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PF rules out possibility of early elections

Headlines PF rules out possibility of early elections

President Edgar Lungu confers with Secretary General of Patriotic Front Davies Chama before he paid a courtesy to Chief Matebo of the Kaonde people from Solwezi West.

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama has ruled out the possibility of President Edgar Lungu calling early elections in 2016.

Mr. Chama said it is the ruling party’s absolute intention to govern for a full five-year term.He said those suggesting that President Lungu intends to call early elections are merely being malicious and jittery.

Mr. Chama said the ruling party was given a five year mandate by the Zambian people and that there is no way President Lungu would cut it short.He said as far as the ruling party is concerned the 2016 elections must be held no later than September.

The PF Chief Executive Officer added that it is impossible to call for early elections when the constitution Bill has only reached the third reading stage in Parliament.

Mr. Chama has since advised opposition political parties in the country to concentrate on their campaigns and wait for their humiliation in the 2016 when elections are held.


  1. Chama, do you imply humiliating defeat with no underhand deals? Lets then wait and see who will have the last laugh. Good luck!

  2. They can be flushed down the lavatory early. Better late as the sinking economy sinks even further. Lets say they are in a catch something situation. They don’t know what to do. early or late??????

  3. Mr Chama, until we have elections, the kwacha will not stabilise. This is bad for the PF. Secondly, you cannot afford to continually throw money at the currency with a view to stabilise it.
    Early elections are the only answer.

  4. Chama, kambwili is saying exactly the opposite. Why do PF leaders contradict each other at every turn. Possibly lack of coordination as a result of lack of leadership.

  5. @SM, “…..you cannot afford to continually throw money at the currency with a view to stabilise it…….
    Early elections are the only answer…….”
    1. Ba SM, don’t parrot everything that you hear from half baked economists a.k.a. opposition politicians. BoZ support to the kwacha by pumping in dollars is not the only way to stabilise the kwacha, and probably not the most effective. If you care to read economics books or just news and current affairs, you will see that the BoZ has applied other more effective measures and they seem to be working well in slowing down the rate of depreciation.
    2. Early elections the answer? So in the unlikely event that underfive a.k.a. HH suddenly became “His Excellency”, the kwacha would pick up, just like that? So HH would raise the price of…

  6. 2. Early elections the answer? So in the unlikely event that underfive a.k.a. HH suddenly became “His Excellency”, the kwacha would pick up, just like that? So HH would raise the price of copper, just like that? So why is he punishing Zambians if he can buy up the copper at a high price, or organise his business friends to do so?

  7. 3. By the way, have you heard that because of low commodity prices including copper, Anglo American will lay of 80,000 workers globally? Now I thought that UPMD said they were good friends with Anglo, they would bring back Anglo to retain all the mine jobs in Zambia and raise the price of our copper? So what is this now ba UPMD, were you trying to do a donchi on us? Fortunately, donchi was successfully only used by Mr Sata and it had a shelf life of only 6 months from launch of 2011 campaigns. In short UPMD, donchi is past expiry date. Be innovative like Sata.

    • Usually towards and during an election and the immediate aftermath, the currency destabilises because of uncertainty. The markets are nervous. Right now the kwacha is in freefall because of policy inconsitencies and generally dull leadership. We are assured of the rebounding of the Kwacha if HH took over because his proven business and economic acumen is enough to instill some sort of confidence in the market and they would be willing to tentatively let the dollars flow and once they see that HH really does have a vision and a plan then of course the stability turns into strength. If you were a normal being and not a brainwashed cadre, your view of the current mechanics of the economy and the impact hopeless pronouncements from your dull govt would be objective and u wud understand 🙂

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