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Public media institutions are objective in their reporting-Kambwili

Headlines Public media institutions are objective in their reporting-Kambwili

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili says public media institutions are objective in their reporting.

And with reference to ZNBC, Mr. Kambwili said unlike other media that are always reporting against government, ZNBC strives to cover all political parties.

Mr Kambwili, who is also Chief Government Spokesperson wonders why the Media Liason Committee is only talking against the public media when there are private papers that were biased towards some opposition political parties.

Mr. Kambwili says the duty of the public media is to serve the masses and ZNBC has been striving to do this.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Editors’ Network has expressed concern over the threats by the Media Liaison Committee to take the public media to court for allegedly not serving the interests of the public.

Zambia Editors’ Network Treasurer Kent Chanda says it is unfortunate that the Committee seems not to appreciate the independence of the public media organizations.

Mr. Chanda wonders why the committee is attacking the public media when it should be in the forefront of protecting the Freedom of all media institutions in the country.

He adds that if the committee takes the public or any other media institution to court in an unfair manner, his network will join the process to protect such media organization.

This according to a statement issued to ZNBC news on Monday.

And Patriotic Front-PF-Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has castigated MISA Zambia for linking PF cadres to the beating of a journalist in Chipata, without verifying the reports with investigative wings.

Mrs. Phiri says she expects MISA-Zambia to be objective when dealing with sensitive matters.

She says MISA -Zambia should not show bias only when matters involve the Post Newspapers.

Mrs. Phiri has since challenged MISA-Zambia to take the matter to court if it has evidence against any PF Cadre linked to violence.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Phiri has advised MMD leader Nevers Mumba to follow the law whenever, he wants to hold a public meeting.

She says the Public Order Act is clear as it does not segregate.

Her comments come in the wake of Police action to disperse Dr Mumba’s meeting in Lundazi because the MMD leader had not notified the police over his meeting.


  1. DeadNBC! Is he high? What do they smoke in this Kaponya Party? For sure he saw that they are really USELESS ministers including Lungu very useless!

    • Kambwili always speaks sense- would love to see him become our President

      Partly because he is bemba which is the driving tribe in Zambia but mostly because he speaks sense all the time



    • Jonalists find out how much MLC was paid by whom. I now see how political u ar. Its membe at wek with Hopeless Hypocrite. Uv failed.

    • Just sell the darn things!
      Liquidate them.
      How do you reconcile not having sufficiently funded schools but you have well funded football association and a media house?

      These are lopsided priorities, bena Zambia

    • I would henceforth challenge public media institutions to give equal coverage to all parties especially ZNBC let each party be allotted at least a weekly hour of coverage to share with citizens their policies and vision!

    • Therein lies the problem, if you can’t see the problem you can’t fix it. Unfortunately this extends to the economy as well. Kambwili and colleagues do not realise we are in problems and therefore can not solve the economic challenges we face. SA & Botswana are no longer experiencing Load shedding…what is Kambwili going to say about that?

    • What did I say yesterday? These PF f00ls are taking turns I say yesterday that today it’s Chama tomorrow it’s going to be chichimbwili kashimba. Just hot air no substance. Anyway can wait to get rid of these plunders next year. Viva UPND

    • This is purely the work of the opposition trying to use the organisation to push their own agenda. We know that UPND, winter Kabimba and M`membe have the money to buy these small tuntemba organisations.

  2. Seems like only yesterday when a man barged through those doors and later became boss to those he threatened… Are they objective or just VERY clear who’s boss?

    • Its sad that UPND has failed to convince people with wat they can offer but instead have resoted to violence n brot confusion in. Jonalists to hide their demonic acts. Now jonalists ar fighting each other for wat.

  3. It’s very unfortunate that the public media (ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily mail, funded by the public), are being drawn into politics. Since when did any Public media in Zambia report anything positive about the opposition? Being objective means reporting news without fear or favour according professional ethics. The move by the Media Liaison Committee must be supported, the public media belongs to the public and NOT to any individual political party.

  4. Here you are Zambians, especially those on the side of the opposition, Kabwili is taking you for fools, even children below 3 years can tell that ZNBC is all about PF, and there you are zwiii, no action, drag ZNBC board and Kabwili to court fast, this is a public institution, using tax payers money Kabwili is abusing.
    Chasoni Sana Pa Zambia, surely people of Zambia, why should you let these semi-literate batch in the likes of Mumbi, Kabwili, Chama, Kapata etc trample over you…….and the whole nation is just quiet? Why, why, why….Zambians, why, its indeed a shame!!

  5. Lusaka times, if you keep blocking posts, one by one, we will start moving on to Zambian Watchdog…..you are becoming very frustrating like PF!

  6. Hon Kambwili is the most educated minister in the cabinet.
    He weighs the pros, and cons, before making a statement.
    He is a protege, and classmate, of Ben Kangwa.

  7. Seems the Tongas have left their little ZWD to spread their propaganda on a larger scale. The Tongas are so desperate to lead, super desperate that they will come up with whatever propaganda that fits the bill. It is sad that they are so hell bent on making it out of tribe. For example, watch the commentary on social media, no person with a Tonga name supports any other party but UPND. Having GBM as your Vice President won’t help the caus not even the 25 lies. Your problem you Tongas (ZWD and UPND) included stems back to when Mrs. Mazoka kicked out the likes of Sakwiba and Mr. Chisanga to replace the non triable Mazoka with a Tonga. We Zambians haven’t forgotten how HH ascended to the throne and we (9 provinces) won’t allow him to take over for you southerners to achieve your Tonga…

  8. Kambwili, the reason is simple, all the public media use our PAYE whilst the others don’t. If you want, stop channeling our money to them and we will stop talking about objectivity. Kambwili, minister, July and judge of how media is objective in Zambia – how ironic!

  9. From the comments above I can tell one thing, even the bloggers are now convinced that the UPND is a violent party! The propaganda is working as intended by those in power. Hold on a minute, just last week MMD were tear-gased while having an indoor meeting! Edith Nawakwi was nearly pounded by cadres in Kawambwa while training them how to be self reliant in farming… I can go on yet here I read that the opposition is violent. If citizen can’t see through these blatant lies, how can we hold those who wield power on our behalf responsible for their actions?

    Shacking my head…

  10. The public media is objective and has professional journalists who can’t operate independently due to political interference. Honourable Kambwili allow the pubic media to operate independently then their inherent objectivity will show and they will not need your defense.

  11. ZNBC is worse than ZIS.

    They lack initiative and enterprise. It is disappointing that private media houses are doing far better than the so-called public broadcaster.

    So don’t cheat yourself, ZNBC is very bad.

  12. Power blinds. Objectiveness is at risk where there is too much power. It has to be given you by God to remain objective amid powers. If Chishimba’s conscious is clear then he is fine but if not then he is a prisoner of himself.


  14. Looking at the reporting and story editing (or is it story twisting) in the Urinal Post, Hon Kambwili certainly sounds like an angel!!

  15. Apart from the public media, where else would one get information about the developmental projects being undertaken in the country? It is such news that makes some of us citizens see the opportunities available in Zambia, while others spend their time like cry babies. Wipe away your tears and you will see the opportunities that exist in times of adversity.
    Agreed, and no one disputes that, there are some major challenges in the country but when you read the Urinal Post, you would think that the country is on fire and yet that is only an illusion which they want to create. For God’s sake we are not in Syria or even Johannesburg!

  16. Everyone, including Kambwili and PF members, knows that the public media is biased and lacks objectivity. replay yesterday’s ZNBC 1900 news and you will only hear about PF except one item where Cornelius mweetwa was defending UPND

  17. Mr. Kambwili, listening to ZNBC News one cannot help but conclude that, “the duty of the public media is to serve the PF government and ZNBC has been striving to do this.”

  18. when you upnd has nothing to talk about only insulting they were given that chance on znbc,but what we got was nonsence,last time they followed trucks from south africa claiming that there are fake ballot papers,what do you have to tell the pipo Coster Mwansa at some pint asked what ba HH will do fopr the zambian pipo failed to tell us GBM Maureen same,on SABC hh failed to tell us what his plans are for us but today ati we legalise ba jerabo,be consistent in your politics and make sure that you convince the masses coz if something happens to the economy next year you will have nothing to talk about,and these guys are not sleeping they are doing something to avert the situation

  19. Comment:(INONGE WINA 3V16) says SATA so loved the Zambians that he gave his only beloved son EDGAR cHAGWA LUNGU that whsoever believeth in PF shall struggle to buy food and have everlasting lodsheding,through Chishimba Kambwili AMEN.Chishimba and the group next year out.

  20. Dont call them Public media. They are State Media. Public media is media that serves the interest of the public not the rulers; It belongs to the public not to the state. Public media reports to the public in this case it would report to parliament not to a minister

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