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Government accuses SDA members of linking the –E-voucher system to Satanism

Economy Government accuses SDA members of linking the –E-voucher system to Satanism

FILE: President Edgar Lungu with Dr Evelyn Nguleka ZNFU President  during the  Launched the Electronic Voucher System for the Farmer input Programme in Choma Mbabala constituency on Monday 12-10-2015. Picture  by Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse.
FILE: President Edgar Lungu with Dr Evelyn Nguleka ZNFU President during the Launched the Electronic Voucher System for the Farmer input Programme in Choma Mbabala constituency on Monday 12-10-2015. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse.

Government has accused some members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church of going round telling farmers to shun the recently launched E-voucher system because it is allegedly linked to Satanism.

Agriculture Deputy Minister Maxas Ngonga said in an interview that the Ministry has received disturbed information that some farmers who are on the E-Voucher scheme in Central Province have been told to abandon it as it is satanic.

Mr Ngonga said his recent tour of the Central Province also confirmed that some SDA members are going round villagers in Chibombo and Chisamba telling farmers that the E-Voucher is part of the prophecy found in the book of Revelations.

‘It is very discouraging that as Government we are working hard to introduce systems to improve our agriculture system but our friends in the SDA community are working to undo such works,’ Mr Ngonga said.

He added, ‘These are just misconceptions. They are telling people that the E-Voucher card is part of the 666 prophecy in the Bible but as Government we are saying the E-Voucher card is just like any other Visa card, Government loads money on the card and the farmer uses it to access farming inputs.’

Mr Ngonga feared that failure to appreciate the use of technology by farmers will make it difficult for Government to improve the agriculture sector.


    • Another nonsense from UPND!!for them politics is a do or die game-shocking!we know that you need a Govt job once HH wins(God forbid) but wait for the right time.Elijah Matambo (bantustan man) take note that you cannot impose your tribal HH on us Zambians by using force!!nobody will buy that nonsense!!HH must win peacefully a thing he has failed to achieve since 2006!!!CAUSE THAT VIOLENCE AND BE READY TO JOIN TREVOR MWIINDE (UPND’S VIOLENT CADRE) WHO HAS BEEN IN CHIMBOKAILA SINCE MARCH 2015!!! ALL THOSE FOOLISH TRIBAL CADRES WHO WILL BUY MATAMBO’S NONSENSE MUST KNOW THAT JAIL IS THEIR NEXT HOME AS BOMA WILL DEAL WITH THEM HARSHLY!! RECALL FEW WEEKS AGO HH AND GBM HAD TO RUN AWAY FROM COPPERBELT AND THEY WERE SORTED OUT BY ONLY FEW PF CADRES,SO WHAT IF MEN IN UNIFORM MOVE IN,CAN UPND CADRES…

    • Don’t drag the SDA into your filthy finger-pointing. The e-voucher system has been a flop from inception and it’s not only in Central province that your system is frowned upon, it’s all over the country!

  1. where have we gone wrong? Leave politics to politicians. The church is slowly becoming political simply becoz leadership of a church is in the hands of a particular tribe suporting a known politicians.

  2. No doubt SDA are like that , they accuse everything they of satanism .they tok about pope,also others but again they allow wizards,witches & satanist to be elders in their church

  3. can the government not talk sensibly about anything? honestly this is the most primitive government we have had ever. address the economic plight of the country rather thab delving and discussing witchcraft. shame on you, honestly after 51 years of independence they are talking like this? disgraceful, Kaunda our first president preached one zambia one nation the pf are preaching tribalism.

  4. Sad if the Church feels so. But this is a hoax and crude thinking intended on small and gullible minds. Govt. Is Kapambwe Simbao not SDA? He stopped. What about Dorris Mwansa Mwiinga? Can Dr Pastor Pardon Mwansa preach that message or Pastor George Mwansa? Or Pastor Muyanda? Is Dr Akombwa? Nay. Only SDA are farmers? Mediocrity. Come back Jesus. Funny Children here on earth. N0sense! kikiki

    • are they coming from the same area,you guys you sound as though you do not know these guys they are mean they will try everthing possible to frustrate the project

    • @Puli-keti,,,,
      However you group them, whoever they are, they are Zambians. Let them do what they want without you demonizing them. You gotta understand, this Zambia has many people who don’t see things the same way.

  5. Our church can never think so low and our church has modes of communication to the general membership and public at large, it is very unfortunate that the deputy minister can conclude opinions of an individual or two and say the SDA community, am SDA and did not say that and do not associate E-Voucher to the mark of the beast. Consult the church leadership before you conclude, those that must have said that you may find that may be they are not even SDAs but offshoots from SDA. The church will always teach right and what it teaches can be proven from the whole bible (Genesis to Revelation). The church will always support what is right, the church will never engage in politics, the church supports the government of the day, the church does not side with any politician even when they are…


  7. It is not right to label the church as hating catholics or anyone. We believe Christ came to die for every human being and ANYONE (including catholics) who believes in Jesus is a candidate for heaven (John 3:16). Jesus came to seek and save the lost (sinners including wizards, satanists etc) and so we view each person as requiring the saving grace of Jesus and therefore, we embrace everyone. We do not condemn anyone just like Christ did not condemn the woman caught in adultery.

  8. The normal thing to do , assuming government has such information is to engage the church and resolve the matter quietly without playing to the gallery. How many battles is government going to fight in public? Today it with chiefs on the copperbelt,tomorrow it is civil societies, the next it is with teachers, thereafter it is with Farmers and millers etc. Please government should learn to dialogue with the various stakeholders than rushing to make press statempests.

  9. Two tribes in Zambia are the most tribal pander prone in the existence of this country. Their are 71 others that are tired of your nonsense.

  10. Aaa! Anyway. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that all leadership comes from above. Some leaders!! Kikikiki .. are off-cuts. God doesnt know them. They are gate crashers to leadership that come from above. How can use accuse the Church that celebrated 1,000,000 membership this year and President Lungu even officiated the celebrations. National Chapel is likely to be a failed project because it is clear that the leadership be is pedalling on deceipt and lies. They tells lies without shame.

  11. SDA, is a church organization with weird teachings. only people who have read books by Ellen G White will be able to tell whether SDA is capable of believing that e-voucher is satanic. When october 18 was declared a day of prayer and fasting i got messages from SDAs saying that October 18 is the devils day. Well, religion does not go with statistics only by one understanding what the religious grouping believes in. Only those who knows what the SDAs believe in can agree or disagree.

    • The SDA church is a global church. Its teachings rests on the bible. Though refered to, the writings of Ellen White do not suppass the bible. Any writing that is not in harmony with what is in the bible is never supported by the church.No. Over time, people, including some SDA members have misinterpreted the said writings of White this has led to some church members coming up with their own personal comments. The position of the church, indeed of any other organisation on issues is stated by the leadership and not individuals. Therefore, to quote an individual(s) and then generalise is neither safe nor prudent. The minister lost it.

    • The church never at any time declared 18/10/2015 as a devil’s day, some citizens misinterpreted everything and spread propaganda that the church did not agree with, check facts my brother-you will discover that church leaders where ever they were invited to pray during those gathering they prayed. we are a bible based church and anything we say in terms of scriptures comes from the bible. Christ did not die for SDAs alone but for all who believe in Him, Jesus loves all of us and we do not hate anyone

  12. Ba PF naimwe pleeeeeaaasy. This is the game you have to play? Last kicks of a dying horse indeed! Don’t drag the wonderful SDA church into your stupidity twamipapata, just do your job of intensifying your Voucher compeign kaili. The clock is ticking. There is a writing on the wall (you have been found wanting)

    • They are losing a very important constituency:
      They have failed to divide us by tribe, now they want to divide us by religious stripe!

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