Mateo Phiri
Mateo Phiri

Word came out; Matty P is dead

All in sorrow their heads bowed

For you, the mighty broadcaster, nobler, like no other

Mic, console, discs where wholly thine

With your eyes shut, we still can hear you

Voice resounding, voice comforting

Mamas and Papas lock up your daughters

You were not there

Lolela first



My oh my, what a wonderful day

The boundless talent in you Mateo the Phiri boy

Even when you rest in stillness there’s no heir

Solid in gold does your name remain

Papas you can now unlock your daughters

For the great one who was here is now gone

Gloriously in the mausoleum of fame

By Field Ruwe, Boston, USA

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  1. Musings of a great time gone-by
    We were innocents then
    Musings for a great soul who passed-by
    And it’s only those who know, who mourn.
    Adieu, Saya nora. Tsamaya Sentle



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