Captain Donashano Malama says Nkana supporters were fantastic throughout the season even though the club failed to meet their expectations.

The 12-time champions finished 8th in the 2015 FAZ Super Division season.

Defender Malama said Nkana will strive to impress supporters next season.

“I want to say thank you to our fans. They have been very supportive although we have not given them results they needed,” Malama said.

“Going forward, we will be able to work hard to ensure that we give our supporters smiles,” he said.

Malama acknowledged that Nkana endured a tough season.

“It’s been a very difficulty season. We never expected that it would be the way it was,” he said.

Malama added:”We have learnt one or two things out of the 2015 season.”

Nkana spent most of the season fighting relegation.

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  1. Kalampa for life any way not all days are Sundays we won the league in 2012 but 2016 u shld impress us captain we need commitment the way we know Nkana.



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