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HH demands an apology, retraction within 24 Hrs over the tribal story attributed to him

Headlines HH demands an apology, retraction within 24 Hrs over the...

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has demanded that the Times of Zambia retracts an article in which he was quoted as having blasted a traditional leader in Southern Province for hosting PF Secretary General Davies Chama and greeting him in Bemba.

The article in today’s Sunday Times alleges that Mr Hichilema blasted Chieftainess Mweenda of Chikantanta for welcoming Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama and taking time to speak to him in Bemba.

It said that Mr Hakainde phoned Chief Hamusonde of Monze in the presence of his team and complained that it was shameful that certain Chiefs in Southern Province are welcoming Bembas and even taking time to speak the language.

But Mr Hichilema has issued a statement in which he is demanding for a retraction from the Times of Zambia within 24 Hours failure to which he will sue the newspaper.

He has also advised Journalists to be mindful and never be used in such issues as any litigation the UPND is taking will also affect their professional careers and reputation permanently.

Below is Mr Hichilema’s statement in full.


27th December 2015

The PF leadership through it’s Secretary General Davies Chama are again back with their usual tribal and unproductive remarks of wanting to divide our united and peaceful people of Zambia using government media that is paid for by taxpayers.

It is clear that they are losing the coming elections and the only way they hope to survive is by cheating and promoting hate speech such as old and tired tribal debate, while hoodwinking Zambians that they champion One Zambia One Nation.

It is really low thinking and utterly childish to hope to remain in national leadership through dividing our peaceful people using government propaganda through the so called fictitious and imaginary sources.

We have not encouraged any Chief from Southern Province or anywhere in the country not to be visited by any people from other ethinc groupings, including Chama despite having insulted people of other ethnic groupings because we believe Zambia is one.

What Chama needs know is that people from of all ethnic groupings have homes and investment in Southern Province, while others are even village headmen and that’s how every other province is and must continue to be.
We do not appreciate Chama’s limited thinking and his awkward way of looking at citizens only in terms of ethnicity, going by his recent and continued derogatory remarks against other groupings.

Chama should not drag the rest of us into his mess.

It is so shameful that a supposedly professional newspaper such as Times of Zambia and other government media can engage in total and malicious fabrications.

And in a well orchestrated move, this is the same newspaper that was used against us in the January elections who quoted Bishop Chomba alleging that we are involved in underground evil things, the matter that is still in courts of law.

We also challenge journalists from government media to please give us space as well and be professional enough by getting the views from the people you are being used to insult and demean.

While the PF leadership are being given all the space to travel around the country, including Davies Chama’s recent tour of Southern Province, we are being teargassed, beaten and severely restricted by the biased police and PF thugs.

Therefore our travels are being hampered by the archaic Public Order Act, thereby limiting us from explaining our positions to Zambians across the country.

From the information we have, PF wants to draw us in all sorts of character assassination and unfounded propaganda, in an attempt to draw discussion away from the real issues affecting our people such as unemployment, job loses, high cost of living, high cost of fertiliser and other inputs for farmers, powercuts, high cost of electricity, depreciating Kwacha, etc.

We call on journalists to be mindful and never be used in such issues as any litigation we are taking will also affect their professional careers and reputation permanently.

For now we demand an immediate retraction of the attributed article in the Times of Zambia within 24 hours. Failure to which we reserve the right to take any remedial action.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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  1. As usual , the rule of thumb is never believe a story until it is vehemently denied or refuted. That is just how a cookie crumbles in politics.

    I rest my case

    • PF are desperate and inciting tribal hatred with the hope of misleading the Northern vote into hating HH. Terrible politics! They can not debate any sensible issues, they have no plan, no message! The only tool they have have is violence, insults and now inciting tribal tensions in the hope of winning.

      Hope Zambian can see through all this. And hope HH will seriously go ahead and SUE. In the meantime, hope he can also alert Zambians to this tribal nonsense that PF are desperately hoping works in their favour.

    • MMD Chief, using your logic UPND sympathizers will argue that the story is not true and you are supporting them because, technically, if you read the statement, HH has NOT denied the story , but meandered and glossed over the issue and threw in decoys of Bishop chomba some facts about Chama. All he is asking for is a retraction and apology. Not every retraction or apology sought implies the story was wrong.

      This is actually a very smart and well thought out statement word for word and Kudos to UPND PA or Spin Doctoring machine. I suspect he might have actually said something to that effect. This story is far from over.

    • I agree with HH

      The Times are a worthless tabloid and he should sue them if they are reporting without substance,



    • Good, sue them!!!
      How unprofessional for Times of Zambia (ToZ) to even use a reporter by the name of PASSY HAACHIZO so that the allegations sound genuine because he is Tonga. ToZ are behaving like The Post during the Sata regime quoting fictitious “sources”. I would’ve no problems if such scandalous and libellous articles are coming from ZWD, Mwebantu of Zambia Reports because these are just social media blogs. But established papers like Post, ToZ, Daily Mail, Daily Nation must adhere to journalism tenets

    • Start by denouncing the watchdog first before you ask for retraction of the story. The watchdog has already showed us your character Mr HH. You are a big TRIBALIST and you have managed to promote tribalism in Zambia. We are just looking foward to see you leave politics next year so that people of Southern Province can come back to their senses. At the moment they are all corrupted by your evil maneuvers.

    • Ba political analyst,

      Your kid is involved in a scuffle with his neighborhood peer. He returns home with a split lip and a red eye. Your wife gets on him right away and interrogates him. Your son goes ahead and tells her, “…because he said dad is full of sh1t, he was fcuking Miss Pengula in the bush the other day.”

      You jump up and say, “…Son, did you kick him in the nuts and split his lips in several places?”
      Your son nods, “Yes, dad. Not only that, I asked him to take me to the spot where you were bonking Miss Pengula. Here is your pair of underpants…”

      The moral of the metaphor is….?

    • @MMD/PF ass licker

      HH has challenged Chama to provide a clip in which HH spoke to the alleged chief. Very soon the chiefs mentioned will one by one come out to denounce PF ‘s scheme to turn people against them for accepting lies by the PF.

      I have always said, that what PF says, the direct opposite is the absolute truth.

      I have a recording of how Chama and Lungu have advised Chiefs in Muchinga and Eastern province not to host HH or any UPND official. These chiefs have even been given huge sums of money (about K40,000 and a promise of a new car if PF wins in 2016)to do that and encourage their people to vote PF.

      After some chiefs in Muchinga and Eastern province accepted the PF bribe, Chama and Lungu thought of taking the stinking bribing scheme to Southern province only to be…

    • But you know what, some chiefs have refused to be part of PF ‘s scheme hence PF lying that its HH behind their refusal. Whats K40,000 to a chief who owns herds of cattle worth hundred of thousands?

      PF has now run out of ideas to stop the change HH and UPND are about to bring in Zambia.

      Viva UPND. Vote UPND and HH for president in 2016.

    • Is this not the same Times of Zambia paper that lied the Thandiwe Banda ( former first lady) had built hotels in Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania worth 10 million of US Dollars. They put her and family through unnecessary lies. She sued them and won half a million dollars.

    • I personally think Ba HH’s phone is tapped by bashushushu. It’s a pity OP did not provide him with this information when they brief him every morning before they brief the president. I believe someone somewhere has a recording courtesy of OP. Watch this space! I have had the pleasure of interacting with Tonga’s at all levels of my life. They are tribal to the core and might I add the shallowest, smartest people I ever met!

    • HH please grow up. Don’t spend time on trivial pursuits. You are really Under Five. This Under Five has become very contagious in your party.

      It was not too long ago when you accused Edgar Lungu that he had hired 3 Witch Doctors from Malawi to him win elections.

      What did Lungu do? He ignored you. By doing that he has come out a better matured person.

      Edgar Lungu is really winning Public Relations. He is connecting with the people, while all we get from you is complaining, bitternes and lies.

      Please go to the Copperbelt and explain how you intend to bring back Anglo America. The people in CB are waiting for your explaination.

      And dude… Please go for a hair cut. Rebrand your image. Eiisssshhhh !!!

      How come you don’t smile. Go and fix your teeth, with all that money…

    • Let the mentioned chiefs come out and state their position. To UPND not ukubosafye update the nation when the 24 hrs have elapsed without the demanded action!

  2. Good, sue them!!!
    How unprofessional for Times of Zambia (ToZ)  to even use a reporter by the name of PASSY HAACHIZO so that the allegations sound genuine because he is Tonga. ToZ are behaving like The Post during the Sata regime quoting fictitious “sources”. I would’ve no problems if such scandalous and libellous articles are coming from ZWD, Mwebantu of Zambia Reports because these are just social media blogs. But established papers like The Post, ToZ, Daily Mail, Daily Nation must adhere to journalism tenets

  3. Sue their Bloody arses for all their worth! Sue Chama in his personal capacity, this mental patient. Needs to be caged and the keys thrown away

  4. I don’t understand why we are not changing the names of:



  5. Hh your threats dont amount to anything. you threatened and sued the bishop up to now nothing has happened. We know your tricks. you want to stop further discussions on this matter as you will be covered by virtue of the case being before the courts of law therefore cannot be discussed.

  6. The story I have read in both the Sunday Mail and Sunday Times does not attribute the source of this story to Davies Chama but rather to “Sources close to Chief Hamusonde and Mr. Hichilema”. Is Chama close to Chief Hamusonde or to HH? If not, why is HH singling out Chama for attack? What HH should do is some investigative work to establish who these sources really are. HH must remember that the enemy within can be more dangerous than the enemy without. Or as Bembas say: “ichikupempula echikulya”

    • You are right, the source is NOT Davies Chama. That’s why HH has not asked for an apology from Chama nor has he threatened legal action against Chama. So, it’s up to Sunday Times to produce evidence in Court of Law and embarrass HH. If they don’t have evidence, your guess is as good as mine

  7. Cheap propaganda next year ni forward chabe,, they have failed us miners & will teach them unforgettable lesson like the way we did to RB

  8. Whatever they say about you,we ll never vote for any tea car ra who belongs to the power failure(pf). 2016 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::HH::::::::::::::::::::::::::HH chabe.

  9. All miners know that the world over copper, is not selling at the right price. I worked for Nchanga mine for 22 yrs and miners aren’t cheap to buy your cheap story. If your small god had the heart for Zambia, he should not have sold those mines so cheaply. By the way talk of something new not mining, load shedding and this crap all the time. Show us how Kariba dam will always have enough water under hh, how copper prices will shoot to the highest price never seen before and be sustained forever. Otherwise you are just barking with no answers like your clueless god hh.

    • What HH is trying to tell you thieves in PF is the export earnings can be made from other exports not only copper. All you seem to have is copper in your heads. If other industries were developed those miners would be moved into other industries but all the thieves were thinking about was tarring roads in compounds so they continue stealing by overinflating all projects. They told us roads we need to attract investores, where are the investores? It was stealing they had in mind all along.

    • I like your ignorance man. If HH could sell the ming as a pvt individual and get away with it, them he is the type of intellugent leaders the wise voters would go for.

    • You are very right kapoma kabaso. What is happening now would have happened even under UPND government had they won in January 2015. UPND should avoid cheap politicking. We all know, young ones inclusive, that they are so cheap. Shame.

    • @Kapoma Kabaso: You do not seem to understand economics of the country nor the copper business despite working for the mines for 22 years as you claim. Anyway, it depends at which level you have reached in the mines. Not all countires in this world have mines but their economies are far much better than Zambia. Try to think outside the box and you will realise that there are plenty of opportunities for the Zambian economy to develop. Regarding electricity, it is the responsibility of ZESCO to ensure there is power to run the economy of Zambia 24/7. If Kariba has low water, other sources of power should be sourced, load shedding is affecting the economy so negatively. Lastly, HH is not god, he is a normal human being like all of us.

    • He doesn’t have to tell you nothing, your choices will teach you a lesson. 51 years after independence you even worse off because of wrong voting like good women who always fall for bad guys who only make their life a living hell. We a Christian nation for goodness sake where is love in your writing except hatred for a fellow countrymen. Let’s not allow politicians to divide us, hatred has even blinded you from seeing what this man has been writing about all those issues

  10. Good, sue them!!!
    How unprofessional for Times of Zambia (ToZ) to even use a reporter by the name of PASSY HAACHIZO so that the allegations sound genuine because he is Tonga. ToZ are behaving like The Post during the Sata regime quoting fictitious “sources”. I would’ve no problems if such scandalous and libellous articles are coming from ZWD, Mwebantu of Zambia Reports because these are just social media blogs. But established papers like Post, ToZ, Daily Mail, Daily Nation must adhere to journalism tenets

  11. This case is a non starter. I dont see the courts forcing the media to disclose their source. Where is MISA. PAZA etc its time to stand up and protect media freedom

    • When I went to law school they taught us that libel is actionable per se.

      I note most bloggers are laymen. Her is law school 101 on libel. If you cause it to be printed you are in for it! Slander is difficult to prove.


  13. @ Makwingo this case has nothing to do with chama. hh is suing times of zambia and not chama. its you who hate chama. ulupato

    • @munjali: Panyo pako – but Chama is not denying having said it – so it is true!! Do you still have a bit of functioning brains left or you have buried your head in Chama/PF’s Arses!!

  14. Why is PF the only party always screaming Wolf!!! If you don’t know what happens in that story then read up. My question is how can a tribalist like Chama accuse someone else of being a tribalist it doesn’t make sense. A case of the kettle calling the pot black or it takes one to know one?

  15. I somehow believe that our country, post-1991, has been on steady decline in terms of quality, honest, mature, selfless, non-tribal, academically endowed, public orators and seasoned debaters. Whoever is voted in next year, I will be the happiest, if once again we have leadership that engages the citizenry on real-issues rather than majoring on minor-issues like who can dance better than me, or who is better dressed…….seriously????

  16. Why do I have feeling HH made the tribal. HH should start by denying that he never said only a Tonga can rule UPND. Going by the voting pattern we saw last elections, HH is really denying that the sky is blue.

  17. What Chama said against other regions was in black and white domain, the co even attempted for an apology to the nation. Do not think that by supporting the useless article from a biased blog would change goalposts. Those in support are merely haters.

  18. @ chilyata for once use your head and read through the statement. it says HH is suing times of zambia and not chama. So how do you expect chama to respond to a case he is not being sued for.Your god HH even knows thats why he has not jointly sued the paper with chama. but its D ..heads like you that just yap without thinking.

  19. HH must just apologise. He must otherwise forget Bemba Vote and possibly Eastern.
    I see Zambia as another Burundi next year.Tribalism is Evil.

  20. In the DRC they have radio/tv Kasenga on the Luapula valley airing several programs in Bemba apart from featuring Zambian artistes. That’s just how dynamic a language can be. Please it must not be about the Babemba tribe who may even be comparatively fewer than other tribes. Only irresolute minds bordering on insanity would while their time fighting the natural progression of a language. Apparently Upnd face huge task of learning to live with self destructive antiBemba elements within the ranks

    • What is is the issue? DRC in Luapula Valley is near or part of bembaland and naturaly there bemba speaking people. Is bemba being aired in Zimbabwe? No but Tonga is because their Tonga speaking people in Zimbabwe similarly Lozi is aired in South Africa not Bemba because there are Lozi speaking people there and Luvale is aired in Angola not Bemba because their Luvale speaking people there, so there is nothing special about Bemba. The only reason you insist on speaking Bemba where ever you go is because you are too dull to master other languages.

    • @Truly Zambian
      Stop spreading hatred and lies. There is no Lozi tribe and language in South Africa, there is Tswana or Sotho which Lozi people of Zambia adopted after being conquered by the Kololo. Ins’t that supposed to be what your teacher should have taught you? The Lozi people are hardcore Congolese with their ancestral villages right in the heart of darkness which is DRC.

  21. Sue the Times of Zambia that paper is very broke because of such behave from those that run it, let it be shut down completely

  22. Apparently Upnd face huge task of learning to live with self destructive antiBemba elements within the ranks

    The Party is Anti Bemba.End Quote.

  23. THIS BEMBA-TONGA divide will finish one of the two political parties (PF or UPND) next year… which ever party loses the general elections will be confined to the walls of Zambia’s political history…

  24. Chama is just ashamed that he went round all corners of South-Zambia without being harrassed or insulted by the people he regards useless at least in his generation as he always puts it.He was given an overwhelming recieption by the hospitable people of South-Zambia who are non-violent nor tribal but just being accused by the real tribalists themselves as a way of restricting votes where they come from.So that there tribesmen and women always vote for them despite their failures.

    • True Eagle Spotlight,
      The reception Chama received was truely remarkable and gave a good account of how the South is people loving and tolerant. Can you imagine Gary Nkombo trotting around Northern, Muchinga and Luapula Provinces selling the UPND and speaking Tonga to Chiefs?

  25. This just goes to show PF want to win at all costs, even if the cost is tribal warfare. A responsible GRZ would not have published such stores if at all true. This just goes to show how cheap and desperate they are to protect their stealing by holding on to the leadership at all costs.

  26. HH mustn’t even waste time demanding a retraction; he should sue Times of Zambia, Chama and the journalist who authored the article in question. It seems we no longer have real journalists in these media institutions but assassins who are eager to slander and defame defenseless individuals. Shame on you! May your bowels rot in hell!

  27. Comment: The thing is that HH hasn’t denied the accusation. He has only resorted to insulting Chama.I have a strong feeling had HH blasted the chief and he has been put on the spot.n

  28. This is true hypocrisy from your HH. This guy calls times reporters to be unprofessional, and yet commends the ZWD to be a credible and professional media. Only pipo who can’t think thru his statements will access this type of hypocrisy

  29. It’s impossible to miss the blatant bias in Zambian Watch Dog’s coverage of the PF government. HH, what does deserves a response is The Zambian Watch Dog’s continuing reliance on a conglomerate of rogue online journalists, who write not from the location of the story but from the comfort of their computer. The one-sided and anti-bemba nature of the reports also raises the possibility that these online journalists are simply recycling stories fed by anti-Bemba organizations. UPND supporters complaining of the latest revelations should look at articles in the ZWD which contain multiple examples of flawed and biased anti-Bemba journalism.

    • Mmmm, it’s funny how ZWD and HH do not see their propaganda lead stories are false time and again. Recently, we noted that Face books were opened in other people’s names (mine too, an opposer), to plug ZWD.

    • When MMD was in power the Post and PF said ZWD was MMD. Now just because they (ZWD) are one of the few medias providing for disadvantaged UPND (Government media wise and Post) they have become UPND? Bwafya!

  30. HH is tribal and he is the one who has brought tribalism in Zambian politics!!!before 2006 tribalism was not or very very rarely heard.he purely campaigns on tribal lines in southern,western and north western.SO LET HH DANCE TO HIS TUNE!!PLUS INSULTS FOR NONE BANTUSTAN VOTERS AND MOSTLY BEMBAS AND EASTERNERS WONT MAKE HH ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT!!NOBODY IN ZAMBIA CAN ENTER STATE HOUSE AFTER WINNING IN 3 PROVINCES ONLY-NEVER!!SO HH CHANGE THE WAY YOU HAVE BEEN DOING POLITICS SINCE 2006.MAZOKA WAS NOT LIKE U!!HE EMBRACED ALL ZAMBIANS!!

  31. Sometimes when people try to undermine you, it’s best not to complain or explain. The story just becomes bigger and people may begin to believe the false story if you react as comically as this order of 24 hr action. I expect they need to investigate first before they apologise….

  32. Tribalism/Regionalism will destroy our beautiful country if perpetrated in any way. We all need to stand against all inclinations towards tribe. We are one people and we need each other. We cannot afford to have people campaigning along tribal lines or condemning those that don’t have issues with mixing with other tribes.

  33. Tyco If It Is True U A Over Seas I Can Xcuse U Becose Dont Seam To Kn That H H /gbm Wear Kicked Out Of C/belt Amoth Ago And That They Must Not Be Allowed To Go Their Do U Want One Of Them To Be Killed U Talk Of H H Being Umder 5 Whear U Come From Pipo Dont Grow Beyond 5 Years Ai ? H H Has All The Wrighte To Sue He Is Not Lungu Waunfwa Their Is Too Much Rubish Coming From Pf Their Is Limte To Everything Bembas Say Insoka Taba I Nkonka Kubwendo Now Pf Say Upnd Must Not Go Out They Send Chama 2 S/province Just Creat Problems With Chiefs To U Tyco It Is H H Who Is Wrong Ai

  34. If ToZ has peddled a lie let them apologise, it is well and good. If they can stand by their story, please do, it is also well and good. What HH is likely to do then is to sue ToZ, and ask the court to freeze any comments on the matter, which would mean that HH is guilty. I am inclined to believe the story because it fits in with what I keep repeating about HH/UPMD, that they have the propensity to shoot themselves in the foot at critical moments.

  35. …..I spoke to the chiefs, our discussion was centered on development bra bra….but like in the Anglo American mining saga, you are avoiding to bring out salient points to build your argument.

  36. Suppose the Times of Zambia have the phone/voice recording of HH’s conversation with Chief Hamusonde, refuse HH’s demand for an apology, and instead decide to defend the paper by publicly releasing the entire transcript of HH’s chat with the chief? What will be HH’s reaction?

  37. Dont even waste your precious time mr. President just sue the times and the monkey uwafita wil be exposed! Mean while aleisa HH..

  38. And I quote, “They are stealing your copper to develop Chinsali….”. HH on campaign trail in Solwezi during the January 2015 elections.

  39. Don’t unsternd how these failed project (Pf) supporters continue to deflect the tribal tag on someone who has never been in govt.The founder leader of their party was the chief apostle of tribalism…look at the govt appointments and the foreign service…they are full of minions from the same regions…Lungu is failing to dismantle them…so what are you telling us?There is so much mediocrity in thi country those wh have never travelled even think its normal….Give us a break, this Pf nonsense just has to be stopped next year..

  40. BA HH



  41. The stigma of tribalism that sticks so closely to Hichilema is so sticky that it will take Hichilema himself to shrug it off. True or false the ball is firmly in HH’s colt. Up to now HH has not tried his best to show Zambians that he does not carry with him the deplorable tribal tag. He can be who he wants to be but when you aspire the highest office of the land then you need to have an acceptable character. It is not by conveniently appointing a Bemba or Chewa or Lozi or Lungu or Mambwe deputy president, Mr HH it is deeper than that. As a cattle header in Southern Province or as a chewa boy of Bemba boy in Chinsali you can be tribal as much as you want but the moment you start climbing to the highest office with the crap of tribalism in a united nation like ours, you will have to…

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