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2015 difficult economically, great constitutionally – VJ

General News 2015 difficult economically, great constitutionally – VJ

Dr. Vernon Mwaanga speaks to diplomatic staff and members of the Zambia South Africa Business Council
FILE: Dr. Vernon Mwaanga speaks to diplomatic staff and members of the Zambia South Africa Business Council

VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga has described 2015 as a great year in terms of the constitution-making process but a difficult one economically.

In his New Year message to the nation, Dr Mwaanga said the constitution bill which Parliament passed contains a number of positive clauses.

“On the political front, our Parliament approved a new constitution which contains progressive elements like the 50 percent-plus-one vote for the election of the President,” Dr Mwaanga said.

Dr Mwaanga named other progressive clauses as dual nationality, the setting of the election date and the establishment of a constitutional court.

On the bad side of the year, he said global economic factors were largely to blame.

“The economy has not performed well in the face of national and international factors, bringing home the message that our global village is far from stable,” he said.

Dr Mwaanga also condemned sporadic political violence that occurred during the year.

“Sadly, there has still not been dialogue among our political leaders to address such important issues as political violence, insulting each other or calling each other unpalatable names.

“Let 2016 be a year of reconciliation. Let them treat elections as a mere contest for power with decency and caring for people,” he said.
In an interview, Chief Madzimawe warned that tribal politics if left unchecked could ignite violence.

He said political leaders need to speak the language of unity if they are to succeed in their aspirations.

“Tribal politics are taking the country backwards and if left unchecked can bring violence ahead of next year’s elections.

“My advice to those that want to ascend to top office is that they must embrace the ‘One Zambia, one nation’ culture if they want to succeed,” Chief Madzimawe said.

He has advised Zambians to put the country first and invest in peace and stability of the country.

Dr Mwaanga hailed young people for turning up in large numbers to register as voters in readiness for next year’s polls.


  1. VJ!

    Meanwhile warn Davies Chama and ECL that ICC at the Hague is real. Bashir of Sudan is wanted, Charles Taylor of Liberia is incarcerated, Former Bosnia PM is under trial, Uhuru Kenyatta and deputy from Kenya were indicted and the list goes on.

  2. If HH fails to sue the TOZ then it becomes clear as who the real tribalIst is. We urge u to stop dragging Chama into useless issue when the author is known it is ToZ period. Mumbi Phiri challenged HH to sue Chama, we are waiting. Hasn’t the 24 hour ultimatum elapsed yet?

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