Nsama District Works Supervisor Dominic Katongo has advised HENINA Engineering company to demolish and reconstruct one out of the 10 medium cost houses.

Mr. Katongo said this is because the company is not making the substructure solid and that the houses which are still at slab level should not progress until the substructure is reinforced.

Mr. Katongo said this when he and Nsama District Administrative Officer Chilufya Mulenga inspected the works at the site in Nsama at the weekend.

And Nsama District Administrative Officer Chilufya Mulenga has advised the contractor to show commitment towards work.

Mr. Mulenga said the foundation of a house should be strong so that the houses last longer.

He also advised the contractor to adhere to the instructions given to him by the monitoring team.

Mr. Mulenga explained that it was unfortunate to note that the company was failing to follow stipulations given by the monitoring team.

The Administration Officer has since cautioned HENINA Engineering Company to expedite the construction of the houses.

He said government is committed to providing the company with necessary support hence the need for it to be committed to work.

HENINA Engineering Company is constructing 10 medium cost houses in Nsama District at a total cost of over K8.9 Million.

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  1. Confused reporting. Are the instructions for the demolition of one of the 10 houses or all the 10 houses? But how was the contractor allowed to build up to slab level without the necessary supervision. Was someone paid to turn a blind eye?


  2. pleas i am confused, 10 houses costing K8.9 million, how much is that in dollar’s for 1 house, is it $890,000 ???


    • Patrick. It’s K890 000 not dollars. Do you know where Nsama is located by the way? How far are suitable building materials to this construction site? How safe is it to work in this area? Does the contractor need to set up a full construction camp site? These are some of the considerations that determines the cost of construction



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