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Ngande Mwanajiti hails President Lungu for Marketeers Loans

Economy Ngande Mwanajiti hails President Lungu for Marketeers Loans


Human Rights Activist, Ngande Mwanajiti, says President Edgar Lungu’s initiative to come up with financial grants to support marketeers across the country is a move in the right direction.

Mr Mwanajiti says marketeers in the country have been facing a lot of problems in terms of accessing loans for their businesses due to lack of collateral.

He said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday adding that the move should be supported by all the marketeers and well-meaning Zambians.

Mr Mwanajiti also urged marketers to put to good use the loans in order to grow their businesses for the benefit of their families.

And Mr Mwanajiti has disclosed that he has no political ambition to contest as Member of Parliament in this year’s elections.

He said the right time will come for him to vie for a political seat because he has every right to do so as a Zambian citizen.

Mr Mwanajiti said as a strong supporter of the Patriotic Front (PF) he will remain committed to campaigning for President Edgar Lungu during this year’s elections so that he could continue developing the nation for the well -being of Zambians.


  1. Is this not the guy who said UPND should only be ruled by a Tonga or was it Syacheye Phiri Madyenkuku At the the time of replacing the late Mazoka?

  2. At the time of replacing the late Mazoka, is this not the same guy who wanted only a Tonga to be president of UPND or was it Syacheye Phiri Madyenkuku?

  3. Mr Mwananjiti and Madyenkuku are now stars in PF while PF members are still blaming UPND for the words “UPND must ruled by A Tonga” spoken by these same men in 2006. UPND has remained condemned for those words. I thank HH won the election contested by three , and after he won he made sure these two men had no room in UPND. surprisingly, PF which is said to be against tribalism has accommodate these two guys. How can you fight tribalism while accepting people who were fire by their parties for issuing tribal remarks. HH also never accepted Maj . Chizyuka who was against Sata/ HH alliance. Mr Mwananjiti has to apologize to UPND of those words. If PF was a reasonable party it would have forced him to apologize both to PF and UPND. Failure to that his days a numbered in politics.

  4. People like Mwanajiti are a disgrace to mankind and the cause of Human Activists. This is because whatever praise the would sing for any government it means he has been paid. Humanity is not for sale let’s give our friends (marketers) the dignity they deserve as Human Rights Activists.

  5. Well, Mwananjiti has to do a lot of things to better the lot of the those that he was associated with, as well as for him self. It could now be time for him to seriously reflect and take in the big picture, the welfare of the Zambian people.

  6. Has he asked himself where Lungu is getting the money from? Was this in the budget? Or is Lungu simply using it as a bribe ahead of the elections? Will the ‘generosity’ continue beyond the elections even if Lungu won? People should learn to analyse matters, especially if they are supposed to be representing responsible institutions, such as Human Rights.

  7. PF cadres if don’t know who said that UPND should be ruled by a Tonga its this man called mwananjiti. HH has never uttered any word against any tribe please leave HH alone.Mwananjiti and Mandyenkuku were booted out of UPND because of these careless words. This is why I support HH despite I am Bemba. So fellow Zambians open your eyes allow HH a famer(Kachema Musuma),Businessman and Economist to Govern this country as he is the chosen one. Those who listened to TB Joshua telecast will agree with me that only agriculture will redeem Zambia. Copper will never redeem Zambia. HH is the right man to turn the fortunes of Zambia lets try him just like we tried ba Sata.

    • The problem is that, whenever someone in UPND utters any trial remarks, HH does not condemn such. So it’s a sign that he endorses such – all he does he to justify such negative remarks. In order to shake off the tribal tug, HH should learn to publicly condemn such and people will start looking at him a new different light – even though he could still be the “same person” inside.

  8. Mwananjiti is the man who said only a Tonga should rule UPND.So you PF cadres go for him.Leave HH alone.I will vote for HH even if iam Bemba becuase he is a Kachema Musuma and Economist.TB Joshua has warned that only agriculture will turn the economy of Africa(Zambia)Only HH a famer understands this,copper will never be the main economic activity anymore.

  9. Did all marketeers in the country get loans from Livingstone, Mongu, Chipata, Mansa, Kasama and other places in between? What I know is that it is only marketeers from one market who were given loans in the Copperbelt after they had booed him. That is bribery because there is not even a list of those who received the loans and they are all PF cadres.

  10. Mr President sir.
    I have one question.

    Were you aware of the tariff increase by Zesco, if so please justify the 300% increase when your people have been hit so badly. Mr President, in case you did not know, K50, you only get 27 units which only lasts 3 days even 2.

    Sir, I challenge you to fire the entire ERB and table this in your next cabinet meeting.
    We need a government working for the people not the opposite.

  11. Hunger politics,from an educated man,he is now a cadre begging for a job.
    It is so sad that even educated Zambians can sink this low

  12. This man is worthy of our future political support if he remains on the side of Right.

    Marketeers are the backbone of many an African Family in low income families. Facilitating their trade is also supporting our socio-economic well being on a larger scale.

    Well done PF for keeping an eye on equality, access for low income families.

  13. Heheheheheheheheheee! Kikikikiki! Reptiles come out from wherever they are sheltering mainly holes when there is sunshine and temperatures are higher! Hello Mr. Mwanajiti!

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