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Presidential re-run a must-Nevers

Headlines Presidential re-run a must-Nevers

nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing
nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing

MMD leader Nevers Mumba has predicted a presidential re-run in next year’s general elections.

Dr Mumba said in an interview the current top three parties in Parliament are unlikely to attain the 50 percent plus one vote threshold.

Dr Mumba notes that the passing of the 50+1 clause in the final draft constitution has made smaller political parties even relevant to the electoral process as they will be needed in the process.

‘What has now come to the political scenario is a platform that makes every political party relevant to the process and it is not going to say winner takes it all or someone passes the post with one vote and they become President, I think the 50 percent plus one makes every political player going forward to contribute in making politics more equitable,’ Dr Mumba said.

He added, ‘We will continue to ply our role an active contribution with the view of winning the next election and I know that it might be unlikely that any one of the three major political parties in Parliament will end up with 50 percent plus one, so what I see even from this far is we are going to have a re-run and once that re-run comes, that is when politics are going to look a little flavoured in the next Parliament or in the next administration.’


  1. There are only two leading political parties sir. MMD is finished looking at the scores in the 2015 elections. Don’t look at popularity of political parties in terms the numbers they have in parliament. That parliament was elected in 2011 and since then a lot has happened to make MMD irrelevant. My own take is that there wont be any rerun. At parliament level, PF will win the majority seats while at Presidential level, HH will grab 54% of the vote. You people in MMD will come out the heaviest losers and may not win even a single seat sir. In summary sir, President HH 54% and at parliament level PF will win Lusaka, Muchinga, Northern, Copperbelt, Luapula and eastern while UPND will grab western, Southern, North Western, parts of Central. HH will benefit from his increased tallies in all…

  2. This is a wrong party president to have. UPND said even if they made it 80% + 1 we can still win. Edgar Lungu also said “even if elections were held today, I can still white wash them.”This is the confidence needed in a leader. Not being defeated before the battle begins

  3. Nervers is so excited about this clause because in his usual chancing mood he hopes that in a re-run either way he would be the king maker and be appointed vice president but as things stand now its hard to predict what will happen in 2016.

  4. @Kashimba Chimbwili, HH would have won one of the presidential elections since 2005. One problem is that he has fallen prey to lies in his quest to emulate his political mentor ba Sata. Another problem is that he is simply not likeable as a person to the required 50%+1 vote. Thirdly, as the only economic manager in UPMD, voters wonder what will happen to the country should he be indisposed? The voters would rather have a team player who has groomed and has many capable people around him to take over if necessary. The one man is too risky in modern Zambia. Lastly, the 2005 UPMD convention made the party and its president stillborn from day one.

  5. IWe @Terrible,

    Your thoughts are very warped. Do you have to like a person in order to use their intelligence? When you eat that nshima, do you like all the people that planted the maize from which your nshima comes? All you need is a man who has the ability to perform the job well and that is the one you vote for in national interest as his works will make the country better for all including narrow minded ones like yourself. The chinese who are feeding you now once told the world that they did not care about the color of the cat but if that cat could catch mice, that is the cat they want. So the job of the president is to lead and preside on the affairs of the nation, so who ever has demonstrated those skills and competencies, that is the leader we need.

  6. @Kashimba Chimbwili,I dont agree with you because your analysis is flawed.If u re basing next year’s elections on the past January polls,then re misguided. Remember,in january HH never made any inroads in PF strongholds.What made him come closer to winning was the huge (70%) voter turnout in his province(southern). Lets see the voter turnout and the voting pattern next.

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