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First Lady announces the formation of the Esther Lungu Foundation

General News First Lady announces the formation of the Esther Lungu Foundation

First Lady Edgar Lungu
First Lady Edgar Lungu

First Lady Esther Lungu says she has come up with an organisation to help her carry out charity works in a more coordinated manner.

The First Lady has registered her organisation under the name, Esther Lungu Foundation.

Mrs Lungu disclosed this in an exclusive Interview with ZNBCs Inutu Mwanza upon arrival in Lusaka from a tour of Solwezi District.

She said the foundation will soon be launched and called on business organisations to support her cause.

Mrs Lungu is seeking to raise funds to help the vulnerable through the foundation.

She said the office of the First Lady is not institutionalized hence it does not receive state funding.

And Mrs Lungu has concluded her two day visit to Solwezi.

She also made a stop in Mongu where she visited patients suffering from the Konzo disease.

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  1. Remember Hope Foundation? Maureen Mwanawasa Foundation? Etc. Given the poverty and hardship that PF has inflicted on the Zambian people, PF will only win if they rig the elections in 2016. So 2016 will be the end of this Esther Lungu Foundation! Watch the space, we are very angry with what PF has done to us and our country!

    • Ba Bwalya, you have left out Kaseba’s NGO as well, I think it was called Ubukala Bwaume or something crazy like that..

    • True. Vera had HOPE foundation, Maureen had Mareen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI), Kaseba had Ubukala Ubwauma while Betty and Thandiwe mostly minded their own business. Only Angela Miyanda has managed to sustain her Kabwata Orphanage. mama Lungu, Good initiative but make sure you continue in the event that your husband loses next year. Also Check with Vera, Maureen and kaseba on why their NGOs died with their husbands presidential terms in office

    • Ubu blahblah Wa Bumi Foundation & Kayula Foundation for Sata.Ala Muleikalafye Mayo, in 8 months you will be trekking to the courts with your husband.Get a leaf from Betty Kaunda who lead a quiet life in State House.

    • I don’t remember Maureen Mwanawasa Foundation, what I remember is MM Community Initiative! What is that thing about a certain nationality having short memories..? I think it is K Bwalya who has a short memory! Angela Miyanda’s foundation (the Kabwata Orphanage) is still going strong, by the way…

    • She would have inspired confidence and hope among Zambians if she had formed a company that would create opportunities for many.

      But instead she does what most Zambians do, form an NGO so that she can beg for money. This has now become a trend in Zambia and is also exhibited by those in the highest office of the land.

      Emphasis in Zambia is too much about begging and not working for what people earn. This has to STOP.

      Meanwhile Aleisa HH

    • BTW how come Kaseba has stopped receiving those insanely regular awards she was getting all over the world until October 2014? Has she stopped doing her good works or they dried up with the death of Satana?

  2. there we go again, i wonder why Zambian first ladies don’t learn. These organisations have been the cause for their husbands downfall. They open up state house to many crooks who will come in the name of helping a “noble” cause. At the end of the day, its scratch my back and I will scratch yours! there is nothing for free in the world. Ask the first man Adam and the strongest man Samson!

  3. What for honestly? Wrong move. Should just be supporting all interest of existing NGO’s that represents all areas. This will just be an avenue for corruption as corporates approached for support see it as a way of getting special favours. Notwithstanding that, there is no Foundation set up by former First Ladies that has survived post tenure meaning structure is very weak. One former lady is still appearing in court for misappropriation of Foundation funds of the foundation she set up – kuwayawayafye

    • This happens when you overrate yourself. Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation – yes. Why can she just work quietly in the background rather than rush to have your name etched in history. It does not work that way. For those that know this lady, what did she before staggered into SH?

      One does feel sorry for her.

  4. What really happens to these women when their husbands get to state house?Honestly it does not even matter whether they are educated or not,check Lawyer Maureen,Maid Chiluba,Doctor Kaseba and now marketer Easter.What makes them think they are the answers to our misery?And these so called charity works ae done at our expense.Sad anyway this one has only 8 months before it winds up.

  5. What the hell is this now???!!! Who will be funding your Charitable thing imwe bana twapwa or Tasila.. Your daughter is running one already and the people have not been told where monies are sourced…give us a break… Zambians have seen such NGOs come and go in the past leaderships..

  6. Here we go again….they get these slash funds of taxpayer money from State House and start all these charities; why is it after their husbands are kicked out their charities go silent!!

    • Easiest way to steal and launder dirty money…Husband transfers money to his Swiss account or Chinese contractor sends cut as donation…then routes to another foreign account and donate to the charity as an anonymous donor, once the funds are in the account 10% is used for “good” causes and 90% is used for “administration” ….NGOs and the Churches have been doing it for years and its tax free.

    • You mean “CRAP”!

      Yes I agree with you!

      and …. “She said the office of the First Lady is not institutionalized hence it does not receive state funding.” but she flies everywhere in VERY EXPENSIVE CHOPPERS paid for BY THE ZAMBIAN TAXPAYER!

      Does she think they are FREE????

  7. Jealousy will not take some people anywhere……the First Lady means well and within a short period of time,her charity work has already benefited more people than the tribal party whose focus is just to fan trouble and hate in the country.I will personally donate towards her noble effort.She is a well focussed God fearing woman.

  8. if this woman was not living in state house (nkwazi house) she would be vulnerable. before entering that state house, she was vulnerable together with her big teethed ugly khoi-san hubby. and today she still wants to form an organization? who is she mocking? i remember her wearing utuma wig twalemoneka kwati kachinsa katoni. get outta here!!

  9. This is a lot of crap.Dont people learn.Imwe bamayo,don’t you know that organizations are struggling to survive,and now you want to put pressure on them to donate.Why can’t you do something without begging.I concur with what others have said that,thats how you promote corruption.and organizations that won’t contribute ,you will label them anti government.Find something original to do,not copycat ting what others have tried and not sustainable after leaving office.Support existing organizations that look after the vulnerable ,there are so many of them.when your husband was MP and Minister and even when he was a practicing lawyer why didn’t you start something only now you are seeing that Zambia has vulnerable people.Learn from your colleagues in Western countries,they don’t go about…

  10. This is a lot of crap.imwe bamayo you can’t find something else to do other than burdening the organizations that are already struggling .Why can’t you learn from former first ladies that thes foundations are unsustainable after your husbands leave state house.you actually promote corruption through such events of fund raising,always with a begging ball do something different.youvare hardly at state house all the time on the move causing a strain on the meagre resources ,and all the time on tv.you are covered more than government officials,you want to watch znbc,it is Easter Lungu.support existing organizations that work for the vulnerable. If you really had a heart why did you wait until you are in state house,as MP’s wife in chawama you could have been doing charitable organizations…

  11. Get a loan,buy land ,grow food and donate some of it to the hospitals,you will also be creating employment and it is something you can continue doing after your husband’s term of office ends.i really liked you when you went to state house,but very disappointingly you have followed the same style.Dont listen to people who want to exploit you,they won’t even stand by you when the tables turn.pleas do something different.it is not too late to change course.

  12. @mutende, it was not your comment, so if you did not find it constructive, better shut up than contributing to something that does not affect you!

  13. It is a pity General Miyanda has failed to go to plot One,I say so because his wife,the graceful Angela Miyanda has never abandoned her orphanage,meaning if she were first lady she would have continued with that project and open more orphanages,instead of these foundations which serve no purpose..Angela Miyanda remains an inspiration,humble in the true sense of the word,gracious ,camera shy.She is an admirable figure,she would have served us well as first lady.This is a woman whose heart is with the needy.And the media should fun documentaries of people like Angela Miyanda to inspire the youth particularly young girls,instead of spending 60% covering Easter Lungu who has only sprang to life in State House.We want a generation that believes that you can help the needy without necessarily…

  14. @political prostitute, all parties are regional. Why is it that chiefs in Luapula even had a meeting where they are pressurizing a certain party to adopt one panga scarred individual from that region as a running mate to ECL? And zengani, that NGO operating from Southern Province must be pretty powerful if it can make fully grown men to live in panic mode. You can tell from the statements coming out of these fully grown men that full blown paranoia has set in.

  15. It would be interesting to find out how President Magufuli would want the first lady to operate.But given the seriousness of his cost cutting measures,I doubt whether he would allow the first lady to undertake these numerous trips .choppers,aero planes,with an entourage and I have noticed the hosting district officials abandon their work and join the delegation.We the tax payers also want to know how much money is spent on one trip of the first lady.
    Kwena Ba Lungu you have let us downwe thought you would introduce freshness in Zambia’s politics,instead we have worse of the same.iam personally very,very disappointed,I did not expect this from baPresident Lubgu.

  16. Whatanother foundation,What’s all this ,what sort of advisers ddo these people have.
    Please Easter Lungu,find your own money,not appealing to organizations that are in pain..don’t you know that most organizations are limping partly due to PF failed policies and you want to squeeze them further.what were you doing before State House,surely you had some money,use it not other people ‘s moneywhich they are struggling to make.you don’t even feel pity .Cost of running business in Zambia is horrific.very soon we shall be watching fund raising dinner dances meet the first lady,pledges that are not fulfilled.we are tired .You start a foundation with your own money which you have personally worked for.Lets see you demonstrate that .

  17. How long are these foundations supposed to last? As long as the husband’s term? What happened to the Hope Foundation?

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