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HH is scared of 50%+1 and Presidential Running Mate Clause-Sunday Chanda

General News HH is scared of 50%+1 and Presidential Running Mate Clause-Sunday Chanda

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda


We commend His Excellency President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu fulfilling a promise that has alluded Zambians from 24th October 1964 to do with a people-driven constitution. Zambians recall that Constitution Review Commissions came and went but they never crystallized into law. This is a promise President Lungu is steadily fulfilling.

Zambians can trust that President Lungu means well on the Constitution and they will not be making a mistake in trusting him on the Bill of Rights and the Referendum alongside the 2016 General Elections.

In this regard, it is befitting to commend Her Honour the Vice President Madam Inonge Wina in her capacity as leader of Government business in the House for the commendable work she did. We also commend the Members of Parliament from both the Patriotic Front (PF) and the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) who debated all night long into today, clause by clause the constitution amendment bill number 17 of 2015 before passing the bill with amendments. That is dedication to national duty.

Zambians must be wondering why the United Party for National Development (UPND) its Members of Parliament (MPs) to vote against the Constitution Amendment Bill of 2015. The reason is that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema knows the 50+1 clause will disadvantage any leader like him who leads a political regional sect. Further, the tribal factor in the UPND will not allow either of Mr. Hichilema’s two Deputy Presidents to be a running mate.

This is because they would never allow UPND to be led by any other person but a Southerner. Mr. Hichilema may not admit it but he is scared of his two deputy Presidents for the running mate. Zambians also look forward to the day when Mazabuka UPND MP Garry Nkombo will be eat a humble pie over his remarks that Tongas will change Government next year because in his wisdom he pitched one tribal grouping against the rest in an election that must be won by 50+1.

It will be interesting to watch Mr. Hichilema’s desperation in the days that lie ahead considering that even on other fronts, he has exhibited very poor judgement. He has taken to using the global commodity decline and slump as a blunt political instrument to criticize President Lungu despite his efforts to act and save jobs. Mr. Hichilema did not know that the miners he went to tell lies on the Copperbelt Province where more intelligent than he is.

He prescribed Anglo American as the Saviour for the Copperbelt and Mines in general because Glencore retrenched 4000 workers but his medicine, Anglo American plc, the world’s 5th largest mining company has taken harsh measures that will 85,000 workers lose their jobs instantaneously. We shudder to imagine Mr. Hichilema’s judgment had this happened on his “watch” because this could have meant retrenching everyone on the Copperbelt. Indeed it is by God’s providence that some people will never become Presidents.

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  1. This statement is not worth the paper it’s written on.
    Talk about things that will uplift the living standards of Zambians. Why do we focus on trivial matter as a country?

    • Did anyone tell that piece of PF so-called Sunday that Simusamba died? What is Fr. Bwalya’s job kanshi mu PF. Why on earth can Chanda write such a thing on HH when he already lost a running-mate Mr. Chibwe? It is like keep reminding Edgar that you are messing the country because Sata died. If Sata was alive that 50+1 would not have worked.
      Same why should HH be reminded that the wise Mr. Chibwe died, and on a funeral of the young Simusamba? Lord have mess on these drunk PF MFks.

    • This is stoopid Chanda again. Anabwela mochedwa! UPND did not support MMD in March 2011 when MMD wanted to pass a constitution without the 50%+1 provision. It is on record. PF refused to participate in that constitution making process. Now PF are lying as usual. UPND wanted the people driven Constitution and not this thieves-driven one.

  2. & its like whatever HH says really unsettles them,gives them sleepless nights & mares! instead of getting alive to the fact that the very miners this government is arrogantly trying to fool are the ones facing the harshest times of their lives;thereby decampaigning themselves further by not providing reasonable solutions to all this.all this has been coupled with massive power outages & commodity price hikes due to the ever falling kwacha.moreover,these people won’t be eating this document.neither are the gonna feed on roads.

  3. am still awaiting for the response from the Vampire over Anglo American Mine. not blar blar Hammer blar nails blar blar

  4. Am floating Ms Nawakwi to be the running (VP) mate to HH in the forth coming 2016 elections……can someone second please…I feel that would be a dream team, the Iron Lady would gunner a lot of votes for HH among the women folk and also from the Northern/Eastern regions, am I, a lone dreamer, what do you think people folks?

    • Zez’emba – Let me help you — You do not seem to understand that your Nawakwi is a very easy target to de-campaign. She is vulgar, disrespectful, she cannot point to anything positive that she did when she was in government that specifically targeted the current problems that the country is facing. She has never addressed the Carlington Maize Saga, her social life leaves much to be desired. Have you asked yourself why she has not won any Parliamentary seat since she replaced the late Gen. Christon Tembo?

  5. Ze zemba unfortunately Madam Nawakwi dont see eye to eye. Hh still believes a womans place is in the Kitchen so highly unlikely he can be deputised by a woman worst still a very ambitious one. Hh does not believe in empowering women otherwise he would have chosen madam mwanawasa as his deputy when kapita left. UPND is in a dilemma over the 50 + 1 the 2 deputies are ambitious and ready to take over but will UPND members accept a non southerner to lead them. The best partnership is where the deputy has no ambitions like it is with PF. Madam Wina cannot undermine her boss because she does not want to be president. the same has worked with Obama and his vice

  6. This confirms that HH is the next president. Why is pf restless? Na ba mmd/pf die hard Lusambo has joined the cartail that only debates tribal.

  7. This boy Chanda is very vague and poisonous in his talk. Comrade Chanda tame your tongue, you never know what tomorrow brings, you will have no friend to console you should ECL ‘drown’ in next year’s elections.

  8. This confirms that HH is the next president. Why is pf restless? Na ba mmd/pf die hard Lusambo has joined the cartail that only debates tribe

  9. The apparent alliance between the two biggest parties should be a source of worry for UPND. When time for run offs comes the alliance will definitely beat UPND overwhelmely. Its time Hh put his pride aside and start courting other political parties to form alliances. 50 + 1 is difficult race to win without a strategy and if you go into it with pride.

    • Is it about the alliance or the issues on the table?Are Zambians better off today than they were 5-10 years ago.If they are then they will stand with MMD/PF marriage of inconvenience.
      Is this alliance all about giving Zambia the best govt. or its all about stopping a Southerner from being elected as Zambian president?Why are is pf thieves and crooks wetting their pants when they think of HH being president?
      Why is UPND a regional party when it is well represented with 2 of its Veeps from 2 different provinces?
      The last election UPND did well in North Western,Western,Southern and Central provnce.It made further inroads in Northern provinces.
      Only time will tell.

  10. There will be no re- run. Pf is an ailing party, just like its kwacha. Just allow HH to campaign freely and see how he will pull crowds. Currently,HH is the peoples choice

  11. Comment:Mr Lee ,pulling crowds does not mean that they will vote for you. All along your HH has been pulling crowds but what has been the outcome,disastrous . I will tell you, the 50%+1 is a tall order for HH.

  12. Majority of UPND cadres are sycophantic self-indulgent and delusional parasites. HH himself knows that one core reason UPND was formed was to give away Zambian minerals for a pittance to foreign multinationals. Now ask yourself, why HH has no balls to criticize any mining company Zambia. The answer is simple. The world criminal cartel which controls the market of copper and cobalt are friends of HH’s UPND and they won’t leave anything for Zambian miners. Are you aware that more than 50% of Zambia’s generated electricity is used by mining companies? Why can’t this “caring” HH ask his friends to reinvest their huge profits in electricity generation?

    • From your shallow analysis of issues it is obvious that you are the one who is deluded .You are full of hatred and your are blinded by tribalism bwana .

      Ask any of your relatives right now how life has greatly improved under pf and how they will vote for pf in order to continue enjoying the peace and prosperity brought about by the excellent governance of pf.

      Pantu muli ku big apple and you think life is great,baleisa ba IS and you will run back to Zambia.

  13. UPND have now lost hope ! Will the tribal pattern of voting surely guarantee seeing them to plot one in 2016 ? The January 2015 election has taught us many lessons about the way our brothers and sisters from the south think.
    50+1 is the last nail on the coffin for UPND and no wonder their MPs were against.

    • The difference in the last election was only 27,000 I am from North western and I believe if UPND IS tribal then PF is extra tribal.

    • Please be sincere UPND were not against any of the issues that was in the draft constitution including the 50pc+1 clause. What was in contest was the mode of adoption and that the most important clause the Bill of Rights is still not is still not included, It is delusional to think that Edgar can. Get more than 50 pc vote to day or ever and the MMD will not back PF in the next election their current position was just on the adoption process and there ends the alliance.except for interns parties all are against the wakefulness of PF and are unlikely to side ECL.

  14. It takes a weak soul to always resort to tribal politics in everything. People are discussing the constitution but he finds a way of turning it into an argument about tribe. I never voted for Sata cause he was a tribalist and I am from north western not southern. The party is still tribal because they are the only ones constantly talking about tribe.

  15. Chanda is right…..UPND guys should now be spending sleepless nights and i can imagine the great disappointment for them.Ba Chanda make an effort and talk to uncle GBM to come back to his party PF.He worked hard for it and there is still room for him to reconcile with ECL.Leadership entails that you have one person at a time……frustration to an extent of joining a tribal party will not help.Sakwiba Sikota was hoarded out because he is not Tonga.Even after HH loses these elections next year,another Tonga will be identified.

  16. @ mwe bantu
    In Northwestern you are easily cheated.In 2011,they cheated you that Sata would cut off NWP to be part of Angola,introduce homo sexuality etc.Did it ever happen ? Are you blind to the real fact that Southern voted on tribal grounds ? Were you not yet born when Sakwiba Sikota was hoarded out of UPND because he is not Tonga ? Wake up and work with the rest of the country and not the lies you are being fed on.

  17. @Mwebantu
    Ask Hon Sakwiba Sikota and will lecture you on how he was horded out of UPND on tribal grounds.Were you not yet born when the voting pattern in January 2015 in Southern was tribal ?

    • @Joseph. So according to you, we should also vote on tribal lines becoz xyz voted on tribal lines? Is that solving the problem? You are being tribal! The solution is to vote for the candidate who best qualifies to lead this country. If Lungu has performed to your satisfaction, vote for him! If HH is able to provide a viable alternative, then vote for him. Leave tribe out of it. Campaign for your man on the basis fo his qualities, not tribe.

  18. 27,000 is a big number.Using the simple majority system,even being beaten by one vote can see some one win elections……so what are you talking about Mr Kachema supporter using the proxy Mwe bantu.

    • Joseph I am sure I am older than you. My point is PF is just as tribal. Sata was tribal, PF is tribal. So my question is why are you always talking about UPND being tribal when PF is the same or worse. I also never supported UPND because of the same business of only a Tonga can be president back then. I still don’t belong to any party but I always vote. Take a look at the top leadership of the party. President – Southern, Vice President – Northern, Vice President – Eastern, Chairperson – not sure if she is from Northern or Muchinga, Secretary General – North Western. So all these people can’t see tribalism in their party but you can?

    • Joseph I doesn’t matter what you call me my point is Sata was a tribalist and his party is a tribal party. My question to you is why you call your friends tribalists when you are the same. Its simple ask questions instead of calling me names. I am an intellectual I don’t get annoyed whatever you call me because I don’t know you so when you call me Kachema supporter its meaningless. But it shows a lack of intellectual capacity when you resort to name calling and insults.

  19. Guys the issue about anglo american co which hh believes can be a savior to zambian miners, but it is firing 85000 employees.

  20. joseph for your own information sakwiba was never chased,he lost to hakainde and for your infomation again two person who said only a tonga should presdo in upnd are madyekuku and mwananjiti hh chased them fr those remarks and this two are now supporters of pf, end of story.

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