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Nothing unlawful about our demands for an independent Barotseland-Activists

General News Nothing unlawful about our demands for an independent Barotseland-Activists

Some of the Barotse accused persons waving to the crow after appearing in Kabwe High Court
ome of the Barotse accused persons waving to the crow after appearing in Kabwe High Court

THE four Barotse activists on trial for advocating for secession of Western Province from the rest of Zambia have told the Kabwe High Court that their actions were aimed at fulfilling the resolutions of the Barotse National Council (BNC) which resolved among other things the secession of Barotseland from the rest of Zambia because the Zambian government had allegedly abrogated the terms of the Barotse Agreement of 1964.

Afumba Kenny Mombotwa, Sylvester Kalima Inambao, Likando Pelekelo and Paul Masiye Masiyaleti submitted that there was nothing unlawful about their demands for an independent state of Barotseland.

They told Kabwe High Court judge-in-charge Dominic Sichinga that they had engaged other international stakeholders and had taken the matter before the International Court of Justice for arbitration, arguing that the BNC was legally convened and was attended by Government leaders and regional commanders of defence and security forces whose resolutions were sent to the President of Zambia.

Leader of the group, Mombotwa told the court that in 2010, many people were analysing the Cabinet circular No. 82 of 18th July 1964 where the then Secretary to the Cabinet was warning all those who would take positions in new independence government that the relationship of Barotseland with Britain was guided by the agreement and that the same would apply to Zambia but it so happened that Barotseland was betrayed.

He said that on 12th August 2013, Mombotwa,together with Likando, Kalima and others, committed themselves to the service of the Barotse people by making him take an oath at Kalima’s house in Livingstone.

Asked what the oath was about, he said that it was about paying allegiance to the Litunga of Barotseland in his (Mombotwa’s) capacity as Administrator General.

Asked about the Barotse flag, the bank notes, the defence code of conduct, Barotse cabinet, provisional budget and many other things that the police seized and presented before court as exhibits, Mr. Mombotwa said that he had no role in the designs of the flag and that the currency known as Mupu first appeared on internet.

He argued that there were many ‘‘liberation movements’’ in Barotseland and Linyungandambo was just one of them. He said the said items were available online and could have been extracted from there.

When told that there was information that he went into hiding, Mombotwa said he was in Western Province and went to pay a courtesy call on Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta after which he was arrested along with Kalima and Likando on 26th December 2014. He also denied the publication and dissemination of a video shown in court.

He denied having instructed anyone to draw the structure of the cabinet and that he did not try to secede because the matter before court was political and about human rights.
And 61-year-old Pelekelo said that before the police shooting incidents of 14th January 2011, people of Barotseland came up with a decision for self-rule.

He said the killing in Western Province was what led to the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) to call for a meeting which led to the resolution for self-rule.

He said that one of the resolutions was that the Zambian government should respond to the concerns raised within 30 days and that Mombotwa was one of the signatories to the resolutions.

Inambao, 54, a businessman of Dambwa South in Livingstone, said that he participated in Mombotwa taking of oath at his house as an observer and that he was part of the 5,000 people who attended the BNC meeting at which they resolved to secede from the rest of Zambia.

Earlier, Kalima took the court by surprise when he demanded to know which case he was facing because he was charged with seditious intentions, then seditious practices and now treason but the court guided him that he was before court for treason felony.

Masiyaleti, 52, a teacher at Sioma Secondary School, asked the court to release him because there was no person who had testified about him actively taking part in the plans to secede from the rest of Zambia.
He said he was arrested from the court premises in Mumbwa in December when he went to hear the case of Mombotwa who was his uncle.

He said the arrest in Mumbwa was his second after being arrested at Chief Namakando’s home in 2013 alongside 83 other people who were released on nolle prosequi and denied the properties that were recovered from his house in Sioma. He insisted that prior to his arrest he had never met Pelekelo and Inambao.

According to the cabinet structure that was drawn Mombotwa was at the top as administrator general, while Kalima, Inambao and Pelekelo were in charge of agriculture. Masiyaleti was put in charge of defence and security and is alleged to have been found with defence identity cards.

The Kabwe High Court has set 18th December and 8th January 2016 as dates for written submissions by the defence and the State respectively.

It was alleged that whilst acting together and with other people unknown, the quartet were accused to have declared Western Province as an independent state of Barotseland and advocated for its cessation from the rest of country contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The court found the quartet with a case to answer and put them on their defence and during their four-hour long defence on oath, no defence witnesses were called.

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  1. Ati they had engaged other International stake holders. Stake holders in what? Africa! When will we ever learn? FIGHTING TO BE RECOLONIZED AGAIN. WHAT DO THEY WANT IN AFRICA? Before, they came on their own, now it is us crying for them to come colonize us. JUST WATCHING

    • They kinda have valid points. However, I doubt that separation from Zambia will do them or our country any good. Pretty complicated issue, too. Maybe our leaders should use wisdom here because this issue wont disappear. What do you say to someone who says that they no longer want to be part of you, say, marriage? I guess trying to resolve in a wise manner and trying to get to the root cause of the problem might be a good starting point.


  3. ….there are two key witnesses to 1964 agreement who were either signatories or administrators…and are in their late afternoon of their existence on earth that’s Queen Elizabeth and KK and have all chosen to be mute on this issue….why was the agreement so important in 1964….Chiluba used it in 1991 so did MCS in 2011….how gullible are our western relatives kanshhi..??….there were two options for Barotseland activists…either to go the Sudan way or the Scotland way…the latter is more civilised…choosing to abrogate the current constitution may not work in their favour….

  4. Why can’t Zambian law enforcement institutions treat our citizens with respect. People lawfully expressing their desire for self determination should not be treated like this. Of course if they incite violence or carry out violent acts then they should be prosecuted. In as much as I think that an independent Barotseland would not be a viable state, people should be allowed to debate these things freely.

  5. and what is the extent of the so called Barotseland? I wish to know, I hope its only Mongu because the rest, ie the Nkoyas, Mbundas, Subiyas etc are not interested in this backward thinking.
    Monarchs are no longer the in thing, in the past yes, the way to go in this present and modern age is democracy.

  6. Honestly why didn’t they establish their monarch way back when their friends were doing so e,g Swaziland. Lesotho, Great Britain etc. But these have now just become ceremonial, no admistrative powers at all, just an identity.
    The fight for manarch has been overtaken by events since other tribes in the region do not want to be part of these schemes. So Lozis tough luck, you are fighting a losing battle

  7. I am afraid but an independent Barotseland would be a disaster for Lozis. It would be hijacked by a few selfish individuals who would then set about oppressing the rest. South Sudan, Swaziland and other Bantustans come to mind. What Barotseland needs is investment. If Lozis or indeed any other tribe are really passionate about their homeland, they should form a chamber of commerce to attract investment. Being part of Zambia does not deprive Western Province of resources – it is a poor province, just like Eastern and Northern Provinces. I can understand North Western and Copperbelt provinces feeling aggrieved that the government is taking their resources and not giving anything back.

    • So you actually know what this pf govt of yours is doing to northwestern prov. Not even the solwezi /chingola road. There is absolutely nothing pf has done in NWP. MMD did a lot more in NWP.

  8. Every country on earth has some little segment trying to break away. In the USA the south always cries to break away. They never do, because they know they need the federal government to supplement and keep them even as sates. They would be no better than mexico. Nigeria has Biafra. Even Egypt has a desert wanting to break away. Let us just move on Zambia, and do not let European capitalists in certain countries lie to us.

  9. Why do some pipo have a problem with barotse seceding? in fact this zambia shud be broken up. Eastern give it to Undi or mpezeni, Northern to chitimukulu, siuthern ti the tongas, copperbelt to lambas, lusaka to nkomeshya, FINISH!! There is no such thing as one Zambia one nation. Its just RUBBISH!!

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