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Bishop Joshua Banda to head Advisory Board for House of Prayer construction

General News Bishop Joshua Banda to head Advisory Board for House of Prayer...

Northmead Assembly of God Church Bishop Joshua Banda
Northmead Assembly of God Church Bishop Joshua Banda

Bishop Joshua Banda of the Northmead Assemblies of God has been appointed Chairperson of the Advisory Board spearheading the Construction of the National House of Prayer.

Dr Banda will be deputized by Reverend Pukuta Mwanza, the Executive Director of the Evangelical Fellowship in Zambia while Brigadier General Bishop Vinicent Mwenya from the Defence Forces will be the Secretary and member of the Executive.

The appointments were made during the first meeting of the Advisory Board which was held on 8 th December 2015.

This is according to a statement made available to ZNBC News in Lusaka by Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska.


    • This was the man who presided over a fake reconciliation between EL and Guy Scott under pressure from the armed forces that wanted to retain their jobs through Lungu. Payback time Man of Gold. Tue! We are in the last days when the so called men of God will be bought by 30 pieces of silver in order to help the incumbent regime milk the treasury until blood comes out while it brutalises the masses for supporting the oppositions and while the masses sleep on empty stomachs and die in hospitals without medicines.

  1. What money can do. Why have such with so many churches around including cathedral if the holy cross? Brown envelopes to pastors, corrupting the church.

  2. It is only getting worse. We need sane leadership to put a stop to these distractions. A leadership that is not afraid of making hard choices and do not really crave for continued terms n office. Only then will nonsense end.

  3. BUT he is a well known PF cadre!1 Isnt his church the place where bribes take place? Recall how he wanted M’membe and the post newspaper fixed by the state by asking his church member who is employed by the post to betray M’membe? I cant be surprised by the move to give him that position! When PF killed and shed blood among themselves, he was quiet. When PF was crumbling, he was shivering and crying for them to unite! He knows where his bread is buttered!

  4. imwe bane whats happening with tax-payers money??? Who needs such useless projects when there is no electricity in the country??? balimitola muchalo!!!!! Joshua Banda if you are really a man of God please tell Lungu and his incompetent advisers that a house of prayer is not a priority in that country..

  5. need for a revolution in that country… if a minister can have the audacity to insult people that they should urinate in Kariba dam if they want enough water to generate power….this is sickening bane…

  6. I am a devout Christian and I say this: Diverting funds from whatever source other than from Christians themselves to build this so-called National House of Prayer is TOTAL miscarriage of Christianity. Diverting Tax payers money, some of whom are NOT Christians and without their consent, to build this so-called National House of Prayer is tantamount to organised theft. The only thing this unorthodox and unchristian way of obtaining money to build a place of worship will achieve is to sow a seed of its own distraction. This action is NOT the salt of the earth at all.

    • Cont’d .. This is NOT the salt of the earth in the making.
      My dear brothers Bishop Joshua Banda and Reverend Pukuta Mwanza. I say this with reverence in my heart:- You have a unique opportunity to serve the Almighty God by what you decide to do OR not do. Please take time to meditate and think about what you are about to step into. Remember the golden rule:- “Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you.” By blatantly using Tax money to build a Christian place of worship without permission from Muslim Tax payers, Traditional Healers and Witchdoctors Tax payers, Hindu Tax payers, Buddhists Tax payers etc.. what seeds are you planting? Are you saying Christians should in turn fund these other faiths in Zambia?

  7. Koma e.

    Corrupt people can only think and speak corruption where there is none.

    How does one see brown envelopes in what has just been reported by the LT?

    Let us think realistically, productively and positively.

  8. This is the same ka Joshua Banda who influenced and made a stop to the airing of Channel O in Zambia when his family was watching adult rated movies at home….!!!!?

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