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Copperbelt Police Chief expresses ignorance of UPND secretariat attack by alleged PF cadres

Headlines Copperbelt Police Chief expresses ignorance of UPND secretariat attack by alleged PF...

Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa
Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa

Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa has expressed ignorance over the alleged attack on the UPND Ndola secretariat by suspected PF cadres; reports pan African radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

She said the police will issue a comprehensive report through the public relations as soon as they gather the full information as per tradition.

The police chief said she has of late not been able to keep abreast with current affairs as a result of load-shedding.

“may you call the PRO, the PRO here she may know what happened, but am not aware because am in Lusaka and unfortunately there is load-shedding therefore I have not been listening to news, the before yesterday and yesterday i did not listen to news , but we normally send reports to the PRO, hence she might be aware and I have not communicated with my deputy on the copperbelt province, so am totally not aware, but the police will follow up and you will get detailed report of what happened whether it is true or not, Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa said”

Suspected PF cadres on 17th December, 2015 stormed the Ndola UPND secretariat and o the lone officer to close the office or risk being brutally beaten.

Your can listen to Ms Kasosa here below

Meanwhile in a related Development Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) party officials were tear-gassed in Lundadzi where they are purported to have had unlawful assembly with their party President Dr. Nevers Mumba.

The public order Act (POA), chapter 113 of the laws of Zambia has been for some time a thorny issue in Zambia.

And Government has assured the nation that campaigns in the run-up to next year’s tripartite elections will be conducted under an amended Public Order Act (POA).

Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila said that government is pleased that stakeholders have made submissions to amend the Public Order Act.

Mr. Mwila told QFM News that relevant stakeholders have made their submissions to the Ministry of Justice and that there is hope of amending the law before next year’s elections.

Mr. Mwila said that the Minister of Justice will soon call for a meeting with relevant stakeholders to discuss the way forward regarding the amendment of the Public Order Act in order to bring sanity to the way people assemble.

Mr. Mwila has also assured the nation that the Police service is more than ready to keep peace during next year’s elections, before adding that that government will procure all necessary equipment from the US$192 million loan before February 2016 in readiness for the polls.


  1. When one looks at global issues that have countries experiencing war times, some lasting generations, we are supposedly a peaceful nation.

    Keeping the peace is something we want to be proud of for generations to come. I always get a foul taste in the mouth watching our ‘rulers’ enjoy peace in their stately homes while some citizens experience uncomfortably confrontational moments for their right to support whomever they wish to support.

    Load shedding or not, wearing the uniform and holding that office needs to mean more than it currently does. Let’s cherish real peace for all and introduce tolerance over paranoia. It’s not a tall order. It is right and our right. My two cents.

    • This Davis chama is now making Wynter Kabimba look like a Saint,,,,,,,, he is forcing me to miss Wynter Kabimba as PF injustice minister,,,,,,, as for Lungu he looks like a confused dictator afraid of his own shadow,,,,,,Mama Nawakwi is giving PF sleepless nights

    • The police commissioner like many other Zambians will not have heard of the UPND incident in TV because ZNBC has been instructed not to report on any UPND activities that will tarnish PFs name.

      There is however in this modern era there are numerous other sources such as online media where this is captured, so that commissioner should wake up and not give excuses about load shedding. She should be fired (probably wishful thinking because Ka Lungu tolerates mediocre performance as long as it benefits him )

      Meanwhile Aleisa HH

    • @Ndobo hhhheeehh? Missing Kabimba? I don’t miss him, he is a lucky guy he was fired before I arrested him. Somehow I also prefer Kabimba, during there was no loadshredding, and Edgar controlled his bakapokola as minister of bar-affairs.

  2. This is no sense coming from the highest office how can PRO issue when a report is not given to her so you are just wasting tax payers money?
    These PF thugs and you police you are making PF very unpopular.
    I voted for you but now forget my vote as we are peaceful Zambians we can not allow this

  3. So what do you want her to say? Tell a lie that PF cadres attacked UPMD offices? Tell you only that which you want to hear even if she has not received a report on the matter from her subordinates?
    The report mentions “suspected PF cadres” and not PF cadres, just as we have heard other reports which mention “suspected UPMD cadre”. E.g. The attack on Inonge Wina’s residence in Mongu by “suspected UPMD cadres” although this has now been confirmed and the “suspects” arrested and appearing in court.

    • After seeing your as expected dull comments on a story that has actual video footage of MMD being tear gassed, I can safely say you are an !diot. 🙂 And I can also tell that you know that there will be no PF after 2016 and probably that is where you get your monthly five pence from. Some advice, if your only skill is bootlicking the party in power, have some foresight and start kissing someone’s butt in the UPND because they are taking over. But don;t be too overzealous the way dull non tactical people like you usually are. Take your time. Moron.

  4. Days are numbered as the bible say every thing it has it’s right time there’s time to sow and time to harvest lungu and his cadres will harvest what they are plant becoz lungu has no vision to rule the country what he knows z to fight God sees everything

  5. The PRO can’t know something while the commissioner doesn’t. It ought to be the other way round unless these people don’t know about the code for the uniformed forces

  6. The commissioner doesn’t rely on TV and the national electric grid to have information on police operations. She should have HF radio communication encrypted phones and the likes. Her excuse is very lame

  7. If its possible GBM to put on HH ‘s suit after erection then upnd will win ele! Unless using satanism but not in the presence of jesus.winning Condition jesus + 50+1 = 2016 winner will be ECL. All these police issues will not work mumba knows already and he has joined winning team

    • @jkalusa

      Why bring Lord Jesus in your sectarian pursuit? God is above your little ambition and belly issues.

      We believe God for redemption of mankind and eschew the vain use of His Name!!

      ECL may have given you corrupt contracts but we believe God desires more for this nation where corruption will end, peace and justice abound , food provided to all and our children are given hope for tomorrow , the Kwacha improves to pre Sata days (K4), inflation goes back to single digits and retirement age returns to 55 years to unlock employment for young people churned from universities daily!!

  8. …it just looks awkward for a police officers especially her rank to bluntly publicly lie….that office is on duty 24/7….since when did load shedding affect mobile network….she has a fully paid for cell phone….her deputy is always in touch with her when such incidence occur….unless they are trivialising the incident….rubbish

  9. Maybe she is not fit to be in her position. She is supposed to know to minor notice details what is going on in her province. What are her detectives on the ground doing?

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