2. Jay Jay and 1 plus 1. Take your madness else where. Leave our Jehova God alone. You devil worshippers. Because of you blasphemy over my God the creator of this earth, your party president will never rule this nation Zambia. If your party president wins the next elections. I will know that my God is not real. But as long as my God leaves, forget about your party ruling this nation. I shall take this serious and appeal to my God for intervention through prayer.. It is too much of you people mocking God. The president said let us pray but you went flat out to mock God all becoz u want a single human being to rule. It’s not by power nor by mighty .

    • We have already declared that Zambia is a property of God through Christians and it shall remain so in Jesus name.

    • You is a dirty fool; don’t bring God’s name in your Lungu-PF vanity!!

      The Lord God is one and is beyond your little dirty schemes!!!

  3. Christianity is personal and private. It is between God and an individual. And the Bible, inspired by God himself is very clear on the signs of the Christian faith – “You shall know them by their fruits” (Mathew 7:16).

  4. AGONY is when you regard others as Satanists and through abit of learning and reading the bible, you discover that they were also created by Jehovah God and are in reality more christians than yourself,hence anyone can rule this country.This is why death comes to everyone to those u love and those u hate.They are same and they will surely rule one day.LESA WA BONSE.

  5. u can say whatever you want to the PF and ECL but be carefull with what you say about God ba @Jay Jay and @ 1+1 your minds are to small like that of ant for you to be insulting God.
    do you think you are clever or you just worship the devil? you might not like ECL but leave God Almight out of politics otherwise you are inviting a curse on yourself.

    • If only you knew the difference between God and religion..even Hilter was staunch Christian who believed in your selfsame bible to the very letter.

      Wake up from docility and your stupor…you will then relies that heaven and hell by was created your human oppressor to hoodwink and brainwash you.

    • Jay Jay, you are the one who should wake up and repent. Even though Hitler was a staunch Christian, as you put, he was no better than demons who believe there is God and shudder. (James 2;19; Mark 1:24; Luke 4:34) Hitler was a hypocrite just like the self righteous Pharisees whom Jesus called hypocrites fit for hell. I pray that God’s grace may descend upon your life and change you for the better. (Ephesians 2:1-10) Take particular note of verse 10. Be useful to God, not the devil.

  6. Hh and the upnd chaps are nothing but noise makers worth nothing to talk about.just look at the recent parliamentary debate ECL got 109 and hh got 36 tonga bulls.

  7. I would rather not work up than blaspheming the God almight the creator of the heaven and the earth and all that is in it.
    @ Jay Jay nothing will move me in this world no not even your cheap blame game.mind you I don’t blame anyone for the poverty levels we are experiencing as a country becoz I believe the best change will start when people like you change your colonial mentality of blaming others for others sufferings no human being Will ever finish all the problems but only God get that into your head.

    • The case of Laughter Foundation Church is another dimension. The church founder, Pastor Gbenga Osho is making millions by giving children to those who are barren.

      The pastor popularly known as father of million babies is laughing to the bank every day because he allegedly has the power to produce babies for those who are seeking the fruit of the womb and with the way he parades his abilities, those who are desperate are trooping to his church to get their own share of the babies.

      And in return, they end up donating different products, including olive oil, especially the one claimed to be from Israel which people rush to buy. Recently the news was agog that the purported man of God shows his other ability as he pounce on his wife beating the poor woman blue-black which first call…

  8. That is how UPDN loses the plot, they think that they have to say something on everything and in the end they contradict themselves – no focus at all. Potential voters are left confused and doubting them and end up sticking to what they know.

    • Sticking to a PF party that has pillaged and bankrupted the nation with an exchange rate rising to K17; goods trebled in price, job loses and hunger everywhere!!

      Wake up….!

  9. You mean a character of thieving, lying, corruption, adultery, witchcraft, murders and all kinds of vices?You’ll know them by their fruits, Jesus said. Yeah Zambia, we know you by your fruitage.

  10. All these negative comments against christianity are from the same people who post negative comments against President Lungu. To let you know the truth, thats why God will never allow your party to form government next year. You can insult even our ancestors of those of us who are christians but all you are doing is to make us more alert. Your hatred against christianity just shows what would happen if you won elections. Caution to those who support haters of christianity, PLEASE DON’T PARTNER WITH SATANISTS TO TRY AND DESTROY THIS NATION BECAUSE OUR PRAYER MISSILES WILL NOT SPARE YOU. When this are getting better and you keep insisting that things are bad, you will be the one eating or experiencing what you are confessing whilst others inspite of high prices will be still managing to…

    • @dominion

      You are nothing but a PF coribant. Cut out the Christianity cover. You worship the One True God, so do we; you speak in tongues of the Holy Ghost and this we too practice.

      We however diverge from complicity in the economic destruction at the hands of incompetent greedy violent men. That is the hallmark and ringtone of Lungu-PF.

      Like those delinquent rulers of old, Lungu has been judged and found wanting…he has miserably failed . The results are there however much you may pontificate ; just go to any shop and prices will tell you the dismal performance of this ignoramus leading PF

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