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Pizza Hut unveils Zambia’s largest Pizza

General News Pizza Hut unveils Zambia's largest Pizza

Beauty Shamanga and her team about to devour in the country's largest ever pizza
Beauty Shamanga and her team about to devour in the country’s largest ever pizza

Fast food chain Pizza Hut last evening unveiled what is believed to be the largest pizza ever made in Zambia.
The pizza measuring 1.48 meters in length and 0.74 meters in width was unveiled last evening during a ceremony to celebrate Pizza Hut Zambia’s first anniversary.

The measurements were validated and by the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency.

And Agency Chief Executive Officer Himba Cheelo announced that the agency in consultation with stakeholders in the pizza industry will be working to standardise the different sizes of pizza offered for sale.

Ms. Cheelo said this is in order to ensure that the diameter of a small, medium or large size of pizza bought at Pizza hut should be the same diameter as that of another pizza bought somewhere else.

She said the agency has the mandate to regulate all weighing and measuring instruments in Zambia and has the duty to assure the accuracy of measurements that are used in trade and focuses on customer protection and promotion of sustainable trade.

Ms. Cheelo said the move will not only protect the consumer but will also give a spin off benefit to the food store owner who can be assured of credible, consistent and precise measurements during production and packaging of different sizes of pizza.

She said the use of accurate measuring instruments and authorised standard measures is the only certain way of assuring precise quantities of commodities produced, packed and offered for sale to the general public.

‘This will result in consistent customer satisfaction which in the long term shall lead to the sustainability of their businesses. I am sure Pizza Hut does not want to be seen as that food store that ‘short-changes’ its customers in terms of the size of pizza sold,’ she said.

‘The move to standardise the different sizes of pizza after the necessary consultations have been undertaken, shall promote fair trade between food traders and consumers.’

Zambia Weights and Measures Agency officers measuring the pizza
Zambia Weights and Measures Agency officers measuring the pizza

Pizza Hut workers unveiling the largest pizza ever made in Zambia
Pizza Hut workers unveiling the largest pizza ever made in Zambia

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  1. @Nubian Princes, I agree with you. the processed meat used in these pizzas are some of the causes for cancer. Better garlic & vegetarian pizza

  2. wasting all government resources and time to measure so called largest PIZZA instead of measuring fake 25kg Mealie meal bags sold to beloved zambian people. that is a sign the the interest of ZWMA if fating their stomach only.

  3. Greetings from Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) and thank you all for your comments.
    I just want to clarify that there was no cost involved at all to get to PIZZA hut for ZWMA to measure the PIZZA. The Agency was just invited to verify the Length and width of the pizza, Pizza Hut made as a way of confirming their claim that they made the largest pizza ever in Zambia. Otherwise i agree with all other comments that pizza is not even healthy food and is not even affordable by majority Zambians. i personally did not even eat any Pizza at the event because i mind the amount of calories n junk i take in my body. Please be informed that we verify all measurements in trade regardless of which class of society is involved. We verify the following all year round
    1. pumps at filling…

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