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PF can win polls any time, declares Kambwili

Headlines PF can win polls any time, declares Kambwili

Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili
GOVERNMENT says opposition political parties should understand that the announcement of the date for the general elections can only be made by President Lungu as the Constitution allows him to do so.

Chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili said in an interview at the weekend that even if President Lungu was to call for elections now, the Patriotic Front (PF) would still be victorious.

“The opposition political parties making comments on President Lungu to hold early elections have shown that they have nothing to talk about and have realised that the PF is a strong party,” he said.

Mr Kambwili said Zambians now understand that some of the challenges the country is experiencing are not as a result of negligence on the part of Government.

He urged political parties that are calling for early elections to concentrate on issues that can help the country move out of some of the challenges that it is facing.

Mr Kambwili said it is unfortunate that some of the opposition political leaders can talk ill of the country even at an international platform.

He said Zambians will be able to judge for themselves who is sincere about developing the country between Government and the opposition.

Mr Kambwili said if President Lungu called for elections today, the opposition would cry foul when they lose.


  1. My condolences bwana kambwili. I heard you had a funeral. The next elections will be very tricky for pf, especially on the Copperbelt,

    • Please stop dreaming CB will never be UPND if you talk to the people on the ground you understand how people hate the UPND.

  2. late mwanawasa still won elections even without Lusaka & the copperbelt.remember? he said Zambia was not only for Lusaka & the C/B…nevertheless,next year’s polls will truly be tripartite indeed! the ruling party won’t have it easy.

  3. Then why are you stopping opposition leaders from organizing their parties if you are so confident of winning anytime. The truth is that your party will be highly luck to win 2016 elections. As at now there is a higher chance of you losing than wining and you know it, hence your desperation. I don’t wish you luck in 2016.

  4. Give Lungu a chance. He has not been in power long enough for people to judge him like this. He is young and intelligent however you have the desperate UPND trying to label him as a drunkard. Let us not forget how tribal your leader and party is. Zambians don’t make a mistake of trusting HH. We will make the same mistake of 2011! GIVE LUNGU A CHANCE AND DON’T SELL OUR COUNTRY TO A TRIBALISTIC MAN AND PARTY. WE WILL REGRET THIS FOR MANY YEARS.

  5. …I feel very sorry for this moroon in the name of Kambwili.

    The ground is very hostile for PF.

    People need change. The change could be in UPND

  6. @Zemuntu: this is a public forum, insulting other people because of their personal opinions shows that your morality as a normal human is questionable. Do not dent the image of well meaning PF supporters. There is a saying “charity begins at home”. If you grew up insulting, plz spare us your insults.

  7. LUCY what makes you think PF can lose the election? If MMD who did nothing in 20 years were being voted into power how much more PF which has performed miracles? PF is not regional, its UPND which is regional. Remember what happened in January 2015 where southern province voted massively for HH and gave PF a zero % despite what PF has done in the province. It’s our turn 2016 to reciprocate in 2016. What is good for the gander is good for the goose and this is the only way you can teach and change UPND and southern province. About the debts, the government is using this money to build schools, roads, hospitals etc, these in return will attract investors.

  8. @big tribe you are right,as much as they are talking about the roads that are we going to eat roads but that is the infrastructure they need to transport their farming produce,yesterday a chief from sinazongwe praised the gvt for the relief food given to the pipo in that area where is your HH to give you food instead he come to lusaka and give the street kids food but forgetting that where he comes from pipo are starving,me am not supporting any party at the moment but will decide when the right time come and that will be based on merit not umungulu

    • Stop talking of the tribe no sense .2016 election will be a different ball game.PF will cry.Luaska and copperbelt is not Zambia.even Kopala will not vote for bankrupt PF party.Ba ka lomba lomba.Lakeni Umuntu HH atake not infintu ni Lungu wa lungulula.

  9. Kambwili you always talk about pf winning, when will you ever make a sound statement that does not include any opposition party?? Whether it happens in the next election or future just know that pf te wamuyaya…..

  10. Every dog has its day. There was UNIP wamuyaya, then came MMD, then PF, one day, maybe not next year but one day PF will fall. So it is important to think about that day when it comes, because it will come. Pray its later rather than sooner but for sure it will come. what goes up always comes down.

  11. Only a fool can have sleepless nights over HH, as far as I am concerned is not a factor. God will not allow a Satanist to rule Zambia. He will hand over the country to Satan. God is our shield and who is HH when God says no. Finish

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