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HH responds to PF’s take on his Solutions for Job Losses in the Mines

Headlines HH responds to PF's take on his Solutions for Job Losses...

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development(UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has issued a statement in response to Patriotic Front (PF) take on his solutions to deal with job losses due to mines scaling back.

Wednesday, PF said that the announcement by Anglo America to lay off 85 000 workers had exposed UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema’s lies and deceit about his plans for the mining sector.

PF Information and Publicity chairperson, Frank Bwalya said that Zambians now know that Mr. Hichilema lied when he promised miners on the Copperbelt that Anglo America will save their jobs once he is voted into power.

Father Bwalya said it was sad that Mr. Hichilema’s continued attribution of the loss of jobs on the mines to President Edgar Lungu’s leadership.

He challenged Mr. Hichilema and the Post Newspaper to tell Zambians if Mr. Lungu is also the President for countries where Anglo America will lay off workers.

Father Bwalya advised the opposition leaders to stop misleading Zambians because no amount of deceit will hoodwink citizens to vote for them.

Anglo America had announced that it will downsize its workforce from 135 000 to 50 000 due to drop in commodity prices.

Below is Mr Hichilema’s response to Father Bwalya’s statement


UPND restates strong commitment to mine workers and suppliers

It has been drawn to our attention that certain individuals are spreading malicious rumours regarding our reaction to recent layoffs in the mining sector and our proposed intervention after the people of Zambia elect us into office in 2016.

Rather than waste further time bemoaning the vicious insults from Government and the PF cadres we want to take this opportunity to restate our position and our strong commitment to the affected workers, contractors and suppliers.

Simply put the recent layoffs are a tragedy. There is no cause for celebration by anyone. Each and every worker that has lost their job has numerous dependents, and coming at a time when the price of bread has doubled in just a few short months it is clear that many families are now facing extreme hardship. Let us draw a parallel, whereas the US just created not less than 200,000 jobs as more than 10,000 of our miners were losing jobs. We will try to put this into perspective, a miner supports 5 other people in their house hold, a job loss for a miner immediately consigns 5 people to poverty, essentially 50,000 plus people on the Copperbelt have lost a source of livelihood.

While it is clear that lower copper prices have presented a challenge to copper mines in recent months, we have to ask ourselves why it is that companies are choosing to cut back or close their Zambian operations specifically. There are two key factors in this equation: firstly, the electricity crisis, and secondly, government interference. And this is a fact, Chile whose economy could be said to also be copper dependent has not had a single mine close operations. They have not cut down half the production like what has happened in Zambia. Chile projects 6 million metric tons in 2015, they have cut back that production to 5.94 million, where as Zambia projected 900,000 but have cut back to 441,000 due to cost of doing business driven by bad and inconsistent fiscal policies.

The PF has been in government for four years and in that time we have seen four different mining tax regimes. You do not have to be an economist to see that changing the tax regime willy nilly is bad for business. It is also symptomatic of a broader lack of direction and haphazard approach, which isn’t good enough and arguably is an insult to those employed in the sector. What is even worse is threatening private capital every time they make a business decision. Imagine you are selling fritters by the roadside, and every time you increase prices, the Government threatens you, would you be safe and confident of such a Government?

The failure of the PF to identify the looming electricity shortfall before its onset, acknowledge the causes of the crisis, or manage and communicate a sensible load shedding schedule have increased costs for the mines. This is an obvious problem at a time of low prices. Business goes through cycles but we should understand that it’s incumbent upon Governments to ameliorate tough times when business hits turbulence and not kick them further down by holding back their VAT refunds, money they would have used to maintain the fired miners.

After four years of PF government it is the above is the situation we find ourselves in; so the question becomes what would we do differently? Here is a breakdown of how the UPND would seek to protect our workers and businesses that operate in the sector:

Repair relationships – The only way to deliver sustainable growth of the sector, and thereby protect jobs, is through constructive engagement with mining companies, unions and contractors. That means listening with an open mind, consulting extensively before changing the rules and regulations, regular communication with the various parties and not responding with empty angry threats at the first sign of trouble. This is what we are doing in February 2016 during the Mining Indaba in Cape Town.

Create a competitive environment – We can protect our own mines by ensuring they are more competitive. This means addressing the current electricity crisis and learning from what other countries are doing to attract investment even at times of low prices. It also means regulatory stability, as even before the recent fall in prices we have seen investment decisions postponed that could have created more jobs due to the uncertainty. As PF is issuing threats they have no time to listen to the mining houses on the cost structure which has led to job losses.

Protect our workers – Thousands of Zambians work in the mining sector, and thousands more depend on the income of a relative who works in the sector including children and vulnerable people as we have stated above. These people need a Government that prioritises their jobs, ensures adequate support systems are in place and that has contingency plans for various price scenarios.

Build up reserves – The PF has failed to use the time of high prices to build up reserves to be used at times of low prices. It is well known that commodity prices are cyclical and that there will therefore be times of high prices and times of low. To not plan for this is extremely short sighted.

Diversification – By diversifying our economy we can reduce our reliance on mining, meaning that if the industry contracts Zambian workers and businesses have other opportunities open to them. In the current situation we already have high levels of unemployment but if we can stimulate growth and investment in areas such as tourism, agribusiness and retail then opportunities for workers to re-train or suppliers to themselves diversify will increase.

A final few words of advice to our colleagues in the PF: how many more times do we have to say it? If you focus as much time and energy serving the people of Zambia as you do slandering your political opponents then, with a bit of direction, progress can be made. But ultimately the perfect description of the PF approach is this “If the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems will look like nails!” So it is with the PF that all they have to offer as solution to our challenges are political manoeuvres, such as preventing freedom of movement and slandering political opponents, when in fact what Zambia needs now is good economic management.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

“Together We Can”

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  1. The failures in PF must shut up and concentrate on trying to do the right thing. Who refuses advise? Its really strange how this PF party and government reasons! They are resisting advise yet they have no clue how to govern the Zambian people. All they know is insults, arrogance, and crookedness. Just on the copperbelt, they have failed to save a few thousand jobs. BUT how will they create the half a million jobs they promised? Isnt this crookedness? Or is this their definition of “politics”?

    • HH is been economical with the truth as Zambian politicians will say. For those of us who are in the mining industry we know that Coldeco has laid off 4000 employees and if you want to see it for yourselves go to “www.infomine.com” and see mine closures all over the world. Stay informed people and don’t let politicians cheast you. They thrive on people’s ignorance.

    • Mr President there is no need to belabor the point how to move Zambia out of self-inflicted economic malaise. You have severally offered options that have gone unheeded. If the same voters believed in the false & stupid 90 days & more money their pockets gimmicks what is difficult in giving you chance to try implement your dream plans for Zambia?
      You don’t need to belabor to endear yourself to Zambians at the expense of your soul. You have sacrificed enough materially & in terms of time at expense of your business. You have offered yourself for service but if others still prefer self-inflicted economic pain pliz let it be. But be aware that there will always be thousands of your supporters who have understood you & will always stand by you. So next year when you again offer yourself…

    • So next year when you again offer yourself for service to the Zambian people & the few majority (1%) still prefer misery to prosperity take console that your supporters still believe in you. Please if that happens, God forbid, pliz never lose heart. That’s the stupidity of democracy where a good & determined leader may be unfairly rejected. Even Jesus was rejected in his homeland! Examples are many – Joshua Nkhomo, Tom Mboya, Raila Odinga etc.
      Let Zambians perform their duty – choose wisely else we shall continue wallowing in poverty without hope moving out of it.
      God is the Chooser & knows the winner for next year. Wishing you success next year!

    • Like I said, am never voting for an African man. They have failed to develop Africa with all its resources. All they do is enrich themselves and live in luxury and continue blaming the white man. HH is one big example. Instead of using his riches to help develop Zambia, he is waiting to be president to do it. In the meantime, young Mark Zuckerberg is aiming to make the world better using his brains with no need to stand for political office. Bill Gates is doing it, Bono, Oprah Winfrey…African men are truly a disgrace. They are still in shackles even though liberated.
      Educated African men would rather give you the history of the continent and blame it all on a white man. My grandma tells me Zambia was a paradise when she was growing up. Good roads, good schools, great infrastructures…

    • Cont…but look at all the African countries now. They all look like Baghdad or Allepo and yet they have never been through a war!

    • But here is the final thought. Whether UPND is lied about job creation or not. For many sane Zambians, PF under Chakolwa Lungu or Neckless Kambwili, is clearly not option.

    • @timbalife
      HH is telling you to emulate the best in the industry. He gave you Chile. He says instead of issuing empty threats scaring investors, spend time studying the cost structure in the industry and how other countries are operating with a fair amount of stability under similar conditions.

    • @The real Olivia
      Zambia was paradise, huh?
      Here’s the dilemma my dear. Would yourather th her be a well fed slave or a hungry free man?
      Your grandma has very limited understanding of the history of Africa in relation to the white man. Go to youtube and find Confessions of the economic hitman. You and your grandma may hhe in to learn something.

  2. Well spoken HH. PF will forever say there is no opposition to offer advice or solutions to PF govt. In Mumbwa a 25kg breakfast is K90 and in Mongu is K120

  3. Not one solution.
    HH you are a waste, you use language that you don’t mean or understand.
    you say protect jobs but how???? Just gibberish

    • online

      This is the reason why I always say let us stop the kaponyas from voting because they cannot reason , they are always drunk with chibuku. My suggestion is as follows:

      (1) Voters must at least have a minimum diploma qualification from a recognised university/college or higher
      (2) No criminal record , this must be checked by presenting a police report
      (3) Have an NRC both parents Zambians
      (4) Morally upright , an ethical person
      (5) Must have stayed in Zambia at least for 5 years

  4. These are textbook solutions from someone who has never served in government before. For he does not specify how he will protect workers, diversify, stimulate growth etc. He even forgets that when he talks about consulting extensively before changing rules that people expect the government of the day to deliver on its election promises within the time given to it by the electorate and not ad infinitum. HH lamentably fails to tell us how his darling Anglo-American would restore jobs in Zambia when they are retrenching elsewhere. It clearly shows the man did not know what he was talking about.

    • If you call what HH has said as “text book solutions”, are you saying what the PF are doing are the solutions to the economic challenges? Managing an economy is all about having workable theories that you can implement. And these are text book solutions. Obviously for them to work, you must have a clear understanding of what result you want at the end of the day. So if you dismiss HH’s solutions, you are simply confirming that as PF you don’t even have text book theories to rely on; you are clueless and managing the economy without any plan whatsoever. You just wake up everyday and follow the wind.

    • @ Zedoc

      As it looks like you are well informed on the matters of DFI, can you please tell me how many Bilateral Investment Treaties are waiting for ratification from before September 2011?

      If I can remember, Lungu, Chikwanda, Kambwili, VP and the rest of the “Leadership” (LOL)said in more than one occasion that “measures to attract FDI have been put in place”? Measures? What measures?

      By the way, has any BIT been either signed or ratified either by Sata’s (RIP) or Lungu PF administration?

      All that foreign travels for what? Taste of the “High Life” paid by the hungry and hungry to be?

      As to “Serving in government”, do you mean “serving” or “ruling”? Or you mean “skinning” and “robbing”?

  5. You are wasting your time. A former priest like Frank will think you are communicating in Greek. Spare him the use of his depleted brain.

  6. HH pls go pay your farm workers well, this thing of trying to show Zambians that you are a good person and care about the welfare of this nation is fake.
    Ala ka Freemasonry.

  7. Understand how HH assumed power as UPND president. It was tribal,by coop frm adseased family who were robed off their birth right .today he picks on a stray bullet belonging to unknown party n make him as veep. He even makes himself a life president.were is democracy in UPND. What then is this yaping yaping he is doing 2de. He just wants 2 bring satanism. Ifintu ni Lungu.




    • Bloating the cabinet and building airport in Kitwe, borrowing from China, offloading the dollar on the market is presidential? Zambians in the diaspora, muletusebanya.

    • Imwe naimwee what differentials in FX. The country was in total black out yesterday with the kwacha still tumbling while you produce nothing and dept approaching $10 billion.

  9. HH, these PF illiterates don’t understand anything apart from stealing, violence and having extra marital affaires.
    Their supporters need some one to explain to them in their mother tongue step by step how UPND intended to fix the country. Maybe you can write a course or a text book for them seeing a whole process can not be delivered in the media.

  10. I was expecting to read something about Anglo retrenching thousands jobs which hh banked on as the saviour to our mines but divates the story to cheap politics and bitter.

    • HH Techilema – I am equally surprised – he deliberately left out the main issue on which he was called out!! Instead, I see his supporters here, without shame, parroting what the great leader has said. He is alleged to have said he will bring Anglo-American back, but Anglo-American has just announced about a one-third job cut. I expect him to respond to this. He can attend the mining indaba, but he should know that the indaba does not dictate copper prices. HH’s desperation for leadership is quite worrying.

    • @ Observer,

      “…The main issue here…” is not Anglo-American or Chile. F*ck them!
      They are not the EXECUTIVE of the current administration of the Republic of Zambia.
      Tell me about how to get job, feed my family, educate my kids.
      In so far, this administration has managed to loose jobs, spread hunger and produce ill-trained and half educated youths without any hope for tomorrow.
      THAT IS “The main issue here”!!!

  11. Remember that HH is life president of UPND.Zambians bliv in dmocracy. He was finished n rejected by muzungu n damped in zambia.Zambians want the top creem Like the rising ECL. HH if genuin shud have refused to sell parastetoz. He brot mizary now he wants to bring satanis. He is finished.

  12. Its good that finally you have agreed on the issue of lower copper price on the intl market, not misleading pipo that its lungu. So mr ichilema learn to tell the truth & i shall set u free . Any your anglo american promise is dead now what is the next lie?

    • 500,000 jobs before next election? Or it was 10,000 before this Christmas? Or 2,000,000 in 90 days?
      So many lies, please which is next lie?

  13. HH, clarify the assurance you made to the miners concerning Anglo-American and not what you have stated here. And it appears you never learn from your mistakes, what if tomorrow San Esteban mining company or San Jose mine decide to retrench the miners.

  14. Sensitivity Analysis, why hasn’t the global community invited Mafia Flank Bwalya to the global mining summit in south africa if he is a good guy in economics?

    Not even Edgar Lungu has been invited they know that these are waste of time failers. This country is in a mess cause of you fools who think with your stomach and next toilet thats all think about tomorrow

    Foolish PF

    • @shamed Zambian,who organizes the mining Indaba? Is it governments or the same mining firms that have been mentioned in international tax evasions and illicit financial flows from Africa? Is it not the same mines that have cheated countries out their tax revenues. HH may be a good business man and on many issues he makes sense but on this one “awee shuuwa”. He is inconsistent on taxing mines always wanting to find himself acceptable to the mines and general Zambian wishes! He wanted govt to bring back windfall tax which mines were against,his MPs supported revised mineral royalty tax but when mines threatened to close he sided with mines during campaigns.

  15. He failed to respond to the challenges as why Anglo American has cut off 85,000 workers compared to the number of miners layed off on the Copperbelt. People are challenging HH on this one because he promised to bring back his ” buddies ” Anglo American back to run the mines yet at a critical time of copper price falling down Anglo American also have no choice but to lay off 85000 workers and thus same thing happening to mining companies operating in Zambia. By the way we all know what Anglo American did when operated Zambia mines rest you forgot.

  16. HH has eaten a humble pie. He is now is ashamed to mention Anglo-American and how they would help him. In a world so turbulent and unpredictable, it is good to show humility, Mr HH. You’ve never lived before and should not hoodwink your way to Plot1 by pretending you have all the answers in this world. Support those in power now so they will support you when it’s your turn to rule. If you promise too much now and the world keeps on being as unpredictable as indeed it will, you will disappoint many.

    • That is the slave kaboyee mentality we have… Why should HH want help from any mining company, the companies should be wanting help from us….

  17. Well said Mr President sir. You cant say more than this. If there is a wise Govt out there in Zambia they will be able to breakdown what you are saying, put flesh on it and resolve most of the self inflicted problems in the mining sector. So far they have no clue other than justifying retrenchments as global. Truly CNP these people.

  18. Am glad u have accepted that what we are going through is because of low copper prices on the international market and please stop comparing USA and Zambia there is a huge deference.

    • Try to see the wider picture, when HH mentioned the US job creations he was comparing what the world power can create only 200,000 jobs while lungu wakes up with a hangover and promises with his bankrupt PF 500,000 jobs….
      Mumbi phiri is right, PF is supported kaponya illiterates….

  19. Don’t tell lies by being verbose. You have been caught with your pants down making very unwelcome false promises and declarations.

  20. True baba. The one who supposed to fix that was Mr sata only. The remaining are trouble makers, corrupt and thieves. The pf are disorganised and confused, that’s why everything is bad. Economy, Kwacha,loosing employment like masuku falling from a tree. Prices are increasing everday as if we don’t have leaders. God will punnish you for killing and leting us suffering.

  21. The truth is hh is for sure under five & arrogant who don’t understand anything.How can a wise person respond as if he was waken up from a deep sleep.shame!say something about angro upnd american

  22. HH TRIED TO SELL Anglo American to our miners. Father PF tried to draw HH attention to what is going on at Anglo American. Nott even once has Ichilema mentioned Anglo American by name in his long essay.

  23. ECL was right by saying we should the pipo the truth and it is evident enough that even Haleya Halenya has admitted which is right so ba upnd pull up your socks with your president he is a chameleon litole pa last

  24. Well said Mr President, sharp, sober, clear even for the illiterates in PF to understand. The only reason they are so opposed to anything you say can be summed up in three words, lies, thieves and tribalist. In a normal society you should have won especially the last elections. Lying, stealing and tribalism is ebbed in their DNA and yet quick to point at other tribes. They see and think through a tribe. Just take a look at name Frank Bwalya, the name speaks volumes about him and others similar to him about the tribes they come from.
    Just like Guy Scott said, who is Frank Bwalya apart from the fact that his comes from a clan that are lies and thieves, almost forgot tribalist. And He knows he has the backing of his tribesmen despite his lies.

  25. Well said Mr President, sharp, sober, clear even for the illiterates in PF to understand. The only reason they are opposed to anything you say can be summed up in three words, lies, thieves and tribalist. In a normal society you should have won especially the last elections. Lying, stealing and tribalism is ebbed in their DNA and yet quick to point at other tribes. They see and think through a tribe. Just take a look at name Frank Bwalya, the name speaks volumes about him and others similar to him about the tribes they come from.
    Just like Guy Scott said, who is Frank Bwalya apart from the fact that his comes from a clan that are lies and thieves, almost forgot tribalist. And He knows he has the backing of his tribesmen despite his lies.

  26. Every jim and jack knows that theories do not always translate into reality.not evry theory results into practice because the environment is not always static.the major mining companies in chile are nationalised, so decisions to set aside funds to keep the mines afloat in times of low mineral prices are quite easier.the. Chilean govt have a commanding voice in these mines.in addition to that chile has gold mines which might be insignificant but contribute to their economy.hh spearheaded the privatisation of zambian mines and expects zambia to be like chile.the pf govt has misplaced and clearly clueless tendencies but hh shouldn’t behave like he can sort everything out.when offering solution specify exactly what zambia needs to do, not just politiking

    • You guys what do you smoke in PF. Instead of learning a lesson from what caused the sell of the mines and other companies during privatization, you are busy talking about HH who was only contracted by your dull fathers & grandfathers to sell companies on their behalf.

      Therefore,it was not HH who sold those companies but it was the MMD government under FTJ because Zambia was required to repay ma nkongole generated by your grand father chikwanda during the Kaunda era. So the best person to blame for the sell of mines then is Chikwanda.

      Moreover, Chikwanda is currently generating another consignment of Mankongole under PF mind you.

  27. UNZA material full of theories very good at analysis but practical walawala kano fye ulyamo katondo street manners,last yali ni privatisation apa takuli ufwile uku spenda ku ma zambians naifwe tukulyemo muntu wandi bemba’s say ubu cenjeshi bwa nkonko pungwa tasakamana(chicken clever eagle don’t worry)we are waiting for you to start spending during your campaigns come 2016

  28. Mr so called president, I guess you have internet on your phone, can you please try to Google about what the same companies did in Chile mines before you start misleading people.

    • @HH,indeed this guy is becoming a disgrace to those who bother to know. Coldeco has just announced retrenching 4000 miners for similar reasons that mining houses in Zambia have advanced!!

  29. Chap mumbles something about drawing a parallel; the US creating 200 000 jobs and leaves it hanging…tries to put things into perspective and wanders off lecturing us about the extended family..!

    Ine uluse ba Mr. Intelligent and your bunch of upnd ventriloquist dummies!

    • Bati mumbi phiri is right, PF supporters are indeed dull. HH mentioned the US creating 200,000 jobs to show who are liares who promised us 500,000 jobs with a bankrupt economy….even if lungu came up with a number like 100 jobs better. What type of reasoning was that ba PF????

  30. The worst thing that has happened to Zambia is to have politicians playing the game of lies. They are busy throwing lies to each other like Tennis Players and if you can not hit the lie hard back to the opponent then you do not stand a chance of winning elections. To worsen the entire situation even the spectators in the Terraces (which includes every Zambian) are very much delighted in watching this horrible game of lies to the extent that they cheer on top of their voices. Zambians let us open our eyes and see how these politicians are good in dribbling each other in this game of lies. It is actually the biggest liar who wins the elections. Today you will hear HH unleashing his lies from his armoury and tomorrow it will be Lungu telling the people in Serenje that the ZMW has dropped to…

  31. Continued.. Minining houses have found a useful trojan horse in HH so they have to certainly invite him to sell himself on how he will deprive Zambians of their benefits from Mines to enrich Mining houses. And now he is lying that Chile is not retrenching workers but Coldeco,the Chilean Parastatal that mines copper has retrenched 4000 workers! On this issue of mines Mr. HH does not seem to be doing well!!

    • Iit is everything when theories are going against reality what do you expect alecula ciwa amafi naya kandabana na brain ale tontonkanyafye mafi mafi

  32. Please HH speak the language of the ordinary people just like what late my Sata did who was not even an economist or been to school. keep the ecomical solutions to the time when in office. Speak the language of sufferings and hardships of today’s life in compounds. Please rethink.



    • Some say d.amn it down, you’re saying give us the academic version. Pa Zed paliba ignorance. Nabasambilila kumo.

      You have more degrees than there are on the column of mercury and you come here acting totally d.amn.?

  34. He speaks academic English in the Zambian political arena and he hopes to be understood by the majority of the electorate. When he loses he cries foul. Wakeup under five!


    • Also note copper exports account for roughly half of chile’s exports, they are safe. While we copper accounts for almost 80% if not more. And you want to compare with Chile.

  36. Sometimes I wonder whether HH lives among us on earth in general and in Zambia in particular. I wonder whether he is an alien from pluto. He yaps too much for no substance whatsoever. Yes a lot of miners on the Copperbelt have lost jobs, the mine owners have stayed put despite dislodging our brothers and sisters, ain’t nothing to do with tax but everything to do with commodity economies being badly hit and partly electricity issues. Well then if you have a viable solutions spit them up- we see if they will save jobs or must we wait until you’re the main man in say 2026?

  37. Damn! is this guy a businessman or just a peasant farmer who got lucky? Take time to watch BBC and CNN news and ecsay don’t compare Zambia to the US. Nauseating! Will you ever rule?

    • HH was comparing the jobs created in the whole US, 200000 while lungu promised 500000, and we are still waiting for a single job to materialise.

  38. …..’if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem will look like a nail..’[email protected]£$!!…..’a barber will hardly notice the client’s shoes..’…I wont comment further until I see a response from Sunday Chanda…..

  39. This guy came to CB and spoke the job language which us miners wanted to hear and listen to. But now he is talking economics, fat cakes, VAT refunds etc. Please tell us about why Anglo American!

  40. “…’if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem will look like a nail..’…”””
    Kikikikiki, I will respond to HH by paraphrasing his own words from one of his most recent ‘shoot himself in the foot’ statements:
    “….Miners just know mining, they cannot do farming or any other business…..”
    This proves that HH meant what he said about miners, that government should not help miners with farming or any other survival skills, but allow them to wait and rot ad infinetum for the day when he will become President and re-open the closing mines. Kikikikikiki
    Plus more to come! keep reading!

  41. My comments will be on HH statements below:
    1. “It has been drawn to our attention that certain individuals are spreading malicious rumours regarding our reaction to recent layoffs in the mining sector and our proposed intervention after the people of Zambia elect us into office in 2016.

    2. Rather than waste further time bemoaning the vicious insults from Government and the PF cadres we want to take this opportunity to restate our position and our strong commitment to the affected workers, contractors and suppliers.

    3. Simply put the recent layoffs are a tragedy. There is no cause for celebration by anyone”.

  42. 1. There are no rumours at all, we underfive, whom can you cheat? Please answer the specific issue of your Anglo American laying off workers too, don’t you understand simple English?
    2. Ninsoni chabe iwe underfive, there are no insults at all here, you have just been caught napping and looking for a face saving easy way out. But lies will not take you anywhere because of who you claim to be. Lies may have worked for Sata but the personalities are different because you HH are not expected to tell lies.
    3. Mine job losses are a tragedy, no need for celebration? Come on HH, we on the Copperbelt have seen your cadres, party leaders and supporters rejoice, because they saw in the job losses a chance for you to be President if miners are in misery. Obviously that must be coming from the top…

  43. Obviously that must be coming from the top leadership of UPMD. Didn’t you hear yesterday one of your provincial leaders bemoaning your party’s inability to take advantage of the situation on the Copperbelt? If that is not celebration, what is it? You had a chance in your latest statement to censor that leader, have you? NO, another proof that your statement is meaningless as it lacks truth.
    HH, you keep lying and therefore contradicting yourself every day, do you think that we miners are fo.ols? I say it again, repeat what you said about Anglo American….kikikikiki…talk about turning oneself inside out!

    • The miners are waiting for the 500,000 jobs promised by lungu and how can UPND take advantage of the CB when they are not allowed there. What are PF afraid of??

  44. KK was a dictator and his positive was that he made a foundation for Zambia. Violins was a thief his positive was he brought democracy and liberised the economy. Mwanawasa was a cabbage but he stamped out corruption. Sata was a bruiser but he was action man. RB and Chagwa are just touch-bearers we are waiting for the next leader.

  45. Look at the PF kaponya suppoters, wanting HH to give them a point to point text book size explanation….by the way, we are still waiting for the 500, 000 jobs promised by PF and lungu.
    The country is in Total darkness as PF can’t account for the $500 million they spent on kariba to avoid such as. PF have failed lamentably, sorry guys.

  46. Comment: Why deviate from the real topic? The moment i realized you were eluding the real topic, i didn’t finish your essay. For sure you are under 5.

  47. HH is a pure Shetanistic pathetic flip flop and liar. He is a serial loser and an unpatriotic f.ool. He is coping everything the late great Michael C Sata was doing and has failed lamentably because he lacks political calibre and charisma. Sata knew how to handle information and even defended his lies efectively and this boy HH cant fit in the shoes. He is now decampaigning himself because he is caught up in a webb of lies which he cant defend.Shame!!! Its one blunder after another.

    • What lies did HH tell??? the problem with PF is they belive so much on lies and stealing that they think it is normal behaviour, like the 500000 jobs promised by lungu. To PF supporters that was a normal statment….when not even one job has been created.

    • …..or when kambwili comes on air and promises not a single miner will be layed off. To them lies and stealing underpins every statment they make…..and they think that is normal living

    • You are lucky your party is not PF otherwise you would only be appearing asking for explanations when the opposition issues a statment, otherwise you would be taking cover because with shame on every media news on the state of our Zambia only to appear when HH issues a statment.

  48. Keep dreaming Pf is not the first party to be in power ! We have had two political parties before and what development changes have they done ? Nothing not even your so called HH will change anything rather than enriching himself whilst you languish in poverty.

    • You are right, development will only come to Zambia when voters are more informed and protected. As it stands, even convicted fraudsters can be president because of the illitrate of the majority of the voters who unfortunately are openly manipulated by PF as mumbi phiri told us.
      Just give them chitenges and loco buns you get their vote.

  49. @Patrick

    I think you are thick. You seem to be suffering from some brain diarrhea. Please advise your HH not to issue careless unguarded and unqualified statements when he comes to CB. CB is not Lusaka. Luska is multilingual. CB is bilingual, Lamba and Bemba. I wish HH and GBM had consulted ECL and Hon Kambwili, natives of CB before they came.

    In 1969, Kaunda told us that by 1970, no Zambian would be walking barefoot. Sata promised us more money in our pockets and a new constitution in 90 days! Lungu talked about 500 000 jobs etc Patrick….These are the messages of hope which we want to hear and look forward to. Anglo American is a stale story. HH willl not even come back. Mark my word.

  50. The big problem with these pfools is indeed of their single headed tool & solution period! Mr. HH pliz dont even waste much of your time to off load the game plans on how to click to this falling economy of the edna meno meno lungu! Mr.President, this clearly indicates that you’re unleveld & il be the best presido even before our late hero Levy Patrick & may his soul rest in peace! As a victim of the laydoff miners, we can not go on & on suporting this stup!D impotent government which in the first place hoodwinked masses of us with viable constitution & more money in our pockets within the period 90 days by late hoodwink thievery master Sata-nism! And hence the same lies are now coming from a ka-drunken master meno meno edna lungu that he’s about to create 500 000 jobs is probably…

  51. Luapula premier
    I see the lies of a sitting president saying he will create 500,000 jobs, giving false hope to the pipo, and kambwili comming and saying no miner will be made redundant on national TV . And that is a sitting GRZ, what mediocracy, incompetence and mafia conduct is that? much, much worse ever then HH intertaining the idea of brining different mining companies then those Indians who openly brag of how they ripe us off.


    • I know why you are insulting HH. Its because you are beneficiaries of he 500,000 jobs which your president announced some few months ago………..Guys what do you smoke in PF

  53. @Patrick

    Please tell HH that it is hopes, whether false or true, that keep politics like Christianity alive. Without a ‘hope’ there would be no Christianity. Politics is all bufi. Christianity is faith into things unseen.

    Obama promised to pull US troops out of Afghanistan during his first term of office. Where are they today? Before that Bush and Tony Blair went into Irag to remove Weapons of Mass Destruction. There was none. The ANC of South Africa promised FREE education up to university. There is none. etc HH is learning. Promising to bring back the run away Anglo American is like injecting miners with the HIV virus. In UK HH shot himself in the foot. On CB he shot himself in the head.

    • According to you, bottom line is: World is promising and PF is delivering?

      In so far, PF has delivered 100% of what has not promised, hunger, corruption, political violence, loss of jobs, destitution, People Driven Constitution, nepotism, destruction of moral values, tribalism…………………

      Bravo, you do now how to put permanent failures in the positive contest, looking for Chama’s job?

  54. HH HH HH why take too long to respond to aglo and why respond to govt when pipo want u to respond on what u told us in copperbelt (that u will chase current mine owners and bring anglo) now that aglo will sale all mines apart from some coal/iron mines and get rid of 85 000 pipo out of 135 000. The question from pipo is what is yo next solution since this one NAILUKA it appears u have been done u dont know what tell pipo. Ulufyengo efyo lwaba. Next u lose ~ just like u wish sata ~. On indaba hh u have been called bcoz u are share holder i m also called we be there nothing big abuot the call. respond

  55. HH will never get my vote ever! Why equivocate on a straightforward issue like his Anglo American blunder and just admitting that he made a judgmental error and apologize to the people of the Copperbelt? Does he take fwebena CB for fools?

  56. A leader with a vision foresees the furure nd plan 4it but a bad one waits only to see what today brings hence failing to tacle future problemz.frm the two politicians a wise brain will tell who has a vision nd who doesnt hav.

  57. Bwana HH, you always want to play to the gallary. Do you know that in Chile, the mines have so far laid off about 4000 miners with an impending more losses. Now i want to know which Chile this man is talking about.It is sad that these politicians are riding on the masses’ ignorance and want to cheat them. Very few if any mining firms are operating normally with no retrenchments in the world. Stop lying to us. As for diversification, this what ECL has been talking about at almost every fora. What other diversification are talking about? You always say you create jobs and mostly mention the same ways the current government is using, why. Please offer clear and different alternatives, may be some of us will change their minds. Stop your lies or they will make you lose again

  58. Top ten blackmailers Pa Zed 1. Mmembe 2. Kabimba 3. HH 4. William Banda 5. Dr Banda 6. Molin 7. Masebo 8. Hikaumba 9. Dr Mathani 10. Former Attoney General Add And Rearrange U Have Destroyed This Nation Using Yo Actions,mouth,external Banking,business Which Only Solve Other Nations Problems. MAKE A TOP TEN CORRUPT CHAPS PA ZED




    PF BEYOND 2016…

  60. PATRICK JUST DEBATE ITS SEEM U HAVE NO POINTS TO PUT FORWARD U UPND ( Ulya Palya Ngu Devil ) CADRE All U Know Is Hatred And Wish Death To Others Sata S Ghost Will Continue Following U Until U Surrender.

  61. HH likes misleading his flock! The question here is what value wil Anglo America which he is proposing to bring to Zambia bring when it is scaling its operations by a whooping 85,000 miners? So who is a better devil in this game, HH or ECL?
    HH has brainwashed some of his tribesmate to the extent that they can go into a burning furnace without first thinking. It’s there, Anglo America, the HH option ha retrenched 85,000 miners, isn’t that the whole mining workforce in ZAMBIA?
    Don’t vote for a Satanist because he is nothing but a big liar! In his response article, he has cleverly dodged the question at hand and is trying to tell us what PF and ECL are currently pursuing to make Zambia less dependent on mining.
    Why waste your time and vote on UPND and it’s pathetic liar leader called…

Comments are closed.

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