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Zambian Actor Brings Hollywood to Zambia

Headlines Zambian Actor Brings Hollywood to Zambia

zambian actor

The familiar face from the popular ECZ advertisements concerning elections has been building an impressive catalogue of work over the years, having appeared in numerous adverts for telecoms and the banking sector, while also making appearances in award-winning Zambian drama series such as Love Games.

In July 2015, he became the first Zambian to expand into Hollywood and feature in a United States network television show, called ‘My Africa’ on the Africa Channel, promoting the city of Lusaka and Zambia’s image to a viewing audience of 33 million viewers around the world.

Currently, Onechi is co-starring in the ZAFTAR award-winning feature film, ‘Guilt’ premiering on DSTv channel Zambezi Magic in January. The film also features Cassie Kabwita and Owas Ray Mwape. He is also starring in a new and exciting series produced by Global Studios titled ‘Fever’ also launching on DSTv channel Zambezi Magic in February, 2016.

Having acquired an international profile, Onechi is now working toward making that dream possible for all Zambian actors by launching Aardvark Casting Agency International in Lusaka. This global agency has provided work for actors in Hollywood films such as Mad Max Fury Road, Chappie, Captain Phillips, Invictus, etc. For the first time, there will now be a platform for talented Zambian actors and models to be exposed to global acting and modelling opportunities.


“Advancements in digital technologies across the world has changed the way media is consumed. To keep up with the trends, we want to give talented Zambians the opportunity to showcase themselves on the world stage and bring the much needed revenue back into our economy through job creation,” He said.

Innovative youths such as Onechi need the support of all well-meaning Zambians. Our eyes will be glued to the screens to see what he does next.


(Photo Credit – Aurelien Dayde)

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  1. Ok! looking forward to your achievements in this particular capacity though your name sounds like (those people) west Africans………

    • @Nostradamus there’s a channel on Comcast called “African Chanel” but you have to have more than basic cable I think. I watch staff from there, interesting movies too.

    • Ignorance is indeed the easiest way out for some people! We have Zambians with all sorts of names please mwe bantu. I know somebody who named his newly born son ‘Nelson Mandela’. What’s your verdict?

    • Onechi is Zambian from eastern province, surname Lwenji!!!
      Ignorance, is the reason Zambia is in the state it is!! Watch his video on youtube, “My africa!!”


    • You see what a lazy bum you are, you can’t even Google his video “My africa”; You always want things done for you, a typical ” Johnny, so lye ubwali!!” Clever zambian bum!!

  3. What Hollywood did he break into? People do you have any idea how hard it is to break into Hollywood? Being shown on the Africa channel is not a break into Hollywood. It’s the AFRICA channel. Good for him though. He’s expanding his market.

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