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Former First Lady Christine Kaseba has not yet taken occupation of her new Woodlands House

Headlines Former First Lady Christine Kaseba has not yet taken occupation of her...

First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia's Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014
Former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba

The Daily Nation reports that former first lady Christine Kaseba has not yet taken occupation of the house that Government found for her after leaving 8 Reedbuck Lodge in June this year.

The Government secured the residence occupied by the former World Bank country representative in Woodlands along Mutende Road.

The house has however remained vacant for many months, a situation which may raise serious audit queries as the Government is paying for a vacant house.
The house was identified some months ago and the information was communicated to the former first family.

“To date, the house still stands vacant and it is not clear if the former first lady will move in although some of the children have indicated an interest to move,” the source said.

Asked to comment, permanent secretary for administration at Cabinet Office Margaret Miyoba confirmed that Dr. Kaseba had not moved into the house but asked that the matter should not be publicized because it was only going to antagonize the former first lady and her family.

Mrs. Miyoba said it was not correct to discuss the accommodation of Dr. Kaseba in the press, claiming that the story was not only going to injure her family but also the late president.

She said Dr. Kaseba as a former first lady was a respectable citizen who should not be seen to be antagonising Government and the story should therefore not be pursued.

“We do not deal with matters of our leaders in the press and Dr. Kaseba as the former first lady is a senior citizen who deserves our respect. If we start writing about her in the press, she will be seen to be antagonizing Government.

“Imagine if Mr. Sata was alive, how he would feel to see his wife in the press with negative stories. So, sir, please leave the former first lady out of the press because it will not auger well.

“I will be the first one to call you after she has moved to the house but for now please leave her out of this,” Mrs. Miyoba said.

Earlier this year it was reported that Dr. Kaseba had been evicted from 8 Reedbuck Lodge because Government had failed to pay rentals, an assertion that Government disputed.

The story of the eviction, which appeared in a named newspaper, has now been photocopied and is being distributed in Kasama by a named opposition political party, to show that Government did not care about the welfare of the former first lady and her family.

It has been revealed that the said story was being distributed in Kasama in a bid to make the people in the area revolt against President Lungu and his Government.


    • @Ndobo, there is plenty of time, MukaYama will move in the house of her interest. Why people going to bother Mrs. Miyoba, instead of asking me what I know? Muka Yama ichintu chintu umwene mwandini. The fact is that Ba Christina is humbling herself, not to waste government money. Why is PF government paying rent for empty house?


    • How can it antogonise them when it’s the taxpayers footing the bill…this is really laughable only in Zambia!!

    • This is our former first lady, she deserves better. How is the security at the house she is being forced to occupy? Can we all show her some respect. We claim to like/love Sata and disrespect his wife. Just saying.

  1. The point is Dr Kaseba does not want to look after Sata’s relatives. She knows if she moves in, Sata’s dependants will follow. She would rather stay with her mother.

  2. Other people have no where to sleep….others have a choice of mansions and lodges! Ndiye life majoza iyi. Christine na Maurreen bafunika pipe

  3. It is extreme selfishness for Dr Kaseba to let government waste money on such an expensive rented house! It is better she officially inform the government and the nation that she won’t waste government money, she prefers staying with her mother or in one of the many houses they own! And the latter option is better since staying in a rented house she will be paying 10% of the rentals to ZRA!!

    • It is government which is styupid, why not just pay her CASH she can build her own house. Why terminal benefits should go into renting? Ba Christina is smart too.

  4. This is the problem of entitlements, even when you are given more than enough you still demand much, much more. A house for former World Bank representative, how many of us would jump at that??

  5. A lungu take Christine as another wife….akali na chilaka cha State House. Mwe a sata why did you die paja state house yanzuna?

  6. When citizens are dying due to inadequate medicines in hospital, money that is meant to save their lives is wasted just like that. Look at how much money was spent for her accommodation at a lodge. As if that is not enough, government is wasting huge sums of money on a vacant house. Who does Dr Christine Kaseba think she is that she should be wasting tax payers money like that? Infact, it is not the responsibility of the people of Zambia to take care of her but her late husband’s relatives. Levy Mwanawasa and Fredrick Chiluba also left widows. Are they misusing tax payer’s money like that? Dr Kaseba must realize that Zambians are paying tax through the nose. Her level of education should be able to make her think rationally.

  7. Why should this woman be receiving ANYTHING from Government? She is doing NOTHING to earn it, and she was the the one that LIED and CONSPIRED to steal MILLIONS of Taxpayers money for Satas MEDICAL TOURISM!

    She was not truthful about Satas illness. Just another cheap crook conning the poor out of their hard earned cash!

    Let her go and stay with Mulenga Sata in his new multi-million Dollar house!

  8. Hmmm what would John Pombe Magufuli do? GRZ stop making payment she and her husband had a house before he became president, use that money to build five medium income family homes rent them out. The money coming in from rentals must be used for maintenance of the houses, pay the workers and must be used to build more houses. And name the place Micheal Sata compound.

  9. The PS at Cabinet Office is very disappointing. Why would it be wrong to discuss Kaseba and her refusal to move into the house in the press? Doesn’t this sil.ly PS know that it is tax payers money at play here? Don’t we deserve to know how our money is being wasted? This naïve PS must know that no one is insulated from public scrutiny if one is on tax payers’ care. This is the stupi.dity that we should get rid of. What’s so special about Kaseba that we cannot discuss in the public media? These are chaps (Sata and Kaseba) who contributed to the downfall of our economy. Sata employed relatives while Kaseba travelled with huge delegations composed of her relatives to go for shopping using tax payers’ money. In fact this woman must be audited. All her sisters drive very expensive…

  10. Kaseba is lucky that after Lungu took over as head of state, he did not set up a commission of inquiry into the events that lead to the death of Sata. It was really strange that Kaseba was pulling her husband everywhere even when she knew he was not well. Did she want Sata to die in our faces or what? As a doctor she looked after Sata very badly. She would have been excused if she was not a doctor but do you all remember Sata last performance in parliament? I tell you I shed a tear. That was pathetic. How did she allow Sata to leave home to embarrass himself in that manner? And she is the same lady who took Sata to address the UN where he nearly died. This lady should be taken to court and should not be entertained.

    • You are absolutely right on this one!

      Let’s kick these criminals out in 2016 and then have an investigation into how they have abused our public money!

      And put the guilty ones IN JAIL!

  11. For fairness’ sake,we do not know what the problem is between Govt & Mrs Kaseba Sata.So judging her unfairly is not right.She is an elderly woman,and am sure she can not just refuse to occupy a house given to her by the Govt for no reason.

  12. So this is what Lungu and his PF Government thinks are “AUSTERITY MEASURES” ?????

    Most people call it “WASTEFUL SQUANDERING OF PUBLIC MONEY” !!!!!!!

    Kaseba should be PAYING BACK all the Taxpayers money that was wasted on her and her nonsense, not claiming MORE from Government that is now surviving on KALOBA because of Satas madness!

  13. Thit is why I keep saying , this clause where spouses of former heads of state and or the heads of state are entitled to a free house should be killed off from the constitution. This is wilful wasteful spending on the part of government which must not be allowed to carry on at a time when people are losing their jobs on the Copperbelt and kicked into the sea of unemployment. The majority of these former heads of state do have at least one house and trolley loads of cash. Why give someone who already has a lot .

  14. This is why I keep saying , this clause whereby spouses of former heads of state and or the heads of state are entitled to a free house should be killed off from the constitution. This is wilful wasteful spending on the part of government which must not be allowed to carry on at a time when people are losing their jobs on the Copperbelt and kicked into the sea of unemployment. The majority of these former heads of state do have at least one house and trolley loads of cash. Why give someone who already has a lot .

    These Mbava’s Kaseba et al, are not really poor, & have lots of money, houses, & resources.
    Zambia should from now on include a disclaimer in the new constitution, ensuring no Zambian who takes office is unable to house or feed themselves/ family once kicked out of office, or Kicks the bucket on the job.
    Zambian’s are using state coffers as a Plunder, & pension/ health scheme.
    Have they not already “eaten enough”????

  16. …Mrs Miyoba was just trying to divert attention from the real issue here…why is the govt paying for un occupied house..??..that’s the question..
    ‘…the story was not only going to injure Kaseba and family but also the late president…’….what sort of reasoning is that..??…

  17. Kaseba should and must stop playing politics especially that our money is going to waste.Why do these people grow big headed when we give them power?May be she should just go and squat at Guy Scot’s house and save us our hard earned kwacha!We can buy beds from that money for hospitals ka…..

  18. Wasting tax payers money when the economy is performing poorly. Kaseba should grow up! She is behaving like a teenager!

  19. The behavior of Kaseba can only be interpreted as a re-grouping and revival of the splinter PF faction that promoted the sponsoring Kaseba as a Republican Presidential candidate. Prominent in this treacherous faction is Guy Scott, GBM, Kaseba, Sampa who feel that PF has been hijacked by the Easterner. This thinking had actually diffused into the minds of academics at CBU who have of late had been working behind the curtains to to preserve the status quo

    Unfortunately, Lungu’s position has been consolidated by his national approach of embracing a diversity of politicians from several parts of the country to contribute in the running of Govt.

  20. In my understanding, this woman wants attention nothing else, if she moves in the house there will be nothing to report about her, besides she is not homeless this woman has money and plenty houses to move in remember Sata use to own that Avondale estate company back in the days, do you know how many house that company built, now you think she can be homeless even her staying with her mother is part of that attention so that there is something to report about her, it’s all politics. Just leave her alone, soon you will hear she is in another political party.

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