Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba

Opposition Green party President Peter Sinkamba says he will turn State House into a museum.

Mr Sinkamba said he will proceed to turn State House into a political museum in line with his campaign promise.

‘In my 2015 Presidential Election Campaign, I promised the Zambian electorate was that if I elected, I was going to relocate State House to Copperbelt and convert the current State House into a Political Museum and City Zoo,’ h said.

He added, ‘I also promised to relocate the Legislature (Parliament) to Mongu and Judiciary to Kabwe according to the Green Party Decentralization Policy. We believe in the principle of decentralizing Central Government first, before decentralizing local governance systems. This entails investing heavily in e-government.’

Mr Sinkamba said the Green Party could afford to undertake this programme because it has a source of US$15billion, which is more than three times Zambia’s 2016 National Budget, approved by Parliament last week. ‘

‘It is quite refreshing that our colleagues in the PF fell for the idea of turning present-day State House into a Political Museum. However, they have failed to implement it because they do not have money.’

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  1. State House is already a museum and a zoo. No need to change anything.

    It now houses irrelevant, obsolete and incompetent politicians with antiquated UNIP era ideas and no vision. FOSSIL Finance Ministers are there, and DINOSAURS are abundant.

    And it had a full quota of dumb animals that are only interested in filling their bellies using an ANIMAL DRIVEN CONSTITUTION!

    No change necessary!


  2. Comment:It is the reason why we advise these people like ba Sinkamba to join bigger political parties of their choice.For real Marijuana is manifesting.Sinkamba bushe naupena?



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