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7 People die on the spot in road traffic accident near Kapiri Mposhi

General News 7 People die on the spot in road traffic accident near Kapiri...

SEVEN people have died on the spot in a road traffic accident involving a Toyota Hiace and a foreign truck near Kapiri Mposhi.

Central province police commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi said the accident happened at Kabowa area which was seven kilometers from Kapiri Mposhi.

Ms Kamukoshi said the accident was a head on collision which claimed all the lives of everyone in the mini bus registration number ALM 9134.

“it was a head on collision which claimed the lives of all the seven passengers in the bus which included three females, two males and two juveniles.

She said the driver of the South African truck and trailer did not sustain serious and life threatening injuries.
Ms Kamukoshi said the truck had registration number FRB 947 GP while the trailer was TMG 284 GP.

She said none of the victims had been identified and that the bodies were lying in Kapiri Mposhi hospital.

“We have not yet identified the bodies of the seven people that have died and the bodies are lying in Kapiri Mposhi hospital,” she said.

Ms Kamukoshi said the bus was travelling from the north to the south when the accident happened resulting in the death of all the passengers.

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  1. Mini bus drivers are a nuisance when they are on public roads, wrong judgement coupled with acting before thinking always results in fatal accidents. Passengers too have the responsibility of restraining the driver who is carrying their lives, advice him where necessary, it is your life after all. Am sure he was overtaking or rushing for one customer in front. Very sad story, festive season is always like this so the travelling public must be wary and cautious always.

    • I need to correct you there, buddy. This was NOT a public minibus. It was a private mini bus with a family (my uncle, aunt, cousins and nephews) traveling back home from a wedding they had attended. Not sure what led to the collision but I just felt the need to help you with more info…the correct info, at that. It’s really sad nonetheless 🙁

    • Hi there. Just a correction there, this was not a public minibus. It was a family (my uncle, aunt, cousins and their two kids) traveling in a private minibus that they had hired. I completely hear and understand your point about minibus drivers but please try not to speak ill of the dead until you have all the facts correct. 🙁

  2. You havent told us the circumstnces leading to the accident. Was the minibus trying to overtake at a blind corner? was the track driver in a wrong lane? all you said was that it was a head-on. Tell us who was at fault

  3. I saw this accident. The mini bus driver was overtaking while entering a trough. The truck emerged from the trough and met the mini bus head on. I think it should be compulsory for mini bus drivers to take defensive driving lessons because a lot of ignorance is expressed on these roads by the PSV drivers.

  4. Iam told, it was raining so heavily and this members of one family where returning from a wedding on their way to lusaka. The driver was not overtaking, visibility was not good,so we assume the truck driver was speeding. I know this family and iam devastated. God is in control

  5. The problem to most of the mini bus drivers is that they lack proper judgement when they are on the road. Education also matters because it improves on some ones common sense! Age for drivers is another contributing factor to reckless driving! Most of the young drivers do not care how they conduct themselves on the road. May the souls of the departed Rest In Eternal Peace.


    It’s ba Paddy & Catherine Mutwale they were coming back from Ndola after a wedding yesterday. Nkandu the first born was driving attempted to overtake around Chimsoro Milling in Kapiri Mposhi. They went head on into a track. This is the info I have. Mercy, mercy Oh God. We plead!

  7. I don’t have the details of what happened but saw the accident scene, it was not raining by then at about 16;45-17:00 hours,the bodies were still being packed in the police van.There was an IRIZER red Bus written Red Bomber and a Truck carrying Explosives that took the whole mini bus with it which appears to have been a head on collision about 10 kms from Kapiri town, why some people want to mislead others I don’t know.Terrible scene

  8. 51 years and you still dont have a minimum dual carriage between cities. Sometimes it’s not the driver’s fault; but the tools given to the driver. We keep talking about poor road infrastructure; we are told ba diaspora what can you say!! Come and develop Zambia. Well, there you are!! Its very sad; anyone of us can die like that on zed roads.

  9. More than anything this should be human error other than road infrastructure causes. if it was raining the driver should have parked. if he was tired he should have parked.We can have the best road infrastructure but if we dont have skilled drivers we wont reduce the carnage. And how could the police fail to identify the victims at one should have had a drivers license

  10. It’s so sad that lives are being lost on our roads. Given that dual carriage roadways are years away, RATSA could mitigate accidents by simple rules such as making switching headlights on major highways compulsory to enhance visibility of on-coming motor vehicles

  11. So sad to lose a great number from one family. God comfort the family of the deceased.. May their souls rest in peace

  12. Twasusuta bakwetu kine, kwamba kipela inge kiji pa mukwenu. we have lost our doctor and graduates in family .Gone too soon we needed your knowlege LEAVIN US VULNERABLE

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