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Today’s Message: Take Off the Limits

Headlines Today's Message: Take Off the Limits


Today’s Scripture

“I have seen that everything [human] has its limits and end [no matter how extensive, noble, and excellent]; but Your commandment is exceedingly broad and extends without limits [into eternity].”

(Psalm 119:96, AMP)

Take Off the Limits

Did you know you can limit your life by dwelling on the wrong things? So often, wrong thinking keeps people stuck right where they are.

If you think you’ll never accomplish your dreams, then you’ll stay stuck where you are. If you think you don’t have the talent, the connections or the funds, then you are limiting yourself.

We have to remember that God’s promises never return void. His Word stands true forever! Don’t limit what God can do in your life by focusing on what you see in the natural realm. You have to realize that you serve a supernatural God, and just because you don’t see a way doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a way. God can bring one opportunity across your path that will launch you to a whole new level.

He has explosive blessings in store that can blast you out of where you are and into a place of abundance! Shift your focus from this limited realm, start looking at God’s supernatural realm, and see His unlimited possibilities for your future!

A Prayer for Today

“Father, today I lift my eyes to You. You alone are the source of my strength, peace and provision. I choose to delight myself in You knowing that You will give me the desires of my heart in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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    • It is no coincidence those with high IQ’s are most likely to identify as a non-believer. They sought answers and decided that most these religions were a system to keep the status quo in their respective origins. Keep the poor in place by promises the rulers would never be held accountable for as ‘fate’ would have it you had to die first to be reborn.

    • It is important to remember that every religious book was composed, written, and edited by man, though “god’s word” is in the text, man was the ultimate writer and publisher.

  1. Nature itself is mind-blowingly wonderful and creative, why don’t we celebrate those facts instead of crediting an imaginary force. Human morals are implicit, do we really need a rule book telling us murder is wrong?! As for things like homosexuality, it is so sad that religion promotes intolerance and hate over something as natural as love. If religious people just stopped to question “what if I’m wrong” and actually thought for themselves; we could work together on this planet to have a comfortable, happy life with no fear of war under the guise of religion/extremism. We would still do good, some would still do wrong, but not in the name of “god”. It genuinely frightens me that “intelligent” grown up people are still mindlessly quoting ‘beliefs’ without thinking for themselves…

  2. Christians literally denied the shape of the earth for 500 years and failed to accept that the earth is Not the center of the universe. Religion is ignorance…Period point blank

  3. Great message. Everything human has limits and an end. Our hearing range, smell range, visual range etc.. all have limits. Our thinking has limits, even how we measure our Intelligent Quotient IQ has limits. Life on earth has limits. Newtonian Laws have limits. Law of gravity has limits. Kingdoms have come and ended. This is natural, and this is the realm of an atheist.
    When we step into the realm of the supernatural, it is limitless i.e. the natural laws collapse. It is impossible to describe ‘creation’ in its true meaning (to make something out of nothing, to cause to come into being) without acknowledging the existence of the maker or causer i.e. the Creator.
    Therefore, blessed is the person who plugs into the Creator (The Almighty God) because a whole new Horizon opens up. Then…

  4. Cont’d … Then Equations like E=mc2, Or the pre-Big Bang period, Or the jaw-dropping size of the observable universe, or the astonishing faculties of a seemingly simple Ant etc… all open a much much broader horizon. Its like having a glimpse of God’s CV.

  5. CACTUS, AMEN brother! the article already spoke about it but they are already limited by there limited knowledge to which they are yoked. So, how can they tap into the supernatural and limitless knowledge?

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