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Lack of vision and bad leadership are to blame for high inflation-HH

General News Lack of vision and bad leadership are to blame for high inflation-HH



Price rises under PF unacceptable

Under President Lungu the rate of inflation has almost tripled. Standing at 7.7% in January when he entered State House, the Central Statistical Office has confirmed that the year 2015 ended with a rate of inflation of 21.1% for December.

A rate we have not seen in many years. This figure puts in economic terms what Zambians across the country are struggling with on a daily basis, as the price of food and other essentials rise higher and higher and more Zambians are dragged into poverty.

Lack of vision and bad leadership are to blame. How else are we to explain why shops are now taking measures such as selling half loaves of bread in this land of plenty because Zambians can no longer afford to buy the full loaf?

The PF must take responsibility, yet their lack of understanding is shocking and shows how little hope there is for improvements under their watch. As recently as October 2015 the Minister of Finance predicted in his budget that Zambia would be able to maintain single digit inflation (inflation of under 10%), a figure many questioned at the time.

If the Minister of Finance who is charged with the management of the economy is so far off the mark what hope is there for good planning and foresight under the PF, and what credibility can we have to inspire confidence in business and investors?

We cannot afford to let the PF continue to bury their head in the sand and make decisions with no reference to a greater vision and plan, and in the absence of consultation or understanding.

While President Lungu and his ministers continue to deny the problems and stir up unrelated discussions, our people are paying the price of their carelessness.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President



    • And who are you hating moonga The man is giving facts and figures this humble bullcrap is what makes Zambia continually lag behind on many fronts. You can not see anything beyond your nose but only praising failures who have strong attributes in wrong areas you can not make humbleness the number one presidential quality can’t you see the man (chagwa) is lazy, a drunkard and behaves like you, we are on a downward spiral my friend wake up this sentimentism of yours is gonna kill you its ok to disappoint failures even if they are the ones bankrolling you for a better tomorrow

    • But what does your response have to do with what HH has raised? This is what he means that you would rather have unrelated discussions. The matter at hand is inflation, and how the MoF has been incompetent at economic planning. This deflection will not work. EL is the president, and he needs to address this, instead of busy bodies like you throwing dirt and mud in the air in the hope that the people get distracted

    • “If the Minister of Finance who is charged with the management of the economy is so far off the mark what hope is there for good planning…”
      Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! H.H, you made me spit cofee on my key-board!

    • @Suntwe wa Suntwe, it would be funny if it was not so serious!

      Right now the effects of the irresponsible management of Zambias economy are hardly visible. You think an inflation rate of 21.1% is massive????? When the Eurobonds become due for repayment, then the real truth about the damage these clowns have done will start to bite.

      And it will be ugly! Just visit Zimbabwe and see where an inflation rate of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 % has left them! If the international community was not sending FOOD AID, 3 million Zimbabweans would be DYING OF STARVATION!

    • @HH Techilema
      Your flag is showing that you are in the Americas. Surely, the word “cheat” is not used in the context that you have. I know you cannot speak a local language well but please to write good English if you are to show us that you know something if any at all.

  2. Worry not..Things tend to change for the better during an election year..So the kwacha will come back to K5 and inflation back to 7%.

  3. HH is god by himself he knows everything, he doesn’t need God to rule Zambia. This is a reason he always boasts that he is an economic manager. It is not want you know but what God will do for you. ECL has humbled himself and has run to God to seek wisdom so that he can rule this nation in the fear of God. Solomon the wisest king/man the world has ever produced asked God for wisdom and did so. wisdom is greater than acquired knowledge.

    • No one needs God to rule Zambia. Most countries have gotten by without resorting to magic. EL is busy hoodwinking you with religion, and you are blindly following. God does not intervene if we are not willing to work. And HH is not boasting, he has run a company before. This is why you guys elected a chakolwa who misled you into thinking he was humble. He is not humble, he is ignorant, and the last thing we need is an ignorant president. For all the prayers that have been made for this country, we have gotten nowhere. It is time we woke up as a nation and stopped believing in magic. This belief is killing the country slowly

  4. What a useless statement from a clueless and bitter leader of a minority and insignificant political party!!!

    • the kaponya thieving superpowers dont even know what 21% inflation means, hence their insults and avoiding the topic.

    • the kaponya thieving supporters dont even know what 21% inflation means, hence their insults and avoiding the topic.

  5. This statement can only come from a clueless and bitter leader of a minority and insignificant political party!!! What a waste of time!

    • the kaponya thieving supporters dont even know what 21% inflation means, hence their insults and avoiding the topic.

  6. Mr.President your massages makes alot of sense,but i feel you need a charismatic person to help interpret it in bemba so that it triclkles down to the grassroot electrotes.I feel you have not done well in this regard sir.You have 90% of scooping this election but you need to assemble a very good team and play your cards very well.
    All the best Sir!

  7. Ati minority party!!!! ***** which school did u go to?I think u are bemba coz a normal person understands wat a minority party z.do u remember dat u stole the votes by just a percent? And u say minority?

    • stop being cheap argue out without bringing unrelated issues of tribe. Am UPND yet a bemba like other leaders in UPND like GBM or Nalumango. This cheap illogical branding of non tonga’s in UPND is worrisome.

  8. What are the measures put in place to bring down the inflation rate?……..anyone…….anybody…..I think that is the discussion at hand….or did I miss something?

  9. The more HH yaps no sense in 2016, the deeper his grave!The man doesn’t even know that copper has started gaining as China pumps in billion of dollars to accelerate growth.
    By April 2016 the kwacha would have rebound and mealie meal prices well below K50. And kang 50%+1 in our constitution, UPND start looking for leader for 2021 polls.

    • UFO, dream on! It is not going to happen.

      By April we will have to RE-BASE the Kwacha AGAIN just to keep using it with all the zeros attached!

  10. This advancement of tribal “supremacy’’ and total disregard for other tribes makes the rest of us resentful of UPND and its core tribalist leader HH. Despite the “good intention and management CV” by HH, we fear they may create what I would term a Tongacracy Government. A government of the Tonga’s by the Tonga’s for the Tonga’s.

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