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Judiciary workers reject K100 salary increment, on go-slow

General News Judiciary workers reject K100 salary increment, on go-slow

HIgh Court
HIgh Court

UNIONISED judiciary workers countrywide are on a go-slow in protest of a proposed salary increment of K100 by management following negotiations.
The workers were demanding a K3,000 increment across the board.

Judiciary and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (JAWUZ) president Peter Mwale said the workers had resolved to be on a go-slow because what management is offering them is “a mockery”.

“Actually it’s a go-slow and not a strike. Almost all the provinces are on go-slow and this was arrived at after we reached a deadlock with management and declared a dispute,” he said.

Mr Mwale said in an interview the union and management had failed to agree on the increment, which he said had negatively affected the delivery of services in the judiciary.

He said the negotiations with Government focused on a salary increment, transport, housing and medical allowances.

Mr Mwale said the workers were demanding 50 percent of one’s basic salary as housing allowance and K500 per month as medical allowance, but that management had refused to meet the demand.

“What management is offering is a mockery to the workers because it is too low. Ten per cent and 30 percent translates to K100 or K300 in monetary terms,” he said.

In Kitwe judiciary workers yesterday joined the protest and refused to work after reporting for duty.

JAWUZ provincial secretary Clement Kanchele said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday the workers are not happy with Government’s offer.
He said the workers were expecting a K3,000 salary increment across the board.

“As workers, we feel the offer given by Government is not matching with today’s cost of living, and as a result, we feel like we are not considered and appreciated for what we do,” Mr Kanchele said.

A check by Daily Mail at the Kitwe magistrates’ courts found courtrooms locked because all the workers had gathered at the Kitwe High Court.

And courts in Southern Province have joined the rest of the country by going on a go-slow, CHALI MULENGA reports from Livingstone.

A check at the Livingstone High Court and the magistrates’ courts found people idling as they did not know what next to do because they did not know when their cases would come up for hearing.

JAWUZ Southern Province vice chairman Geoffrey Mukuwa said in an interview his members are on a go-slow in the province.
There was no immediate response from the judiciary.

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    • To those saying Judiciary is not productive, you are ignorant. Annually Judiciary contributes more than K80,000,000=00. So what are they saying now?

  1. Kikikiki Galamukani wandepaula. Anyway, every worker productive or not deserve reasonable salary. if not better not employ anybody. The major problem with most civil servants is laziness and negative attitude towards the government to which they belong. I don’t know how this fya GRZ mentality will end to enhance their performance and productivity. Kwatwishi mwindini. Africa and its mentality!

  2. Yes its their right to demand K3000 across the board because of the cost of living, but do they live in Zambia? They should point us to the budget, especially the revenue side, if they saw the money there. Does not make sense to just demand and demand and they cannot show us where the money is? They are lucky to have their jobs, tell them to consult miners who have lost their jobs how it feels.

    • Ba Terrible, your thinking is terrible. Worse than that its horrible! You are the reason Zambia would never see true development. The money is there but the Government is wasting on by elections and other foolish activities. What revenue are you talking about?

  3. Judiciary awe
    If there ar pipo who wrk hearder in zambia ar police officers those guys ni best ai nd they deserve more than k2000

  4. zobeba beba what the fcuk are you talking about? Bujus are the most corrupt civil servants and whenever they arrest me if they cannot use their discretion, I just pay and demand for a receipt. They are bloody suckers the bujus.
    Judiciary workers need to be realistic with their demands. How much have they contributed to the treasury? If not much in these times of economic crunch, they should cool off from the demand for higher salaries which will simply fuel inflation.

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