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MMD starts demanding Grade 12 certificates from aspiring candidates

General News MMD starts demanding Grade 12 certificates from aspiring candidates

Raphael Nakacinda MMD Spokesperson
Raphael Nakacinda MMD Spokesperson

The opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has advised people who wish to contest as Councilors and Members of Parliament to submit application letters accompanied by Grade 12 certificates.

MMD Spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda has said that this is in view of the requirement in Clause 162 of the amended constitution.

Mr Nakacinda has said that the former ruling party is not worried with the new constitution requirement pertaining to elective offices.

According to the constitution amendment bill passed by Parliament last year, which will be assented by President Edgar Lungu tomorrow, no candidate without a Grade 12 certificate will be allowed to contest, the Presidency, Vice Presidency, Parliament and Council Elections.

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    • The constitution says grade 12 is the minimum level of education. Some university and college graduates have misplaced those tu mapepa like I don’t know where mine is but I am working as an Engineer here. Are you saying I don’t qualify to contest? Lets understand the constitutional requirement before we end up with candidates who have attained only grade 12 and nothing more.

    • It is MINIMUM QUALIFICATION, are you sure you are a qualified engineer? If you have a degree, it assumed you had passed grade 12 or form 5 or have ‘O’ levels.

    • By the way the are now lots of PhDs who buy their degrees AIU, a university in the US but not affiliated or recognised by the system there. All you do is pay them and you can cook up some ‘thesis”. I know of a friend who was invited for graduation even before the thesis was submitted but passed on conditions that he paid. So no need for Grade 12 certificate. Am sure Sata would have a PhD by now. I thought Mpombo has one.

  1. GBM can justifiably be given an honorary doctorate in entrepreneurship given his business achievements. So would an honorary degree count or it has to be an warned degree?

    • You need to understand how the matter of qualifications works in government; without G12 even a phd in astronomy (if that was possible) would mean NOTHING!!!

  2. Is this a full G12 certificate or just a G12 certificate? If one has one grade 12 level subject say History passed and is issued a certificate, its still a G12 certificate not so?

  3. GMB Chimbwi no plan
    First went to Stand againist Deputy Minister Sampa and failed lamentably after loosing to Sampa looking for the scapegoat and claimed that PF is no longer democratic and now there is Hunger which government has been buying me meal meal akiri for the past 47 years old My mom and dad used to feed me out of there sweat and after they died I buy my all basic commodities including the meal meal I eat so who will give you Jobs and free meal meal my friens until Jesus comes there is no economy which will be roses.
    Gmb is a lier he was flushed out and his contract terminated with FRA – Food reserve Agency and today he is laying that i am in politics to serve people Kabwalala pompwe mushibila Nsala ulebepa impofu mu brain

  4. Actually the requirement is grade minimum 12 qualification. So you just need a sworn affidavit (swearing can even be before a headmaster, a local court justice, a chief or a pastor) that you sat in a grade 12 or equivalent class.

  5. It should be a G12 school certificate. Meaning u should have a minimum of six passes. If u have one, two or five subjects that’s GCE and u don’t qualify

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