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On Being -The Exemplary Case of Being Oneself

Headlines On Being -The Exemplary Case of Being Oneself

natural lady

Look at the woman above, Pilgrim. Isn’t she a marvel to behold? Aren’t you spellbound? Tell me, Pilgrim, isn’t she something?

See the hair? Breathtaking!Forget the sad, pensive look.Focus on her appearance.

You will see the following:

  • originality.
  • confidence.
  • seriousness.
  • maturity.
  • pride.
  • focused.
  • imposing.
  • being at peace with oneself.
  • striking beauty.
  • leadership.
  • blackness.
  • the image of God.

This is the natural face Africa lost.Africa doesn’t look like this anymore.

Today Africa […save for South Africa] will not accept a president, MP, medical doctor or banker with dreadlocks. But one with a tie is suitable/acceptable. So plain stupid. Totally lost. Annoying.How so very sad!

Africa today looks Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, American, soon Chinese, ad infinitum.

Now Pilgrim, if you no longer have your own face, you have a copy of another’s, how then can you excel, succeed or be exemplary?Shouldn’t you then be accused of deception?And kindly note, Pilgrim, that the worst form of deception is that of the self.If Africa is to rise again, yes again, this is the face Africa must reclaim.Its own.

The current face of Africa is fake. It is a festering and malignant cancerous wound on the conscience of the continent. It is offensive, repulsive.This explains why many troubles, trials and tribulations today riddle the continent.

We have forgotten ourselves. We no longer remember the people we were. Worse still we now hate ourselves.We even de-melaninise ourselves. We bleach our skins.

Sadly, we remain the same inside – lorded over and confused.

Today Africa […save for South Africa] will not accept a president, MP, medical doctor or banker with dreadlocks. But one with a tie is suitable/acceptable. So plain stupid. Totally lost. Annoying.How so very sad!

Africa’s current face is an abomination.

Take off your mask Africa! Africa do you see not your debilitating cultural colonialism? Shed off your pretense! Reclaim your majestic self, Africa!

Forthwith, Africa must stop being a whore, perennially prostituting her identity for a pittance.

Originality is attractive.

And all original things reflect God. They reflect the required order of existence. And their value is priceless.

It is only when a thing is original that its function or performance is as intended.

Take heed, Pilgrim.

It is an appearance of a woman […an African] such as this one that makes me want to melodiously sing ‘Hallelujah’ all the days of my life.Take my hand, Pilgrim…We have got naturalness to preserve and promote; our selves to display…

We are a people at peace with ourselves. And so it shall remain

Thank you, Viola! The awakening is indeed inspirational.

By Dr.Canisius Banda


    • I think the point is about the hair and skin. Africans have beautiful curly kinky hair which they should be proud of instead of putting those brazilian weaves.We have lovely dark brown skin which will not burn in the sun ,there is no need to bleach it.A natural African woman is beautiful…Men should take the lead in affirming natural women,for a long time our men have glorified fair skinned women with sleek straight hair.That is the only reason women felt the need to go to extreme lengths to match the perceived beauty

    • Is CB trying to protect his mandevu. CB once UPND forms government next year, the first thing we will do is to shave your mandevu and give you are nice tie to wear.

    • Have u these extensions all women are wearing smell..for me natural is the best, Afro, dreads or even pala. I would never take a bleached woman or one with Brazilian to dinner…

  1. What a refreshing write up Dr. away from politics a sign that in UPND we a big happy family not the bitter pipo some want to portray as.

  2. Not sure the point Canisius Banda is trying to drive home. It seems though to be a justification for the long hair he keeps and the sometimes unkempt beard he carries. Not surprising coming from a man who once, in his writings on the internet, called the Marijuana plant “an intelligent plant”. I wonder how he realised this. May be from having smoked parts of the plant and the after effects it left with him which made him think it was an intelligent plant.

  3. Dr has run out of things to say ho by the way you are not the running mate of our Presido it will be GBM he has mullas

  4. I’m left baffled over here; is this the Dr Banda politician or what? The first name suggests so. Politics aside, this indeed is a master piece, great job a dotolo!

  5. The Dr has written well and his point is clear. #zedoc, the marijuana plant is a good plant for medicinal purposes although it has been abused by Rastas and others. Now scientists are rediscovering the benefits of plant. so the Doc knew what he wrote. back to the point in the article, the African woman in the photo looks superb and not those who are bleaching their skin and wearing weaves or Indian human hair.

  6. Thanks Doc. The biggest problem with Africa is Inferiority complex. Everything is not original and it takes such articles to start highlighting masses about identity including fake religion in the name of Christianity.

  7. Fantastic article Doc. Almost everything is adopted maybe apart from Nshima. Most people wake up with Brazilian hair going Ku church to go and worship the so called god in a small book called the bible. Its so sad and yet busy condemning the plant which Jah made. Wake up Africa.

  8. Dr Banda. This criticism of women who prefer to ‘enhance’ their looks will not work. Hair styles, fashion revolve and rotate every 20 years. Women go back to what they were wearing, the way they were looking during this cycle. Looks depend on preferences.

    Most women I have talked to say the kinky hair is unmanagable and the extensions are user–friendly. Someone in the UK did a documentary on this and found out that there are so many dynamics about this issue. The guy was white and was shocked about what he found out that kinky hair is so cuorse and unmanageable. He ouched it for the first time and was shocked.

  9. Ichunsu Chunsu, even our parents brought us up to look after ourselves and be neat. Dotolo wa ndevu cannot justify hippish behaviour in the name of originality. You live in society with others. Tewe kalalampanga, iyo! For those that want to bleach their skins and stretch their hair using chemicals, they should not expect society to pay for their ill-health arising therefrom. They should take personal responsibility for their habits.

  10. Even those that stretch their hair using chemicals and are hooked to western skimpy dressing will tell you they feel confident in the way they dress and how they have their hair treated. I do not know if we can have an objective standard about dressing and styling hair in an original African way. Even the clothes dotolo wandevu wears today are western. So are his shoes, pants etc. So, I wonder what the moral of his story is about. He should not condemn others for not trying to be original in his own African sense of being original when he himself Canisius Banda adorns western clothes. Even his medical degree is western. He should probably try to be a traditional African medicine man.

  11. …what has become of CB kanshi….his recent write ups somehow make sense from a poet’s point of view but again…when you analyse the articles beyond a poet’s mind…it leaves a trail of weirdness and a boiling pot of confussion…I strongly recommend CB to consider remarrying as soon as he can….

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