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PF demands Proof from Nawakwi of PF cadres attacking her

General News PF demands Proof from Nawakwi of PF cadres attacking her

Mrs Nawakwi after she proceeded to address a muslim gathering
Mrs Nawakwi after she proceeded to address a muslim gathering

PF Lusaka Province Chairlady Margaret Mumba has challenged FDD leader Edith Nawakwi to prove that people who attacked her in Mutendere are PF cadres.

Ms Mumba said that it is not correct for Ms Nawakwi to ask for an apology from President Edgar Lungu without proof that people who attacked her belong to the ruling party.

She has since asked Ms Nawakwi to respect the head of state and not drag his name into what she termed as cheap political talk.

Meanwhile, the United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that it fully supported FDD President Edith Nawakwi’s demands for President Edgar Lungu to apologise to her following a violent attack by suspected PF cadres on meeting she addressed in Mtendere yesterday.

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma said that the attack on a peaceful is unacceptable and has no place in Zambia.

Mr Kakoma said that the act must be condemned quickly and publicly by the President in order to prevent more such attacks, otherwise it is becoming clear that violent cadres will continue to conduct more violent attacks on political opponents.

Mr. Kakoma said that the State, and in particular the Commander in Chief of the armed forces President Lungu must take up the responsibility of protecting citizens, regardless of age, gender, tribe or political affiliation.

He noted that at this time of increasing hardship, it is more important than ever for leaders to be sharing their ideas and proposals with the people about how they would like to see the situation turned around.


    • Where exactly does PF get air heads like this Margaret Mumba, Mumbi Phiri, Davis Chama and Sunday Chanda? Cadre violence is failure by Lungu to do his job. Mwanawasa was able to stop this nonsense, but the pedestrian president..awe sure!

    • Proof that its PF who attacked FDD is the lack of arrests made. If its any opposition member suspected of doing the same Lungu would move in quickly to get them arrested.

      When ever a violent act is committed and no arrests are made, then its PF behind the ugly act.

      Under PF rule of law is zero when it PF cadres involved.

      Only UPND will correct this PF caused madness.

      2016 vote UPND

  1. That is how PF work. No accoutability what so ever. Even if witness provide names, or point to stolen money they still say bring proof. Same with the hopeless PF police and ACC.

  2. Violence is in Pfs DNA and has the backing of the police. The opposition should start hitting back, not just condemning.

  3. …this is what I have been saying that our political leaders also trivialise the isolated incidences ….the key phrase here is ‘attack’ not the ‘apology’….Ms Mumba should have just comforted counselled and reassured Edith and team that the appropriate govt wing the police are investigating the matter….as soon as the culprits are apprehended and identified as PF cadres we shall apologise without hestation….now she is asking Edith to apprehend those chaps and prove that they are PF cadres…eeish
    …this peace we are juggling in the air shall at one time fall to the ground and shatter in pieces….who ever thought that we would at one time live in our homes for continuous 12hrs without power in the name of load shedding…??

  4. Margaret Mumba. Lets add on to the PF vuvuzelas shall we. Kambwili is itching to say something too.

    Viva president Nawakwi.

  5. UPND., have you now become an NGO to speak on behalf of other parties? Forget of another alliance. You think Nawakwi has forgotten what your god Human Hater did to her in 2006 under his so called UDA? You think she has forgotten how FDD seats went to MMD under alliance leadership of your Human Hater? MMD equally knows very well how your god behaved under PF- UPND pact where despite knowing too well that he was not anywhere closer to MCS wanted to lead the pact? Please for your own sake, just concentrate pn N Western. Southern and parts of Central and Western provinces.

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