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SACCORD distances itself from Grand Coalition plan to de-campaign PF and MMD

General News SACCORD distances itself from Grand Coalition plan to de-campaign PF and MMD

File:SACCORD Executive director Boniface Chembe captured in the audience during the presidential debate
File:SACCORD Executive director Boniface Chembe captured in the audience during the presidential debate

The Southern African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has distanced itself from the Grand Coalition resolution to de-campaign the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) ahead of the 2016 elections for not subjecting the entire draft constitution to a referendum.

SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe said that much as his organization remains a member of the Grand Coalition on the Campaign for the People Driven Constitution, it does not share the idea of engaging in partisan politics.

Mr. Cheembe explained that SACCORD as a civil society organization was not formed to participate in partisan politics.

Mr. Cheembe told QFM News in a telephone interview that SACCORD wanted and still wants Zambia’s new constitution to be adopted through a referendum and not through Parliament.

Mr. Cheembe said that it was therefore the hope of his organization that President Edgar Lungu holds back the signing of the constitution Bills passed by Parliament to pave way for their adoption through a referendum.

Mr. Cheembe noted that if this does not however happen, SACCORD will continue to advocate that government sees the necessity for the Country to adopt the constitution through a referendum.


  1. NDIYE MA NGO AYA not utu like grand coalition who are paid up cadres hiding in the name of an NGO.Grand coalition ni ma saka and we know that UPND funds these vultures who will seek any opportunity to make money and enrich themselves.

    • Saccord has been bought by PF to casmpaign for EL to hold on to signing the bill as the PF has realised that the 50%+1 threshold is and running mate is very dangerous for them.

  2. I’m just behind on the advice “that President Edgar Lungu holds back the signing of the constitution Bills passed by Parliament to pave way for their adoption through a referendum”. What’s wrong with us kanshi? These are low hanging fruits with immediate benefits for the country and somebody is saying these be deferred? Are we living in the same reality here? Please give us a break from your hollow agendas!

  3. The problem with all these NGOs eat with both their hands and think their use their legs too. Whoever gives them money they side with. Remember Lifwekelo, we will be seeing this drama a lot next year of flip flopping.

  4. President Lungu is a man of high integrity. He will sign the Bill into law immediately it lands on His desk. Tu ntemba parties are now irrelevant to the political equation. PF alimwi nafuti nakabili again!

  5. No doubt the President has exhibited exceptional integrity on the constitution issue that has dogged this country for such a long time & we should encourage him to assent to the Bills. After such a long wait & clear failure by previous presidents to allow us have a progressive constitution it is amazing that there are a few Zambians & NGOs that are still fighting this process despite the political good will that has been previously missing. Is it that some of us are so resistant to progress or we are so disappointed that we’ve received what we were fighting for & suddenly there is nothing to fight for any more & we have to find an excuse to continue the fight? NGOs & few others personalizing this constitution process, stop abusing the platforms that are still giving you AirPlay. This is…

  6. i fear some of these NGOs may have already gotten money for a referendum and have miss used…or were promised huge sums of money by donors…

  7. What is to de-campaign? Does this terminology exist in normal English parlance or its a Zambian creation? I am not sure of its usage. I know you can campaign FOR or AGAINST, but to de-campaign? What the hell is that?

  8. @ Obrien
    Iwe ka Obrien, we all know this cheap hypocrisy you are trying to paint. Its HH and UPND which knows that it will never form government under the famous 50%+1 constitution requirement. The reasons are simple
    1. All those who supported UPND in January 2015 have realised that HH is not a leader as he portrays
    2. HH is not a consistent person, if you have been following issues in Zambia, he is a chancer and not even his MPs trust him
    3. HH doesnt know how to read politics, already he is in a catch 22 situation over who shall be his running mate, remember that once elected, the president cannot fire a vice president for the five year tenure of office, so he is very scared of GBM and on other hand he cant pick Canicious Banda.
    4. All economic indicators are tilting to PF…

  9. 1. UPND, the GC and others “want” the constitution adopted through a referendum before the 2016 elections. This will not happen. 2. They “want” the elections to be held under the 50%+1 and presidential running mate clauses. ECL is about to make this happen when he assents to the draft constitution. The opposition thought this could not happen and they have been caught on the back foot. 3. UPND has developed cold feet because with the 50%+1 clause in place , they don’t stand a chance. They are not serious about the constitution after all. It was a mere campaign tool which has now eluded them. They would rather the elections are held under the current constitution. TOO LATE!

  10. EL is the man whether decampaign or not ,he has shown maturity in he is handling issues the constitution.Whether it is adopted through refurandum or parliament it is the content,so wat is the fuss from the grand corruption.

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