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President Lungu expected in South Africa for China-Africa Summit

Economy President Lungu expected in South Africa for China-Africa Summit

President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Shenzhen Deputy Mayor Chen Biao upon arrival at Wuzhou State Guest House in Shenzhen, China on continued State Visit on March 31,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
FILE: President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Shenzhen Deputy Mayor Chen Biao upon arrival at Wuzhou State Guest House in Shenzhen, China on continued State Visit on March 31,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

PRESIDENT Lungu is expected here today for the Johannesburg summit of the 6th Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

The summit, which marks its 15th anniversary since it was established in 2000, is being held under the theme “China-Africa move forward hand in hand for win-win cooperation and common development.”

Chinese president Xi Jinping, South African president Jacob Zuma and General Secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and other African leaders and international organisations will be present at the historic summit, the first to be held in Africa.

Zambia’s high commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba said President Lungu will be accompanied by ministers of Finance, Alexander Chikwanda; Commerce, Trade and Industry, Margaret Mwanakatwe, and Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba.

“The President is expected to sign various bilateral agreements during the summit. Details of the agreements will be availed after the documents have been signed,” Mr Mwamba said.

President Lungu is also expected to officiate at the Zambia-South Africa business gala dinner tonight.

The summit opened on Wednesday with a meeting by the technical committee which was followed by a ministerial meeting on Thursday called to prepare the agenda and action plan for the heads of state that are attending the conference today.

“China is the second largest economy in the world and is said to overtake the United States of America in a few years. It has been a key economic partner, and issues that affect China affect Zambia.

“We cannot ignore China and we would rather we are at the table with China and ensure that the process is mutual. That is what President Lungu has been pushing for,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said no country can ignore the benefits of partnering with China.

“Many nations have recognised the importance of partnering with China as evidenced by the attendance at the conference,” Mr Mwamba said.

The summit, which officially opens today, is aimed at further enhancing China-Africa friendly cooperation by jointly tackling the challenges brought by globalisation as well as pursuing common development.

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  1. Cutting trips doesn’t imply eliminating all trips. This is anecessary trip. Go Mr. President and push for a share of the Chinese investments in manufacturing to come to Zambia.

  2. Some have accused me of being a UPND cadre for being too harsh on the government and defending HH when he is unfairly attacked. But today I have to be on Lungu’s side and say that the trip is important because the Chinese president is in South and it is important for our president to meet him. When China sneezes we catch a cold so China is very important to our economy. So let him go and push our interest – hopefully. I know he travels a lot but this one is important. There!!! I can say something positive about the government.

  3. I wonder why our President can not delegate. He should have allowed the High Commissioner to South Africa to represent him. I have said so because it is expensive for the head of state to travel with his delegation when our economy is so poor. Fellow Zambians, lets not be cheated . His journey to South Africa is based on raising campaign funds for his Patriotic Front since he wants to call for early elections next year. To all opposition political parties, I am saying wake up and start preparing for 2016 elections. do not say, I did not warn you. In Bemba we say “ukwebele imfwa yakwanoko emutanshi”. To my friends who may not understand it means when you are told that something bad is about to happen, you have to be very careful.

    • Delegate? Do you know what is at stake here? The entire African Heads of States are in Johannesburg bwana, why there is US$60 Billion for those countries who are serious to use the so much needed dollar power!
      Whilst your HH is busy bluffing in UK and committing under hand crimes, the real thing is happening in South Africa with real good money!
      Which Western country has ever offloaded such kind of money to Africa? Lets be serious, China is here for a good reason and its up to individual Governments to utilize these resources prudently. I would not mind ka US$5 Billion landing in Zambia from this trip.

  4. joseph. you are a fool, Sata used to delegate and you were politicizing ati cimbwi no plan but today ati president is not delegating bupuba bwashani ubu ba upnd.

  5. Come up with proper leadership and make use of such borrowing to good use!! otherwise there is no need for such investments bcoz this country has everything to sustain itself….

  6. Mulenga! I forgive you because you bear my surname. For your own information I am not UPND. I am a member of the Heritage Party. Thanks for calling me your brother a fool.

  7. Thanks a lot for calling me a fool. I forgive you because bear my surname. For your own information I am not U.P.N.D. I am a member of the Heritage Party.

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