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Women must boycott conjugal duties, refuse to have children to fight GBV-Luo

Headlines Women must boycott conjugal duties, refuse to have children to fight GBV-Luo

Prof Nkandu Luo
Prof Nkandu Luo

MINISTER of Gender and Child Development Nkandu Luo says women must boycott conjugal duties and also refuse to have children if gender-based violations and inequalities in Zambia continue.

Launching the HeForShe campaign in Lusaka yesterday, Professor Luo lamented that women are always being battered, while girl are dropping out of school as a result of repeatedly being defiled and abused.

“We cannot allow our women and girl children abused and defiled everyday; battered and humiliated in public by men who should be protecting them from such evils.

“If men continue with abuses, women should give them space and refuse to accept any advances towards them. This is the only way the message will be sent to men to know that women are not happy with their behaviour,” she said.

Prof Luo said campaigns for gender equality have been going on for decades but that very little has been done to address gender equalities.

She said now is the time for more action to strengthen and scale up the response to gender equality and develop appropriate nationwide interventions to reverse the trend.

“Women are not meant to be stepped on by men, but must be treated as partners because they have potential to do all a man can do,” Prof Luo said.

She also called on the church to join the gender equality campaign by preaching on it on Sundays.

Prof Luo said religious leaders enjoy the trust of multitudes of people and therefore they could give the campaign a boost if they come on board.

She said the HeForShe campaign aims to get men involved in ending gender-based inequalities and violations.

And UNDP representative Martin Maya said a day hardly passes in Zambia without one hearing stories of girls being married off at a tender age; a child being deprived of her childhood; or a woman brutally beaten or murdered.

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  1. If your mother refused to have children where would your ugly face be you selfish Nkandu Luo?

    Your approach is counter productive to young women’s lifelong interests to start families.

    • She is promoting sex outside main bedroom. Denying a man like me or Edgar some? Ok lets follow leader.
      BA Ester should lead the campaign.


    • Ba Luo. There are other more effective ways of combating domestic abuse. Its not all about sex, your advice is degrading to women and can promote violence against women.

    • Nkandu Luo represents the Apex of thinking in PF. No wonder everything in the country is falling apart. Luo is a full Cabinet Minister and by default an advisor to the president….now we all know why Edgar makes those ridiculous pronouncements

    • Ati “Women are not meant to be stepped on by men, but must be treated as partners because they have potential to do all a man can do”. Nanga wher have your christian principles gone to? because your bible tells us that God created a woman for a man as a helper not a partner. The only way to cure gender battering and inequality is by getting rid of the bible which teaches that women were not even intended to be created, but they came as an after thought when god saw that the man was lonley. it is from such readings that the man has subconsciously taken it that he is more iportant than the woman. the bible is the real criminal here. First iwe nkandu luo go and ask god to rewrite that part of scripture and then we will start to cure the mens brains of this male chauvinism.

    • That’s what happens when you enter Zambian politics; you lose your intellectual capabilities. With your education, experience and exposure, this is the best you can come up with? Are you for real?

  2. What is irritating in this whole GBV is women always crying out loud when they battered by their husbands and yet they continue to embrace the very medieval values that allow men to it. You cannot have it both ways. You want “GBV” stopped? denounce those medieval values.

    • Nkandu Luo is a frustrated woman and should not be given a platform to educate women about marriage and domestic issues. She is a failure in that department.

  3. Mmmmmmmm. Embarrassing statement from professor. I am sure it is a mistake by Lusaka times, it is Mumbi Phiri who said this not ba Luo!!!!. To me sometimes the abuser tend to play victim.

    • Luo is Mumbi “Pili’s” aunt, that’s why “pili” left Munali seat open for her!!! They are birds of the same feather – mind you the road to professorship is riddled with sordid stories of “open wide!!”

    • She is going through a dry spell. She needs some serious shafting. That would keep her quiet until 2016 elections.

  4. Ba Minister, read the comments above. Your advice has not gone well with the norms of society. The bible says ” husbands love your wives as CHrist loved the church. And women submit to your husbands” Once this is done there be no GBV.

  5. The 20 years my wife and I have been married have been so fulfilling, to say the least, and I wish all marriages were like ours. Now should she boycott just because some man somewhere battered their wife? Prof you lost me here!

    • The problem is that she is not married herself. These are the women who mislead young wives and these young wives end up being beaten by their husbands. What sort of advise is this

  6. Women, you have been advised to do what the professor would have done in her marriage, end up divorced like she was, become bitter with men like she is, but without a job like hers. so be carefully analytical before you agree.

  7. Gender is wrongly mistaken to mean ‘FEMALE’ and it is appalling. I fail to understand how making children equates to weaponizing the fight against violence against women. Let us promote education of both genders on their 21st Century reality; educate the girl-child aggressively, and let enlightenment empower the choices that our children make. This habit of seeking punishment even for hormone-driven actions must stop!

  8. Deny conjugal rights? What utter stupidity! Do you not know that over 90% of divorces revolve around sex??? Do your homework before you use hour public platform!

  9. In Bemba they say: “ilyashi lya pa nsaka, musenda cipuba” (don’t implement in your house everything you hear). A wife who refuses conjugal duties because Nkandu Luo said so, will end up being beaten by the husband and probably be sent to live with Luo.

    • Now that would REALLY be some GENDER EQUALITY that women like this are always talking about but accepting something else when it suits them!


    • Indian women pay, but has that given them an upper hand? Husbands must be taught to love their wives; women must be taught to respect their husbands–that’s the order St Paul shared with the Church–and he wasn’t even married.

  10. Worldly solutions to worldly social problems are not sustainable. They have a high rate of failure. Why are we blind to the truth. Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) We are not true to ourselves if we do not live like the Christian nation we profess to be. We are simply lying to ourselves. There is only one solution: Christ Jesus (John 3:16). A saved person is one who fears God and loves his neigbour. Matthew 22:37-39) Love God and you will love your spouse. (1 John 4:19-20) Love comes form a pure heart (1 Timothy 1:5) Read Ephesians 5:22-33; 1 Peter 3:1-12.

  11. For someone called a professor this woman is not using her faculties well…. I would be thinking she should have been talking about evidence based approaches to combating GBV. It is only in ‘Tasintha’ where this can work!

  12. By prescribing simplistic solutions, minister Luo is trivialising the fight for women’s rights. She has completely missed the point! The issue is not whether women can do what men are capable of, it’s about freeing the society from a cultural mind-set that demotes women into second class citizenship. Luo just has to visit the Kombonis (impoverished urban locations) and villages to see how the suffering parents regard the girl-child as a promising source of wealth through dowry – leading to early marriages. See Madam Luo, the problem is bigger than your eyes can see.

  13. Prof Nkandu LUO seems to be an atheist and probably in homes of her fellow atheists her solution may work out. But how many Zambians are atheists? Zambian Society is diverse and the only common approach is through legal solutions such as the Bill of Rights which her govt has failed to implement. With a lot of women as commercial sex workers, those impoverished women in the shanty compounds etc I wonder how she sees such measures implementable! If you do not want to help women through the Bill of Rights then the easiest is through their beliefs eg Christianity where such suggestions are aliens. Be careful with emotion statements and unplanned for positions. The Professor now risks being described as being among ‘those kind of people who when they are sitted, you would not know what what…

  14. Couse my wife can not allow that. She loves sex so much even than food. Morning 2R. Luch Time 1R. After work 1R before bed 1R. During night tine 2R. So Let Luo go to hell.

  15. “She also called on the church to join the gender equality campaign by preaching on it on Sundays.” So the church will be preaching that men and women are equal and then on the other hand preach that a woman is a helper made from a man’s rib?

  16. This is SOSWELESS Luo. No sexual feelings
    misapplied gender question.
    Gender is not women alone but dual (Man and women)
    How many women batter husbands. It is just man to complain about being beaten by women as the opposite is what society has understood and acknowledge.

  17. What advice do you expect to get from a divorcee? She denied Dr. Francis Manda conjugal rights and she was thrown out. Since then she has never been married. She actually misses a man to call husband

  18. My guess is, this prof is single. People who are single are always bitter, emotional and moody. The prof must stop destroying people’s marriages. Lack of sex leads people to say what the prof is saying. The prof is deprived of sex and thats WHY she is bitter.

  19. what does the bible say about sex in marriage? read Ephesians the whole book. you are satanic in doing and make,one cannot have sex with you unless with eyes closed

  20. Who would want to have conjugal rights from Nkandu Luo – I would RUN away even if she offered it to me for free!!! Believe you me Nkandu has not had it for MANY YEARS and is a frustrated woman. Too bad she is crtying for it publicly. With sex, it is even nicer and a quicker way of calming couples even after a fight – many women know this and use it passionately!!

  21. Men are really un fair to us women, we are being used and neglected in our homes, especially if u dont have a child and him he has with another woman outside marriage. its really sad coz our partners have become evil to us.

  22. your suggestion Prof will catalyse GBV, it will be worse beyond expectations. the only solution is to educate and educate and educate the men folk; start at an early age in schools teaching boys to respect girls and not to use violence in times of mis understadings. let this be in our education curriculum atleast. let men be involved in coming up with measures that will reduce GBV, not women alone sit and come up with solutions; it wont work. take GBV lessons to workplaces and talk about it on labour day, aids day, womens day, youth day, rtsa day etc, this surely is a serious problem. UKUTANANA MAYO TETIFIBOMBE, PANTU NGNTANA NDEMUPAAMA nga teifyo NALAYA KUMA MAILONI SISTERS and they dont entertain proposals like yours, how will they get paid.

  23. Is this advice from Professor Luo to women based on evidence from a research of some sort or what? Or is it just a hunch? Finding a solution to GBV requires a more mature approach. Good marriages and stable homes are building blocks of a stable Country.

  24. Imwe ba Luo you are sick Dr. Manda did you a favour when he married you but even that you could not see but I guess the inability to manage your marital affairs runs in the family none of you have succeeded the thing that sets you apart from your sisters is that you are plain(ugly) sorry…you thinking denying a man sex makes a whole big difference he will just do what francis did find it elsewhere by the way go and pay what you owe the workers who worked for you in your failed ngo TASINTA which by the way should also have been used to educate your sisters

  25. I cant believe what I have read from most of u bloggers…and from I can safely conclude that most of you are either perpetrators or ignorant about GBV issues.. Like it or not GBV is real and it is the number 1 killer of most women under the age of 45. Not even the number of road traffic fatalities can match to this. Don’t ask me about the evidence becoz there is enough anecdotal and empirical evidence to support what I am stating here and instead of sounding very insolent and disrespectful to Prof. Luo, you should contact your cabinet office and get facts right on GBV statistics and even internet. What is more disturbing is the fact that most African men are still tied up and heavily entrenched in all sorts of traditions that have continued demeaning and disadvantaging women. You should…

    • Well said Mr Mwanza, I fully agree with all you say and it is good to read your sensible and interesting letter. You seem to be the only intelligent guy to comment on this article as the rest of the respondents are throwbacks to a prehistoric age where they should have remained. I am appalled that in 2015 such pre historic thinking still prevails anywhere in this world and can given the level of intelligence exhibited can now understand the reason for such a low life expectancy among women in Zambia!! Well done sir for expressing your views so well.

  26. you should utilize your cabinet office and get facts right around issues of GBV. Unless I am wrong, I believe that Zambia ratified and is party to the UN Convention on the Rights of Women. This is 21st Centaury and violence against women and children is a very serious office and in some countries men are locked up for perpetrating all forms of violence against women and children. Real men discuss issues and not abusive to women..!!!!!! Yes, the advice provided by Prof. Luo may sound illogical to most of you, but the truth is, most of the men have been objectifying women and therefore, women have the right to protect themselves in any way possible if the law fail to protect them.

  27. 1 Corthians 7: 3 says, The husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs, and the wife should fulfill her husband’s needs. In other words Nkadu Luo, your advice is misplaced. Just because you do not have some one to have sex with does not mean other who have husbands should starve. By the way, I liked Dr Francis Manda, (Late) MHSRIP, you denied him those conjugal duties and in end you were expunged. But shamelessly, at his death, you clang and re-appeared as a surviving widow? shame on you. You preferred to be a widow than a divorcee???either way it means the same you have no husband and you never had. I have respect to the Mr Dr Manda who was at the background,

    • I disagree with you and do not bring biblical issues in this sensitive topic.. I still reiterate that violence against women is a serious offence and show respect to Prof. Luo..

  28. @Jeff Mwanza,
    Let’s cut the chase. no one is seriously disputing the existence of GBV nor how bad it is. The point is this:- Bad language aside, Professor’s proposed solution to the problem of GBV is NOT a solution. If anything, it could be part of the cause of the problem, given that her proposal is contrary to what constitutes a mature and stable marriage.

  29. Comment:Recently a commando in Ndola had his wife beaten over the same issues and today this chi Luo publicises this type of the message to the public.Am sure she was dozn as she spoke these words.my wife can refuse sex with geniun reasons.

  30. Luo don’t talk about GBV. Tell Edgar. He is busy pardoning defilers and promoting them to be GBV ambassadors. what nonsense

  31. What language should I use to be heard by Zedians, there’s no such thing. Just like there’s no such thing as light at the end of a tunnel, the tunnel just keep on going and going.

  32. As a celibate since 1992, I can advise all women with authority that it does not hurt you to attempt a little refrain. It is good for empowering you and keeping you healthy from social diseases. Most men who hit are drunks and fornicators!

    • This weekend women should go out and get the film, Sleeping with the Enemy(Julia Roberts), for an idea on the effects of hitting husbands.

      Get the idea of walking away, from it, though perhaps you don’t need to shoot him as her character does in the end!

  33. Just because your marriage failed doesn’t mean you should take everyone else down with you. What a stupid suggestion. Tenzeko?

    • It’s good advice for those who are having problems.

      I recommend you get the impact of this crime.
      This weekend you should go out and get the film, Sleeping with the Enemy(Julia Roberts), for an idea on the effects of hitting husbands.

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