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Grand Coalition is unrealistic, unfair and un-Zambian-Eric Chanda

Headlines Grand Coalition is unrealistic, unfair and un-Zambian-Eric Chanda

Fourth Republican Party president Erick Chanda
Fourth Republican Party president Erick Chanda

OPPOSITION 4th Revolution (4R) president Eric Chanda has reacted sharply to assertions by the Grand Coalition on the campaign for a people-driven constitution that Government has duped the people over the bill, and has since branded them unrealistic, unfair and un-Zambian.”

And Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has commended members of Parliament for giving Zambians a people-driven constitution, saying that many progressive articles which people wanted have been included.

In a telephone interview yesterday, the emotionally charged Mr Chanda said it is now time the Grand Coalition gave Zambians a break on the constitution talk.

“Comrade, go and tell the so-called Grand Coalition or whatever you call them that Zambians are no longer interested in the constitution talk because this Government has lived up to its word. Let them talk about issues that will bring food on people’s tables,” Mr Chanda said.

He said the Grand Coalition is taking the country 360 degree backwards by talking about a matter that has been resolved.

Yesterday, the Grand Coalition claimed that the PF have failed to give Zambians a constitution of their choice
“President Lungu has given what they demanded. What more do they want? As 4R, we will not sit idly by and watch them bring petty issues. They are being unrealistic and unfair to Zambians whom they claim to speak for,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Chanda said now that a new document with progressive clauses is in place, only awaiting presidential assent, it is time to start mending the economy.

“I heard them say they will continue to de-campaign the PF. Well, let them take me on instead. Huge sums of money were spent to come up with that document and now they want to trivialise it. As 4R, we will not allow it,” he said.

Parliament has passed the constitution bill which includes key clauses the 50 percent-plus-one vote threshold for one to be elected president; the vice-president being a running mate; enshrining the date of elections in the constitution; dual citizenship and barring an MP who crosses the floor from re-contesting the seat.

And National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo Jr says the new constitution contains elements that are good and its enactment is generally a step in the right direction.

Mr Chipimo noted that the constitution will reduce the power of the republican President, increase government accountability, stabilise Parliament by preventing frequent and costly by-elections, and offers improved protection and enforcement of civil and communal rights.

“The passing of the constitution amendment bill will be the first time in the history of Zambia that there will be a running mate, where in the event the president dies, the vice-president will automatically become president without the country holding elections,” he said.

Mr Chipimo said that it will also be the first time that a date for general elections is enshrined in the constitution rather than the incumbent president setting the date.

The NAREP leader said although the new constitution is not perfect, the changes should nevertheless be cautiously welcomed, if there is an assurance that the referendum on the bill of rights will be held at the same time as the tripartite elections in 2016.

Meanwhile, in commending parliamentarians, TIZ acting president Sampa Kalungu noted progressive articles in the amended constitution such as dual citizenship and on the electoral system, the 50 percent-plus-one threshold for election as a president.

“As TIZ, we believe that these clauses will do away with the much despised regional politics that has slowly taken centre stage of this country and to a large extent, this clause will help to promote oneness in this country by producing a popular president elected by majority Zambians,” Mr Kalungu said.

He said the access to media clause will promote an equal playing field for both the ruling and opposition because there will be equal coverage of all political engagements by media organisations, especially the national broadcaster and print media.

Mr Kalungu said once the bill is assented to, the 2016 general elections will be held on August 11, 2016. This, he said, will accord both the ruling and opposition political parties time to plan their campaigns.

“In moving forward, we call on stakeholders to now focus on ensuring that we have a campaign that will ensure the 2016 national referendum adopts the remaining clauses and articles that were left out,” he said.

Mr Kalungu said stakeholders should not waste time crying over spilt milk but soldier on because progress has now been made in the constitution-making process that the country has been failing to do for many years.

Kenyan High Commissioner to Zambia, Malawi and COMESA Sophy Kombe said the 50 percent-plus-one vote electoral system has worked well in her country.

In an interview, Ms Kombe expressed optimism that the system will also work for Zambia and give the nation a majoritarian president.

“This clause simply means that a president is voted for by more than 50 percent of the eligible voters. I am sure it will work for this country,” Ms Kombe said.

Ms Kombe said since politics is a game of numbers, the running mate clause works to the advantage of the incumbent.

In a separate interview, PF Lusaka Province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba wondered what the Grand Coalition was up to by claiming that Government has duped Zambians on the constitution.

Mr Kamba challenged the Grand Coalition to state if they are not happy that clauses like the 50 percent plus one vote, running mate, and dual citizenship have been adopted.

“I would really want to know if the UPND and the Grand Coalition are not happy with what Zambians wanted,” he said.


  1. Irrelevant Grand Coalition. Very selfish Coalition. the constitution causes should have included dissolving or elimination of such useless organization. Just trying to look relevant even when they know they are useless and stands for nothing!!

    • My contribution on this is that, the manifestations of the so called Grandee chakuti are common in those with selective amnesia. Though such selective amnesia can be dangerous to oneself. Seemingly, nomba nabu nashalaneka nibu Grand coalition mu Zambia. Our country is never short of theatrics of the disillusioned. These chaps cannot even afford to win a ward election anywhere on earth. What impact do they have on the Zambian national constituency anywhere?

    • Is this the same chap who is advocating for ifyamba? Someone should check his blood for intoxicating chemicals. He wants to compete for non-rationality with Frank Bwalya and Chilfya Tayali? What the GC is saying is that the constitution making process had objectives and approach to take to enact the new constitution which Zambians wanted. That is why they say a people driven constitution. This is not a people driven constitution but a PF or animal driven constitution as Sata called it and animals don’t think. Zambians want a full package and not half done work with changes. I hope he is not “high” today and will understand.

  2. @Tim;wish you went to school & get schooled!You sound very backward & primitive.Good governance & Democracy tenets are fundamental to national development; & if it was not for this Grand Coalition & UPND,all these little drops of achievement wouldn’t have been attained!

    • And which school did u go to that makes u think UPND + Grand Coalition are sensible organizations? And Which university did u go that makes u see sense ONLY in things that seems to be on UPND side, UPND University?

  3. @Civilized Sam – Don’t give glory to those who don’t deserve it. MMD suggested this route and your UPND was against this achievement. The 37 plus minus people who voted against this new constitution are ALL UPND mps. Grand coalition are advocating for homosexuality hence they feel the constitution is not people driven. Progressive things have been achieved and President Edgar Lungu has managed to do what others failed and feared. He deserved to be commended even by his enemies or haters

  4. UPND and Socalled Dracula Coalition are time wasters with a satanic violent agenda planned for 2016 because they know they will not possibly win the presidency under the 51% voting system. Check the satanic HH is already crying foul when our Police get ahead and sniff
    out their satanic gatherings

  5. Thumbs up Mr Chanda. Grand Coalition are just been petty and unreasonable because they have realized that they have missed out on sitting allowances since the adoption of this constitution did not go through a a referendum process where they had been hoping to get heavy sitting allowance at the expenses of majority Zambians. Ever since this process started in Late Mwanawansa Admin, these same grand coalition have embezzled colossal sum of money in allowance and per diem. At least for once try to appreciate Government efforts and MPs for what they have done.

  6. Comment:guys please try to ask laz what pf did is nothing but rubish,as student of law am suprised that zambian could be so dull to the extent of failing to read in between the line that the were duped.

  7. @Mutale Zambia. Spell out exactly what the PF and MMD have removed from the constitution. Then maybe we shall start seeing things as you do since you are the enlightened one

    • And Who is LAZ or LAZO? Where have they been all these years when people needed the constitution. And you are a student? No wonder u are so naive.

  8. So even Eric Chanda has more brains than the so called intellectuals in the up and down party ka? Let it be known that not all recommendations in draft constitutions turn into laws.And this grand pollution and their up and down party are just being impossible for nothing,nangu ni opposition sure.

  9. UPND minions the race is heating up, you have nothing to talk about.

    ECL has beaten you clean!

    2016 my vote is for ECL.

  10. Comment: Mr student of law let me tell you that as a common Zambian I know that progressive clauses which have dogged Zambia for the last 50 years have been finally included in the constitution.And government has indicated that there will be a referendum in 2016 for the remaining clauses and the bill of rights.So what more do you want?Politics and playing to the gallary?

  11. We don’t have time to waste with these crooks in the Grand Coalition and UPND cartel. PF and H.E. have work to do to develop Zambia, so just ignore these bitter and horrible twits.
    President Lungu and PF have already made history by giving us the ZAMBIANS A NEW PEOPLE’S DRIVEN CONSTITUTION and we shall turn out in numbers to celebrate the assenting of this Bill.
    Bravo to PF and MMD MPs, when you work together, the country gains and your your children future clearly get defined. So forget about HH and UPND, they lost it a long time ago.

  12. @Mutale Zambia, you are an ignorant law student. Being a lawyer in the making does not make you an intelligent person and now everything that comes from partisan LAZ is gold. Give us space. Go and hang yourself if you are not happy with the passing of the constitution bill. You will cry, insult and even kill yourself but the constitution bill will be assented to by ECL

  13. when is he going to sign the same constitution coz the noise is too much?these guys are misleading the pipo what they are suppose to say is the TECHNITIAN DRIVEN CONSTITUTION AND NGO DRIVEN CONSTITUTION coz when they had those sittings they did not ask the pipo on the ground it was just NCC and the technical committee so which pipo are they refering to

  14. The Grand Coalition for a People Driven has declared open warfare with the ruling Patriotic Front government saying they will support the opposition in the 2016 general elections.

    Grand Coalition Steering Committee chairperson Guess Nyirenda said that the de-campaigning drive will be targeted at the Movement for Multi Party Democracy and the PF.

    Nyirenda said that the PF and the MMD had betrayed the people’s hopes by not adopting the document in its entirety.

    He said that they will support any political party that will promise to deliver a people driven constitution.

    The Grand Coalition has been in bed with the opposition United Party for National Development

  15. The Heat is on, the clear silence from Fota Nkonde, Obatala, Nostradamus, Mark Sido, Hilda Malama, Men In Black, Lucy, Careless Whisper, Ndobo, A Phiri ana bwe.., Jay Jay, Planzo, Dudelove, Chils, Fighter, finite, and other well-known UPND, fully paid bloggers tells you how cheap these individuals are, they hoped to frustrate the constitution making process. The fact the ECLs government has ‘delivered’ the constitution with ten months of assuming office at a lower cost is commendable.
    2016 Vote ECL and PF.

  16. Ba Grandee were getting a lot of donor money on constitution advocacy; now that this project is ending change your strategy. get more money talking about voter apathy and other related issues. otherwise pali constitution, at this point muli off peak. my advice is RESTRATEGISE or read the GBS 701/2 on STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. am just advisng , oh

  17. ba Grand fimofimo na ba UPND iwe sure tefitu.We have ashemed them now.let 2016 ni kolopa dot .com.some NGOs are use-lessssssss

  18. Eric Chanda, well done! In life you grow by being real and on this score I salute you because opposition doesnt mean giving a blind eye to other positives by Government. Am sure in 2016, you will certainly make an informed decision in view of the 50%+1 because others in opposition feel too big than the country. Anyway the choice will be entirely yours and your members and posterity will be the true judge.

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