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UPND takes Government to court over the party mobilisation program

General News UPND takes Government to court over the party mobilisation program

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The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has taken a court action against government for allegedly continuing denying them their constitutional right of mobilizing the party across the country.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka has told QFM News in a statement that the police have so far refused the party leadership across the country permits to hold meetings using the Public Order Act and citing flimsy grounds such as security concerns when there are none.

Mr. Katuka is hopeful that the courts of law will expeditiously make judgment, order, decision or other proceeding in respect of which relief is sought.

He says his party has submitted specific cases where the notifications for meetings have been denied and now seeking relief that a declaration be made that the decision of the police officers in cases cited be made illegal as they are ‘ultra vires’ to section 5 of the Public Order Act, Chapter 113 of the Laws of Zambia and are therefore null and void ab initio.

He adds that the party is further contending that the decision by the Zambia Police to stop them from holding branch verification and monitoring meetings was ‘ultra vires’ Articles 20 and 21 of the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia, as well as Section 5 of the Public Order Act, Chapter 113 of the Laws of Zambia.

The UPND Chief Executive Officer says the decision of the Police has adversely affected interests of the political party as it has been denied a chance to mobilise its members, which is a core function of any political party.

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  1. Yes courts, do these dunderheads the way you did ZRA regarding the post issues. But PF zoona ayi? How in the world did we end up with such please? Who insulted Jesus and he decided to punish us like this??

  2. just pay your taxes, it is simple as that. No one is above the law. Should Zambia come to a halt cos of one person or the minority always antagonising the State? Not at all, come to your senses guys this is for your grand, grand children and not your so called lord. Your are MP not cos of your party ,or your party president but the people who voted for you.

  3. Now the party is moving forward. I was wondering why the party has remain quiet on this issue. PF is not heaven where we can be fearing them. If Zambian court fails take it then take to world court of human rights. Our rights have been violeted under this government that is why they bring alot of violent because the cadres know that they are protected by their bosses. ZNBC has been abussed by PF government take ZNBC board also to court we want balanced news not bias news. we are not in colonial government why do we preach One Zambia One Nation if we cannot do it? why do we preach for forgiveness and recociliation if we hate one other. please take ZNBC Board to court before more bloodshed is seen in this country. Zambia is the christian nation but what we do mostly people in the…

    • #Thomas M, I very much support you, as a matter of urgency, ZNBC Board should be taken to court for this massive biasness and not taking care the interest of all stakeholders despite everyone in the nation being compelled to paying TV licence. By being there only to serve the interest of the PF, this institute is taking money by false pretence from the masses who are none PF supporters. I would say even that hangilii man called Leopard Kabwili should compelled by the courts to stop interference in the operations of the institute.
      By the way, I was very pleased with the way Scot told off that mischievous priest called Bwalya, Scot has made Bwalya realise that he is just a mere cadre who is no match to the big boys and thus he should sanshiii and since then the ‘father’ has been quiet…

  4. These were the summarised presidential election results for January 2015:
    LUNGU, Edgar C PF 807,925
    HICHILEMA, Hakainde UPND 780,168.
    The difference between the two was exactly 27 757
    Edith NAWAKWI 15,321; Nevers MUMBA: 14,609; Tilyenji KAUNDA: 9,737; Eric CHANDA: 8,054;
    Elias CHIPIMO: 6,002; Godfrey MIYANDA: 5,757; Daniel PULE: 3,293; Ludwig SONDASHI: 2,073
    Peter SINKAMBA: 1,410
    Total other results: 66 256
    The votes from ‘small’ parties like the Greens, 4R, UNIP and especially FDD and MMD, will sway the 2016 vote

  5. @Patrick

    “What are PF afraid of??? Can any of their kaponya supporters tell us why PF are afraid…”

    Absolutely none. I believe that the more talk time HH is afforded, the more he will expose himself to serious scrutiny like the case was on Anglo.

    • if you are to win, win fair and square come on a boxing match and the opponents hands are tied back ba James and your PF are shaking in your boots

  6. Who has taken HH to court for failing to respect the party constituition? Police has a reason some suporters are violent. Further more its time to work campaigns after rainseason

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