THE Anti-Gender Based Violence Task Force has urged women to be aware of their human rights.

Anti-GBV Task force Vice Chairman Michael Bwembya called on women to desist from the mentality that it was normal to be abused in a relationship.

Speaking at an Anti-GBV sensitisation awareness outreach in Ngwenya yesterday, Mr Bwembya noted that it was important that gender based violence would be curbed in society as victims, mostly women were slaves in their own marriages and this robbed them of their human dignity.

“Do not hold back, being afflicted is not part of marriage you should report such cases to Victim support Unit and other relevant authorities in your area.

“because of fear many women do not report such cases they fear that they have nowhere else to go if their husband kicks them out or peradventure their abuser is thrown into prison they shy away since he may be the breadwinner and she and her family will have no means of survival” He said.

Mr Bwembya further urged wife barterers’ to take responsibility for their actions and look at the future life of their family with a sense of clarity and sanity taking into consideration that the consequences they face in future would be severe.

One marketer who wished to maintain anonymity present during the sensitisation exercise expressed her gratitude and said that it was beneficial as she was also in an abusive relationship and was ready to report the matter to the police.

The sensitisation exercise was held at Ngwenya market, it attracted scores, women and men being represented equally.

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