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UPND will protect Kabimba’s liberties despite him being chief manufacturer of tyrany

General News UPND will protect Kabimba's liberties despite him being chief manufacturer of tyrany

Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba was the chief manufacturer of the machine of tyranny when he was Justice Minister and secretary general of the Patriotic Front (PF), the United Party for National Development has charged.

UPND vice-president for political affairs Canisius Banda said although Mr Kabimba was the chief manufacturer of the machine of tyranny when he served in the PF Government, it was an affront to his liberties to deny him the freedom to assemble and meet his supporters.

Dr Banda said Mr Kabimba had created an inimical fixture during his reign as Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF, he should have been threatened with violence when he appeared at Breeze FM Radio in Chipata last year.

He said in his facebook posting captioned ‘In Pursuit of Joint Fronts’ that the UPND was always in defence of liberty and that the opposition political party would never stop denouncing vices that were a danger to the country’s democracy such as violence.

He said the UPND was bearing the cross of defending people’s liberty including those that were once part of the system they were currently crying to be victims of.

Dr Banda said the UPND would feverntly and relentlessly come to the defence of Mr Kabimba’s liberties despite his past record of terror. “…united we stand, divided we fall. We are always in defence of liberty.

Never will we stop. This is our cross to bear, our lot, our destiny. Even for Wynter Kabimba, who at one time was the chief manufacturer of the machine of tyranny, when affronted today by the same inimical fixture and denied liberty, as it happened at Breeze FM…teargasing of Nevers Mumba and other citizens in Ludanzi, we shall fervently and relentlessly come to his (Kabimba) defence,” he said.

Dr Banda said an injustice to one citizen was an injustice to all and that the country’s guiding maxim should be that of ‘all for one and one for all. Dr Banda who had posted a picture of himself and Edith Nawakwi, the president of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) said the UPND would continue pursuing for liberty, unity, harmony and prosperity.

And the PF has charged that Mr Kabimba should be the last person to accuse Government and President Edgar Lungu of frustrating the constitution-making process because he (Kabimba) allegedly attempted to conceal the Draft Constitution when he served as Justice Minister.

Mrs Phiri has told the Daily Nation that it was disheartening that Kabimba could accuse the PF of cheating Zambians on the Constitution making process when he failed to come up with a constitution within 90 days as Justice Minister in 2012.

She said that even when Mr Kabimba was asked by Parliament for updates on the constitution-making process, the Rainbow leadr often angered Zambians by his baseless political arguments.

Mrs Phiri further explained that Zambians were happy that the Constitution Amendment Bill had passed in Parliament and only waiting to be assented by President Lungu on Tuesday next week.

Mrs Phiri was reacting to Rainbow Party Leader Wynter Kabimba who said that Zambians have been cheated in the constitution-making process and should therefore not praise the PF for the constitution amendment bill passed by Parliament recently.

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    • Ba Banda, how you go on dreaming…UPND will find it hard to win under HH. You should find a new leader for UPND to replace HH after 2016 election for you to increase your chances to form government.

    • Friend of my enemy is my enemy, enemy of my enemy is my friend, or
      alliances are not made because of love but common interests!

      50% + 1, time to watch and decide.

  1. What do you expect from this useless UPND party??? No principles at all. They can fall for anything and they think Zambians are fools. Just yesterday they insulted Winter saying he was hacking UPND cadres with Pangas, today he has become their Hero. Some minutes ago they were insulting GBM calling him names, today they are sleeping with him giving him kisses just because they want to win elections at all cost. How do you trust such a party. Already Zambians have seen that UPND and its leadership are a bunch of liars with no principles? They will this today but change tomorrow. How do you trust such a party? What UPND want right now is to win elections and then their true colors will come out. Zambians, be warned, do not experiment leadership, these guys are a bunch of liars whose aim is…

    • Did you make a typing mistake? Or are you just confused?

      That is PF you are talking about, not UPND!

      USELESS, no principles, think Zambians are Fools, bunch of LIARS, change today?

      That is a very accurate description OF SATA, LUNGU AND PF!

  2. with the experience I poses in political analysis 50% + 1 in Zambia is well come.There will be no winner be it PF(Lungu) or UPND(HH) ,the winner is the Zambian people.The will be no way Lungu or HH will form Government without The Bembas or Tongas.So this 50%+1 shall unite us.When one looks carefully the 50%+1 will favour the Oposition the only spoiler is MMD,however most MMD mps will lose there sits if they support PF because they are in UPND strongholds.If MMD mps support HH there will be no way Nevers Mumba will control the out come of this yrs election.Nevers Mumba is the only lion in a sheep skin.Lets watch the game.

  3. Can Kabimba turn water into wine? Now that 50+1 is almost law, where is he going to find the people to vote for him going by the requirements to qualify for republican PRESIDENT. If I were asked how I would remember Kabimba’s last four years, I would say “he was arrogant,self centered and one who wanted to dribble us in the constitution process.



  5. Make no mistake, the finished party on the ZAMBIAN politics is UPND. I really wonder how some people ever even dream that UPND will one day form government, maybe in Mars and just maybe.

    • If UPND was a finished party, then Lungu and all his stooges including you, would not be having fits at the mention of UPND.

      Lungu fainted when the intelligence report was read to him It warned him that UPND will definitely win 2016 unless PF amplify its rigging mechanism. It even predicts that only less than 10 PF MPs will win elections and most of them will come from Muchinga and Eastern province.

      Continue burying your head in your back side until UPND takes over next year.

  6. UPND can be described by the following adjectives, shifty, shady,rogue,gulleful, perjurious,hypocritical, fallacious, duplicitous or misleading. BaBanda, just say you want votes from Rainbol party not protecting him

    • @ peters
      “…PF can be described by the following adjectives, shifty, shady,rogue,gulleful, perjurious,hypocritical, fallacious, duplicitous or misleading…”

  7. Tongas & their unpd party. One province vs 9 provinces. Tongas continue dreaming that chilema wil b in state house hahaha. As long as tongas continue 2 support unpd then us non Tonga’s wil also vote ba Lungu

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