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Mutati supporters express shock at the accusations that the law maker betrayed his party

General News Mutati supporters express shock at the accusations that the law maker betrayed...

Felix Mutati
Felix Mutati
Lunte MMD MP Felix Mutati’s supporters on the Copperbelt have said that they found it absurd and appalling that the law maker can be accused of having been given K5million to organize fellow MPs and vote with PF on the constitutional bill when its clear that it was a party position and directive of party president Nevers Mumba.

The supporters of Mutati expressed shock at the allegations leveled against the law maker that he has betrayed the party.

“Its clear that there is a fruitless attempt to drag the name of Mr Mutati in mud because he is a threat to both HH (UPND leader) and President Edgar Lungu should he run for Presidency in 2016,” they said.

” We are shocked that the name of Mutati is being abused and alleged to have influenced the MMD MPs to vote for the constitutional bill with the PF. In-fact the instructions came from our president (Nevers Mumba) to support the PF on this matter. The president is on record during his press briefing in Kitwe just last week,” said the MMD group.

The group led by the famous Ms. Kabwe, said it is even MMD national secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima and chief wip Mutolo Phiri who debated on the floor of the house clearly stating the position of MMD as a party.

This followed a caucus meeting that was held by all MMD members of Parliament that agreed to support PF on the bill in line also with Mumba’s directive to all MMD MPs over the same.

During his briefing in Kitwe, MMD president Nevers Mumba said the MMD would not support PF government to manipulate the document.

“As MMD we are not supporting the PF government to manipulate the document but our desire is to see it adopted and presented for enactment because of the constraint by provisions related to the bill of right which can only be amended through a referendum,”said Mumba.

Mumba added that the draft constitution contains several progressive clause which if enacted shall be a huge positive boost to governance.

Mumba said the MMD will ensure that the presidential running mate clause is maintained to prevent a presidential by election in case the sitting president dies or resigns.

And Mumba also said the party will support dual citizenship clause in order to enable Zambians abroad invest in the country.


  1. Mutati is not a politician and not a threat to anybody. This is a chap who lost a simple MMD party elections to one Nevers Mumba. He is an intellectual but certainly not politician in the Zambian context. I don’t see any political value he will add to tumbling PF with its massive failures. No amount of rebranding will save PF in 2016 elections. I would however use him for economic planning.

  2. Those are three the salient truths. But when you are listen to one Leonard Chiti it’s like he has a very personal and private hatred for ECL!

  3. Mutati can make an excellent president but he is not a politician. The battle this time will be Edgar Chagwa Lungu mostly backed by Muchinga, Northern, Luapula, Eastern and part of Central (Mkushi, Serenje & Kapiri) versus Hakainde Hichilema mostly backed by Southern, Western, North Western and part of Central (Mumbwa).
    The Copperbelt will be THE battle ground, due to job losses in the mines, if jobs were served in the mines, ECL would have had a very easy 2016 general election.
    MMD will actually split and one faction will support ECL, while the other faction of Mutati will support HH.
    The coming elections may change Zambia’s political landscape for good.
    Watch this space!

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