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Council workers don’t have a fixed pay day-ZULAWU

General News Council workers don’t have a fixed pay day-ZULAWU

The Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Union has appealed to Government to ensure that council workers receive their salaries on time.

ZULAWU President Misheck Nyambose said it is disappointing that council workers do not have a prescribed date on which they receive salaries.

Mr Nyambose said there is no council throughout the country that pays its workers on time.

He also appealed to council managements to improve on tax collection efficiency in order to improve revenue.

Mr Nyambose also bemoaned the high levels of financial abuse at most local authorities in Zambia.

He demanded that government introduces the GRZ receipt books in all councils to curb pilfering of resources and enhance accountability.

He was speaking on Monday when Government signed the 2016 collective agreement for improved salaries and conditions of services for local authorities and fire service workers in the country.

Mr. Nyambose also demanded that government considers giving back to councils the collection of levies such as poll levy, motor vehicle licenses and bill boards.

He said government should stop the Road Development Agency from collecting bill board charges in order to help councils enhance revenue collection.


  1. How can the responsible government allow its people stay without being paid on time. Something needs to be done. These are the workers who are given the tasks of keeping our towns clean so that we can have the healthy nation. Should they go on strike, there will be disease out breaks.

  2. Zambia, we always pay the price for having denied Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe a chance to lead the which would’ve been one the top three Countries in Africa and top 10 in the World. Now it’s all rotten tomatoes, same problems I left 15 years ago. Now you want to start Taxing little money I send to my family, it’s not going to happen. Just work hard and go through your budget line by line.

  3. lusaka city council zulawu president not on the ground i needy to be challeged we get paid before government grants bravo bravo management

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