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Police Teargas MMD President Nevers Mumba while addressing his party Members

Videos and Audios Police Teargas MMD President Nevers Mumba while addressing his party Members

The police yesterday teargassed a peaceful meeting of MMD party structures in Lundazi in Eastern Province that was being addressed by MMD President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba. Dr Mumba’s special assistant Mr Clement Siame was arrested and has spent the night in police cells.

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    • That is Lungu for you…he the Commander in Chief…what a cowardly act! Throwing a teargas canister in a hall packed with people…..and using the Public Order Act as justification, pathetic, nauseating!!

    • W.T…!! Fire the policeman who threw that tear gas canister in a small room packed with people.That kind of behaviour is breach of peace.People could have been injured.ALA! What harm was Never Mumba causing addressing a small crowd.Zambia is many things but NOT a democracy. Lets stop pretending.The new Police Chief should let Zambians know where the Police stand.They seem to be the enemy of peace loving Zambians.Must we now arm ourselves against the Police? If President Lungu doesnot publicly condemn this and take action we will safely assume he condones this behaviour and the police acted with his blessings.PF is campaigning freely and the state machinery is harassing everyone else.So disgusting

    • Good lesson for Nevers, thinking he can score points with PF, the have just shown they can sort him out any time even though he is being a “goody” good boy by getting his MP’s vote for PF!!


  1. Comment: the problem is with the top leadership who don’t want to control their police to be ethical in carrying out their duties.

  2. @ One Liyanda

    It must be HH fault.
    After all, our police force exemplary performance in past four years has set example in ethics, impartiality, rule of law and Christian compassion.
    Most probably those are HH followers in disguise.

  3. Every well meaning Zambian whether irrespective of their party affiliation,should condemn such acts by police,i expect the president to come out and condemn/control these overzealous cops.Such a shame.

    • A President that knows how to do his job would FIRE those responsible!

      But all Lungu knows is this nonsense!

      With such a styupid “leader” Zambia will be another Rwanda soon.

  4. That is the Afrikan for you. The only use they have of their faculties is to inflict pain on one another. What a useless bunch. It is as if a torch is passed from one stu.pid leadership to the next as they fail totally to correct insane behaviors that do not even sit in the very laws they have enacted. Meantime, their colonial masters from whom they inherited this stu.pidity have since moved on and are light-years ahead in humane and human decency!


    • # Chisenga, I feel sorry for ‘iimbeseoos’ like you, always have to defend the indefedandable just for the sake of filling your bellies….may God deliver you from this bondage!!

    • Imwe @Chisenga, are you really speaking in the interest of progress or what? Imagine me without your flipping stickers on my foreign registered car being labeled a CRIMINAL by your archaic Zambian laws!? There are a lot of things you must analytically look into before you posit an abandoned viewpoint. You are the perpetrators of medieval behavior that I have alluded to earlier.

    • It may be illegal but you don’t use teargas on a group that can easily be put into custody. They were not unruly to justify the use of a poisonous gas canister.

      This is unconscionable!

  6. My initial observations: no one was injured, everybody went outside safely as we can see Nevers Mumba emerging safely, and no one is harassing him or arresting him. Nevers Mumba special assistant Clement Siame was arrested and spent the night in the cells, but we are not told what he did -question question mark question mark- does he hold the key to the teargas? Was he the cause of trouble? We have not been told or heard from the other side the police, we should wait to hear their statement before we conclude. All in all, one teargas, no one was injured, the video failed to find anyone being harassed outside the hall. Initial conclusion: reasonable force was used by police.
    All in all the sad thing about our society is no one respects the police unless they are armed with weapons, in…

    • Iwe Terrible, how can you defend the indefensible? What you have said is total nonsense. Why should teargas be thrown into a peaceful meeting? Or maybe you do not comprehend that you only use teargas when people are rioting? Do you know that people faint and even die due to teargas?

  7. …..in fact until they use those weapons as the video shows.

    The President has talked about professionalism in the police force, the need by police to stop the violence by party cadres, the need for all parties to observe rule of law. Finally the President is on record stating that he arbhors violence, he wants police to arrest all violent cadres, has called on all party leaders to restrain and control their cadres. Very responsible pronouncements to me, what else would you expect or ask for from the President? On the contrary no opposition leaders have made similar pronouncements, all we hear are cry babies, worse still they have refused dialogue with the head of state simply because they are bitter that they are not the ones in state house…..but at the same time they complain to…

  8. there is a very thin line between peace and civil war……civil war in the name of revolution does not just happen….tempers build up over time coupled with frustrations and hopelessness…govt should not take the gullibleness and docility of Zambians for granted….its evident that the govt is taking advice from Mugabe on how to suppress the citizenry. Zuma fired 3 ministers of finance in three weeks…ECL can also do it on IG…..nothing professional in that video no matter how someone would want to defend or justify….like I have seen a few ‘skinks’ trying to justify here….

  9. you will start fighting amongst yourselves kaili mulifipuba ba swaini why should i force someone to vote when i have my own voters card and am able to feed myself perfectly with my limited resources,lest go Lungu lest go lets go Lungu lets go

  10. zambians are sheepish. How can three policemen challenge abig gathering like that. Have a courage to hit back. Quite embarrassing!

    • ..ba kk naimwe…
      …one man with a gun can challenge 100 unarmed people…..but what u are saying will soon start happening….once the hopelessness sets in…people wont fear no guns…

    • Wise people know when to act. Easterners are wise and know that acting with ones head is reason they are developed. Bread Basket of Zambia if you knew not. Reason Why the next three presidents will be from the east and western province.

  11. Ba PF please stop we will have trouble once your friends start retaliating. Why can’t you let your friends go about their business like you are doing. Fake prayers, fake Christians, fake Christian nation. What a country!!!

  12. It’s crazy by the police to act in such a way. We condemn such barbaric acts done by the police in order to suppress the opposition. Nevers be strong and mobilise your party. Chama was in southern province no police harassed him. Why should it be just the opposition? Come on PF?

  13. nakaili nga batumpa kuma ba swaini indispline is not tolerated be it ba pf kuma ba swaini styopeti we want sanity in this nation not umungulu kwati nizoko la nyoko iwe galu

    • ..POCHOGO…..
      …we hear u sir…you have made you point now leave the site…u are clogging our ears some of us with your lingua…..

  14. It does not matter who did. In other countries people have removed the president by force through social media. I pray that President Lungu may think twice and for the sake of peace, I propose for all peace loving Zambian to call the president to resign. It can start from here.

    We are better than this!! Please, if students are condemned for legitimate demo how about the police?

  15. If this video does not stir Zambians to action, I don’t know what will. By now, we should have shaken off Kaunda’s 27 year rule that injected some tranquilizers in us and be action oriented. By all standards, this action by Lundazi Police is way beyond the line.

  16. As a public figure nevers mumba should know his limits.If he is attacked by unknown people you will be the first to condemn the police.So nevers was trying the patience of the police.Today you say libongani is bad when removed from her position you celebrate when another one is appointed you celebrate after unpopular opposition leaders organises illegal meeting without any permision from police and in the process a tear gas is released in order to bring sanity and order in the country all you it immediately condemn without even knowing that there are rules for one to follow when to organise a meeting.so from me I don’t support lawlessness.Let the police continue doing their job independently like they are doing.

    • ba pungwa naimwe….
      ..have u read the POA clause..??….getting permission from the police…??…if anyone had broken the law….police are there to effect the arrest with an intension of going thru the legal process if need be….not firing bullets or tear gassing innocent lot…there was going to be a stampede in there resulting in loss of life….the audience had no idea if the meeting organisers had liaised with the police or not….such incidences cannot be effected without the approval of the IG…the buck stops at ECL who im sure could have given a go ahead to smoke the out….we are watching….

    • ..as a result next time MMD will call for a meeting ‘legally’ or with police permission as u put it, people may shun the meeting for the fear of what happened….that amount to vote rigging….

  17. Enough! Nothing of this sort happens when its PF leaders holding meetings anywhere across the country.

    Show the President the video – if he does not respond satisfactorily, ask him to step down or the country becomes ungovernable. Surely this is time to react – civil disobedience, demonstrations and direct challenge on the President by the media.

  18. So we are going to blame the president for the incompetence of the ministry justice, defense and home affairs? President Lungu’s problem is that he has to work with Kambwili and that Chama nonsense. Once we remove MPs with no logical process, Zambia shall develop.

  19. Disgusting. Bullying. Illegal actions. Shameful behaviour from paranoid cowards. Heads must roll. Failure to condemn this at the highest level is admission of an attempt to instill fear. Those who wish to rule by fear have no place in a democracy and should reconsider relocating to live amongst those who enjoy abusing power and live their lives underground dodging bombs dropped from high places.

  20. These are acts that don’t please The Almighty God. And he will make all those responsible to account for their evil acts. Barbarism is inhuman. God bless our Great Nation and deliver it from this evil.

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