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Nawakwi demands apology from President Lungu after attack from alleged PF cadres

Headlines Nawakwi demands apology from President Lungu after attack from alleged PF...

FDD President Edith Nawakwi
FDD President Edith Nawakwi

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi has demanded an apology from President Edgar Lungu over the violent attack by suspected PF cadres on a meeting she was addressing at Mtendere Mosque this afternoon.

Suspected Patriotic Front cadres have attacked Mtendere Mosque in Lusaka where Forum for Democracy and Development President Edith Nawakwi is holding a meeting with Muslim women.

The stone throwing cadres demanded that the FDD leader leave the Mosque. The vehicle belonging to Islamic Council of Zambia President Suzyo Zimba was damaged in the process after stones landed on it.

QFM’s Albert Mpezeni reported from the scene that the cadres who were chanting anti Nawakwi slogans besieged the Mosque after word went round that the FDD leader was in the area meeting Muslim women.

Speaking to journalists shortly after holding a meeting with Muslim Women in Mtendere, Ms Nawakwi said that the levels of violent attacks more especially on opposition leaders in the country are unacceptable.

Ms Nawakwi said that since formation as political party, the only language the PF know and understand is violence.

Ms Nawakwi said that President Lungu must apologize to the Muslim Community for the nasty behavior by the PF cadres who attacked women at Mtendere Mosque in the process damaging a car belonging to Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia President Suzyo Zimba.

The FDD Leader said that it is a shame that the PF and their cadres do not respect places of worship and decided to attack innocent and harmless Muslim women.

She stated that Zambia is a peaceful nation and should not be turned into a war zone.

Ms Nawakwi has since vowed that she will not be stopped or prevented by the PF from listening to the challenges the people are going through either by using cadres or the Police.

And the FDD Leader has advised Zambians not to allow politics and religion divide them.

Speaking in a separate interview with Journalists, Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia President Suzyo Zimba who had his vehicle damaged called for a stop to the trend of unleashing cadres on innocent citizens by political party leaders especially as country prepares for elections.

Mr. Zimba has also urged cadres to refuse to take up such risk assignments because when they are caught they suffer the consequences alone.

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  1. Its u Nawakwi who should apologise to yo sapotaz koz we know u won’t contest.U won’t manage 1000 sapotaz. 4 u HH apologise 2 cancias since u fava GBM as ranng mate koz of mane,oso apologise to yo blind sapotaz for westing their vote even beyond 2016. Sory 4 westng yo money just 2 finish yo political career.

    • Very sad development indeed. FDD asked for a permit to hold a meeting and police gave them a go ahead but the PF idi0t police has failed to protect them again.

    • @Nostradamus
      was it gender violence of woman against women???,,,Nawakwi is one tough cookie, these are the type of girls who used to slap weak boys like ka lungu ku primary school

    • @Ndobo, kekekeke ati Edgar can be slapped … Even though I know Edith can be inkanka, but when it comes to women no matter how hard-cookies they come, I prefer to send them flowers than POLICE.
      Where you hear woman is addressing or passing, expect some romance, some perfume, therefore send something romantic, not TEARGAS!! I still love Nawakwi, I don’t mind if se insult me ati chikkk… I will just look at my zip.
      Ba Ester need teach Edgar how to treat women, it is her to blame.

    • Ba PF pilizi tapapata stop attacking mosques. When Al Qaeda , Alshabab, Boko Haram and Isis get involved, that ll be the end of Zambia.

  2. You will Chama, Mumbi and Kambwili say Nawakwi didn’t have a permit. PF please give people space otherwise you will sway a lot more people to vote for opposition

  3. The dogs have come Zambia’s way….the moment Lungu was “voted” for in an unmost democratic manner, the floodgates of violence were flung open.

    As unsoundly as it is to the ear, it must be said and tocsin bells sounded: Zambia is now on a violent path like Burundi and Zimbabwe.

    • Awe, awe, awe, awe, awe, awe nimwe ba Jay jay, you are now being petty like your boss HH. A complex system like ZESCO can develop a fault just like other places including the developed nations like US, UK, Japan you name it. The fact that you dont come to know about them doesnt mean they dont experience such challenges, no.
      And just how does the issue of bonus bother you when you dont work for ZESCO? And who told you that ZESCO has paid end of year bonus? Be factual bwana!

  4. Black-out again! Waiting what Dora will say. This problem of loadshadding we are experience is man- made problem by the government of the day (PF). Vote them out.

  5. I have to admit I have a soft spot for Nawakwi. The only problem I have with her in recent times is that she seems to be on a hunt for publicity.

  6. This nawakwi danced at parliament building ati kaunda alala when mmd passed a constitution barring kk frm standing as a president.so where are u now ?

  7. Is this the same Zimba who was condemning the Grand Coalition for saying they will de campaign the PF and MMD over the constitution. I guess your violent party has visited you. And Chama claims the PF is not violent. PF cadres have no ideas so they resort to insults and violence when challenged..

  8. PF was birthed by a cobra aka MCS (a violent snake) it lived and grew by devouring opposition members and its cadres have a long history of violence.

    Ms Nawakwi you should have known that PF is inherently violent.

  9. “Zambia is peaceful. At what price, asks HH”
    When I read of ANY political violence, I always wonder when we might one day cross the tipping point. It only takes two or four .45 mm side arms; six pangas; enough cheap alcohol; some deep puffs on forbidden substances; and a crowd of young, strong but unemployed cadres to fight each other mercilessly, except it is always the innocent, defenseless citizens that bear the brunt…..this period is when national prayers against violence and restricted movements in the country should be called for. I have Zambian Muslim relatives and friends that are simply amazing and wonderful people. such attacks mustn’t recur, I pray.

  10. This is not about who is attacked but the abuse of the state machinery by the PF which we should all not only condemn but work as one to remove from our society. If the police are not being abused they would have acted to stop this barbaric attacks. Since the police can’t do it let us do it through the ballot by not giving PF any votes. PF does not respect people’s freedoms.

  11. Violence in a mosque followed by a nationwide electricity blackout! Do you need more evidence that Zambia is a failed state, another black hole in the middle of Africa where nothing good comes out?

  12. God is great. This is the man Suzyo Zimba who was in forefront saying EL is a God given leader of peace. Now you see… the cadres of a leader whom you claimed to be from God has attacked you and damaged your car. You have tied yourself with a rope in your neck ,don’t blame God.

  13. People must wait for the ECZ to announce the commencement of campaigns and only when the President has dissolved parliament, so those who want to dare the law enforcement wing of government by holding illegal meetings have themselves to blame.
    Everything has time and for now, its only the Government officials who are permitted to inspect the on-going projects and can address the people if need be.
    any other gathering without police permit is indiscipline of the highest order.

  14. nakabili baka kunyela swaini,for pipo to disrupt your meeting simply means they are not interested,you want him to appoloise for what?did he send those pipo there and do you have evidence that they are pf cadres or you are suspecting chabe?baseless politiking ba swaini


  16. Arrest the culprits. Whether PF or not . Police do yr work to serve this nation. We cant leave everything in the hands of the president. You are making him fail. Camera phones, cameras, ipads are there to capture these criminals. I will be very sad if no one is brought to book. No pardon from anybody is required. Pursue these criminals. Next time carry tools to monitor such and immediately go to police. Use ICT I urge all political parties.
    Merry Xmas

  17. she did nothing about the public order and investment in the power sector when she was an MP and minister of energy.

  18. Nawakwi is surrounded boy friends both within and outside zed very strong s~than political. Observation why on meeting women stand very far from u. There must be a demon that makes u hate women shame. Ati ba pres talk about yo party,economy but immediately u mention ~ then the party will be clouded. U ve been single for a long time,Who sleeps with u? Answer for a vote. The trueth is u ve a man.

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