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No political party in Zambia can claim that it can get the 50%+1-Kafumbo

Headlines No political party in Zambia can claim that it can get...

From (L-R) Fr Chilinda, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, Michael Mulongoti , Edwin Sakala , President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Eric Chanda
From (L-R) Fr Chilinda, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, Michael Mulongoti , Edwin Sakala , President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Eric Chanda

SIX opposition political parties spearheaded by the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) are in talks for a merger ahead of the 2016 elections with a view of putting their resources together and field one presidential candidate.

ZDDM vice president Charles Kafumbo told the Daily Nation yesterday that the six political parties were in talks ahead of the 2016 elections because they were convinced that no political party in Zambia had the strength to attain the 50 percent +1 majority vote alone.

Mr. Kafumbo lambasted 4th Revolution party president Eric Chanda over his statement that political parties which were opposed to the 1,000 registered voters clause in support of a presidential candidate should be dissolved.

He said the six parties, which would be named in due course after the talks were concluded, had so far agreed to field one presidential candidate because they realised that the 50 percent +1 vote clause in the Constitution needed them to work together.

“The six political parties have agreed to field one candidate next year and as soon as other talks are concluded, we shall name them so that people know us and what our intentions are. For us, we mean well for the people of Zambia because we are not selfish like those who claim that they are big and can work alone.

“The truth is that there is no political party right now in Zambia that can claim that it can get the 50%+1 of the votes, that is a lie. We don’t want to go for a re-run and that is why we want to work together so that we attain the 50%+1 majority vote,” Mr. Kafumbo said. He explained that political parties which did not want to work together were in for a rude shock because the six parties would give them a good run in next year’s election.

Mr. Kafumbo charged that Mr. Chanda’s statement that political parties opposed to the 1000 registered voters to support a presidential candidate should be dissolved was misdirected because he did not have any powers to bar anyone from participating in politics.

He said Mr. Chanda should not fantasize politics by overrating himself because his party was nowhere near the big political parties in Zambia, adding that the united force that would be provided by the six parties contemplating a coalition would be no match for the 4th Revolution.

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  1. Ba Kafumbo,how many supporters do you have in your “Kantemba??” Just accept the clause has knocked you six-ways – you are now looking for a platform to have supporters from other tuntembas to prop you up!!

  2. Some positives from the amendments, these tuntemba parties just waste our time also wanting to appear on TV debates with the big boys. As far as I am concerned its possible for the PF or UPND to reach 50+1 in the first round going by the results from the last election. So Kafumbo is wrong on this one. Why can’t he and friends just join one of the bigger parties.

  3. Don’t take chances,Kafumbo is right.No political party be it UPND or PF as vividly seen as parties with clear support from their regions or strong holds and sampako sampako places where they don’t ve clear support can’t win outrightly(50 +1)..Dont take chances lets go to bed with these other small parties which ve some bigger following!The answer is clear either UPND + MMD + EDITH or PF+MMD+EDITH is equal or above 50+1.thats a clear answer.

  4. Comment:When these small Political Parties complained over the inactment of 50+1 claus we advised them to join the jiants of their choice .Please man just join the UPND

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