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Misguided Attacks on HH by loose mouth Sunday Chanda

Headlines Misguided Attacks on HH by loose mouth Sunday Chanda

Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the President Amos Chanda chats with PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairman Sunday Chanda at State House
Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the President Amos Chanda chats with PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairman Sunday Chanda at State House

We are not in a habit of engaging the disgraced former Civil Society leader Mr. Sunday Chanda because we feel he lacks does not understand governance matters in Zambia but we feel compelled to state simple facts due the gravity of distorted and misguided statements attributed to him in the media.
Mr. Sunday Chanda alleges that the UPND Party President Mr. Hichilema Hakainde spoke in contempt of the country and its citizens by stating that;

  1. Red tape Bureaucracy is a hindrance to doing successful business in Zambia.
  2. Concentration on Copper Industry has robbed Zambia of every opportunity by the Government to diversify our Economy.
  3. Our Tourism Industry has not been fully exploited by the Zambian Government as we only sell Victoria Falls to be the only Site attraction in Zambia. Sites like Musonda Falls in Northern Province are not equally promoted.

We are at pains to comprehend how a ruling party in government can fail to understand the Zambian Business life today as well as its serious Economic challenges.
Mr. Chanda shamelessly described the three outlined factors affecting Business in Zambia today as “cheap attack on Zambia and its people” when even our Bank of Zambia and the Ministry of Commerce have highlighted them as Challenges to Zambia today.

The PF Government has unwisely moved Roads Development Agency Office to State House, so every Contractor who dreams of doing business with RDA should go through the security clearance system at State House. Is this bureaucracy necessary for a public institution like RDA to be stationed at State House? Therefore you need political connections in State House for you to get a RDA Contract under PF.

Mr. Chanda can not even tell the Zambians what Achievement PF Government has scored in the last 4 years in diversifying the Economy of Zambia from dependency on Copper to Agriculture.
PF Government has even destroyed the vision for Farm Blocks left behind by the MMD Government like Nansanga Farm Block.
We ask Mr. Chanda to brief the Zambia what happened to negotiations regarding the Bonafarm Group which, under MMD Government, won the tender to develop Nansanga farm block’s anchor core venture plot where Zesco spent US25 million in putting up electricity and ZNS graded the roads.

We urge well-meaning Zambia to ignore the last kicks of our friends in PF as they are now afraid of their own shadows due to the massive failed Economic policies in last 4 years where we shall soon be classified as a Highly Indebted Poor Country again thanks to PF Government.

By Matthew Chanda,
UPND Kitwe District Media team

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    • But sin is very bad, Mr Chanda why are you thanking PF for making Zambia to be classified Highly Indebted Poor Country again? Is it because this will make UPND to win 2016 elections? The best thing is to condemn a bad thing not to welcome it just because it is for your advantage.

    • This is a brilliant response to the useless and incompetent PF full of Lungu’s stooges.

      PF stooges lack the acumen to critically analyse and understand economic facets and levers that are crucial in reviving and stabilising Zambia ‘s economy. They just oppose HH for the sake of showing Lungu that they are working with out understanding whats at stake if the PF government does not heed HH ‘s expert advice.

      Right now they think by borrowing to stabilise the ailing Kwacha is the best solution without realising that business houses can see behind the Kwacha appreciation facade and continue to siphon the dollar PF is throwing in the market to artificially strengthen the kwacha.

      In economic terms PF is abusing the central bank ‘s monetary policy. Monetary policy only works well…

    • continued,

      In economic terms PF is abusing the central bank ‘s monetary policy. Monetary policy only works well when the government ‘s fiscal policy is realigned to respond to the business needs effectively. This is what HH was on about and its the best way to revive the businesses’ confidence in the government.

      Any who is Ka sunday Chanda to oppose what HH said when the whole world was in agreement with his ideas of how Zambia and indeed the whole of Africa can benefit from implementing ideas in line with HH ‘s expert advice.

      2016 Vote UPND and HH

  1. Nice one Mathew Chanda. I feel your pain in having to engage a dunderhead like Sunday but it really was necessary. Kudos!

    • Why only Chandas in the ring? Amos Chanda (PF), Mathew Chanda(UPND) & Sunday Chanda(PF)! Is this coincidence or deliberate appointments that only Chandas should head media houses? Zambia is bigger than the Chandas! No wonder We can’t go anywhere. We need a cross section of society to move forward!

    • People dont read and listen to HE ECL because of their hatred for the man. He even repeated the same issue at his press conference where he said RDA is not at State House but at the Ministry of Works and Supply. He went further to say that who ever is looking for Roads Contracts, should go to the Ministry of Works and Supply. Why is this guy ignoring those pronouncements? How can you go out of the country and start demonizing the same country that you would like to rule? White people are not narrow thinking and easily hoodwinked for petty expedience purposes of wanting to rule. In fact you might end up exposing your hatred for other people and scare these investors aware. Investors cant invest in a country full of bitter individuals. Bitterness is a receipt for uncertainity

    • @Miya

      Its tool late now for PF to begin undo what it did to lay the foundation to destroy Zambia’s economy. Huge sums of money was stolen by the late Sata and his close allies like Kambwili et al. The late Nsanda even failed to hide the money he looted properly.

      Matthew is just highlighting the huge mistakes that PF made and for which Lungu was part of. RDA might have been removed from state house but contracts negotiations still go through Lungu for approval so that only PF stooges can benefit. If this is not the case then tell me how many companies owned by the opposition have won road contracts with the PF government? Is it still not the case that in order for one to win a road contract, one must first oil and lick Lungu’s butt?

      All in all nothing has changed under Lungu…

  2. The following is part of the speech that was delivered by Nevers Mumba at a Business Summit in South Africa(Source: Lusakatimes)..Am sure you have read what HH said in London and claimed to have attracted investment.Read Nevers Mumba’s Speech and learn how Investment is Attracted….then you will know that HH got it all wrong.

    Nevers Mumba said
    In these last few moments, kindly allow me now to paint the picture I have of my own nation of Zambia.

    For the investor who is searching for high returns, Zambia offers one of the most liberal economic policies in the SADC region. Zambia offers a 50 year culture of political and social stability.

    It is a nation whose borders could only have been designed by a supreme being as the bible says. A nation with only 14.5 million people known…

    • the world over for their warmth, a country carved out from the centre of the Southern African region, a natural hub land-linked by eight sovereign nations with their combined populations presenting a huge market for any business, such as motor assembly plants, setting up its headquarters in Zambia.

      It is a country of rare beauty, perched on a high plateau of moderate average annual temperatures of 21 Celsius and annual average rainfall of 1,270 millimeter and one of the most beautiful country-sides of a typical savanna country with breath-taking rivers and waterfalls like the Victoria Falls, abundant un-spoilt wildlife.

    • HH was being realistic so that investors understand both pros and cons and this is excellent business practice and is ethically correct. Besides those investors are not dumb enough not to carry out their own independent feasibility studies about the business and political environment in a potential investment destination before bringing their money over. HH brought out the investment opportunities and then peppered them with possible, but surmountable barriers. Nevers was not being realistic by only talking about the good and any prudent investor would have to question this.

    • So to you telling people the truth is a problem. You are used to Donchi Kubeba. You want the investor to discover the red tape etc when he lands here and says the man of god (Nevers) lied, he painted white when its actually black. Lets be serious tell people the pros and cons and let them decide. Those who are serious do a due diligence etc. and will come. So don’t complain about someone calling a spade a spade. Let the minister go to London and lie to investors.

    • @Obbious Chikombola

      HH was speaking the language that the business world understand out there. Never has no business experience to show for it.

      My advice to you is, you dont win investment by patronising the business investors by assuming that they are not aware of the prevailing business environment in your country.

      HH is among many that can invest heavily in the energy sector. But because PF can not allow him, he has not. And the business world out there look for such signs before pouring their money into any country. If an opposition member can enjoy unlimited investment rights, then any outsider can. Simple test indeed they look for.

  3. t is a country with an abundance of most known mineral deposits, the world’s fourth largest producer of copper and holds six percent of the world’s known reserves thereof. It is also the world’s second largest producer of cobalt and holds the reserves of about 350,000 tonnes. Furthermore, Zambia is also famous for the abundance of other mineral deposits, including lead, zinc and gemstones such as emeralds, aquamarine, topaz, opal, agate and amethysts.

    It is a country of abundant water resource, with 45 percent of the total water resources of the entire southern African sub-region.

    It is a country of large expanses of fertile uncultivated land, a potential bread-basket to feed the entire Southern African region and beyond.

    It is a country waiting to be re-painted into one of the…

  4. It is a country waiting to be re-painted into one of the most developed nations not only in Africa but in the world, currently undergoing massive transformation ignited by major infrastructure investment into the roads and bridges to unlock the massive potential of this great Central Southern African country.

    I ask the question, what picture do you have of your country, of Africa? The brush and the paint are now in your hands.
    I thank you.
    Nevers Sekwila Mumba

    You can even be proud…What a leader we have in Nevers Mumba

  5. Mathew CHANDA attacks Sunday CHANDA who was discussing with Amos CHANDA:- I WONDER WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS CHANDA NAME!!!

  6. HH and his cadres do not know the word Patriotism. They wish a worse scenario for Zambia hoping it can sway the voters to their side. Lesa nimalyotola.
    Their campaign is based on poor economy and when pressed for solution ati iyo we will bring free education without even stating where the money will come from. Yaba!!

    • It is said that patriotism is the refuge of a scoundrel. Clearly many PF supporters are scoundrels who support blindly without questioning or analysing what they are told. Mumbi Phiri is right; PF is not for intellectuals. Unfortunately the kaponyas or riff-raff in PF are only succeeding in taking Zambia back to HIPC status. What a pity!

    • @Bantustanyandule
      If in your small head you think that following leaders destroying your economy like Zimbabwe blindly patriotism, then you are a f00l.

  7. HH and his wagons of cadres are surrounded by negative energy- always negative about Zambia- High time they migrated to the Tonga islands- stiff necked f!ols.

  8. Comment:let’s us appreciate what our leaders or boss whom we after their achievements/failure in life,PF has achieved a lot under Sata/Lungu,these will remain great Men of our Country Zambia

  9. GRAND:It is people like you who die believing that things are impossible. While no country has changed its economic ventures in whatever years, but it purely insane not believe that youPF has nit even taken a first step.
    Do I need to remind you that a journey of a million kilometers starts with one step. So it not even a step has been taken in four years, what guarantee do we have that even when we attempt to give them 10 years they will do it?
    Continue swimming illusions

  10. The Chandas do not have to worry about this, whether they are in UPMD or in PF. Investors are smart people, you can never sway their minds, they know a fool when they see one at an investment forum. No matter how expensively dressed a fool is investors will smell one before he even opens his mouth. One of the guiding principles a foreign investor uses to judge sense from nonsense when they meet Africans is a person’s opinion of his own country. Anyway, what do you expect from Ingombe Ilede when paraded before white men?

  11. Sometimes I wonder whether HH understands that Pan-Africanism is not a romantic notion of Zambians loving Kenyans or Namibians falling in love with Nigerians. Pan Africanism is Africans combining their forces to face a very hostile and inhumane world that is bent on exploiting her riches, and is unwilling to pay fair prices for them. The problem is that HH has no position on IMF or declining copper prices because HH works for charlatans. HH is not interested in anything but selling our mines cheap.

  12. MUSONDA FALLS are in Luapula Province, not far from Mansa. CHISHIMBA FALLS are in KASAMA, NORTHERN PROVINCE. Zambians don’t know their Geography!!

  13. @Wanzelu

    This forum attracted investors and heads of states.The president of Namibia was there.Think for once in your light frame of mind that the Namibian President would say we have red tapes in our country!! really….We have not marketed our tourism,Government fiddling with regulations have built a bad relationship with mine owners….Do you know the grave consequences to the nation with such compromised Statements.

    What truth was in HH’s words.That was primitive of him to demonise his own country in a foreign land.Nevers Mumba brought Barrickgold or Lumwana Mine to Zambia..he Knows how investment is attracted.If that is HH’s way of attracting investment as suggested by Him ,then he lives in Utopia true to Wynter Kabimba’s words.In no terms should you stand to denounce you…

    • Denouce your country with impunity like HH did.Who else should market Tourism if not utilising such forums by him.This is not the first time,this is the third time HH has propagated and painted this country dark in foreign minds.There is Nothing patriotic about what he said.

      Blind support and optimism by most of you with fake names is a pitty because surely it is nothing more than cohorts of ethnicity support for a man.HH is nothing more than a power hungry Man.

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