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Stakeholders hail President lungu for signing the constitution bill

Headlines Stakeholders hail President lungu for signing the constitution bill

Various stakeholders have praised President Edgar Lungu for assenting to the Constitution Amendment bill .

Zambians for Empowerment and Development(ZED)leader, Fred Mutesa said President Lungu has exhibited courage and boldness by giving Zambians the much desired constitution.

Dr. Mutesa said the move is in the national interest as it does not favour President Lungu and the Patriotic Front party.

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Pukuta Mwanza said the President’s assent to the document was a landmark event for the country.

“An incumbent President would ordinarily fear to assent to such a challenging Constitution such as this because of clauses such as the 50 per cent plus one election threshold but President Lungu has shown rare courage in having to assent to the document, ” he said.

MMD president Nevers Mumba said his presence at the stadium showed that MMD was a party that made decisions using principles and not emotions.

Dr Mumba said that the move signifies the beginning of a fresh pace to democratic governance.

Dr. Mumba told ZNBC News after the signing ceremony of the Constitution bill in Lusaka that the MMD is very proud of President LUNGU and all those that participated in the constitution making process.

Christian Democratic Party president Danny Pule said it was a new dawn in Zambian politics.

Former UNIP general secretary Gray Zulu said it was a momentous occasion because it signified Zambia’s growth.

The United Nations (UN) has hailed Zambia for completing a successful Constitution making process which has culminated into a Law encompassing the will of the people.

UN resident coordinator in Zambia Janet Rogan said in an interview that her organisation was elated by the progress in the country’s democratic affairs. Ms Rogan was speaking at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka yesterday after witnessing President Edgar Lungu assent to the amended Constitutional Bill.

“I want to congratulate the people of Zambia on behalf of the UN system for another peaceful step in Zambian democracy by adopting a new Constitution,” she said. Ms Rogan said the transformation of the Zambia Police Force into the Zambia Police Service would promote community driven policing and co-existence between the law enforcement agency and members of the public.

French Ambassador to Zambia Emmanuel Cohet said the new Constitution marked a milestone in the history of the country. Mr Cohet said it was a good start to the process of enacting a brand new Constitution considering that the Bill of Rights still required to be made into Law through a Referendum.


  1. Which mature and patriotic citizen would fail to acknowledge this land mark enactment in our nascent democracy? Cognizant of the perils of Presidential leadership, President Lungu has succinctly illustrated the kind of a progressive patriot in leadership he is. Yes political camps may take kafwafwa, but Zambians have won big time on this constitution. Indelible legacy of reformist leadership period.

    • Me I am just confused with UPND now. Who are they going to choose as running mate since they have more than 6 vice presidents. This will shake UPND no doubt because GBM thinks it is him, and so is Dr Banda. We wait and see the outcome.

    • “Dr. Mumba told ZNBC News after the signing ceremony of the Constitution bill in Lusaka that the MMD is very proud of President LUNGU…”
      How do you get proud of a person you’re opposed to as opposition leader? Mumba is just another job-seeker. The constitution is not Eddie’s document for him and Mumba to think that by signing it, he was doing Zambians a favour. He has no choice but bow to pressure and be subjected to the 50+1 clause and other clauses he hates so much! Zambians need a majority leader not a minority one.

    • Yes Nervers is a jobseeker. Just the other week these same PF tear gassed him in full view of cameras and now they are his friend.

    • @Housefly,GBM is a grade 6 dropout,hence the new constitution has ‘technically knocked’ him out…….HH put made him veep cause he is aware of GBM’s qualifications and hence not a threat………kikikiki

    • House Fly, trust me, you are not the only confused with UPND’s positions/approach on this issue. And I say “positions” for reason; because these guys have been allover the map, so to speak, on this issue. You can nominate even tell whether is contents of the amended constitution they are against or the process. Meanwhile some MPs from the same UPND got “rich” from allowances sitting on the CRC. Sometimes you wonder which planet these guys are living on—but they really need to come back down to earth and realise the folly of their tactics.

    • @Suntwe wa Sumter: quote “how do you get proud of a person you’re opposed to as opposition leader?”

      Wow, is this a serious question or delusional inquiry? No wonder you guys are in perpetual “OPPOSITION MODE.” Come rain, come sunshine, you simply have to oppose everything. Even stuff/things you very much supported to begin with. And this is where you UPND chaps get wrong all the time. Surely there are times and issues that calls for unity of purpose and oppositional politics should take a back seat—if there should be such a moment in our country’s history, THIS IS IT!!! But, as usual, you UPND “lemmings” are slow to recognise HISTORY when history is being made. You are so caught in this opposition mantra that you have even lost focus. Soon you will lose the relevance as an…

    • Who told you there is a NEW constitution?

      There is an AMENDMENT to the Constitution!!

      A sprinkling of a few new clauses but same old document.

    • Dont worry we are still winning. Copperbelt miners are still pissed about job losses so that’s a vote against kabotolo Lungu

      Viva HH

  2. UPND is really short-sighted, firstly they boycotted the national prayers ..only to rush to church after national outcry…come the signing of the constitution, up-down could not see national interest…they decided to stay away.

    Lungu has my vote for exihibiting quality leadership …all the past presidents were afraid of the new constititution..but EL has done it!

    • What has Lungu done?!

      Don’t you know that part of his job description is to sign bills passed by parliament?

      What Lungu and PF has done is deny the Zambian people the Constitution they desired. The draft Silungwe constitution has NOT been enacted.

      That is what Lungu is being praised for by PF; for dribbling Zambians. I have this to say to PF, their lies will catch up with them.

  3. This is interesting. What Edgar Lungu has done is not exceptional, that is what Presidents and governments do, ENACT LAWS AND CONSTITUTIONS. This is like praising a CEO for preparing a strategtic plan or CFO for completing the financial report or a father for buying mealie or sending his children to school. It is only children from irresponsible parents who would do so! The problem is that Zambia has never really had true and genuine leaders. We have had manipulators and conmen for leaders from independence! So we are used to being mistreated! So praising Lungu for what? Doing his duty?

    • Well said. It is like praising a father who comes home sober at 19h00 because he always comes home drunk after midnight. But in other homes the parents return home at 18h00 sober with bread and other things for the home! UBU CHUSHI NI PROBLEM SANA!

    • KBwalya, I totally agree with you. I could not have said better! Most Zambians are too used to mediocrity that they praise people for doing a small thing of a bigger part of their responsibility. We also seem to reward illegality- Recall ZESCO running a competition to give a house and other goodies to customers for paying their bills after defaulting instead of prosecuting them and you say you want to introduce cost reflective tarrifs to encourage private investment in the energy sector. Which investor will partner with an entity lack ZESCO that can not manage the little they have.

    • Very true. We are too used to mediocrity and substandard performance in Zambia. That’s why we are where we are – in the doldrums of poverty.

      What kabotolo Lungu has done is just part of his day to day duties. No heroism there

      We’ll see who the real hero is when the seething unemployed Copperbelt exminers cast their vote in August

      Meanwhile Aleisa HH

    • alatata muletasha… such a heart you are displaying is dangerous for your health. whats wrong in praising CEO for producing a viable strategic plan, whats wrong with praising CFO for preparing timely the financial reports that pass the audit by external auditors, what is wrong praising my father for buying mealie meal when other fathers are failing in their duties? whats wrong thanking my father for taking to school when others are marrying off their teenage girls? BE THANKFUL BA KAZHILA even if u dont like the person who has done a good thing for you, just say THANKYOU. UKUTASHA TENSELE, TELUBEMBU

    • @P Kazhila, just think about what you just said: “so praising Lungs for what? Doing is job?”

      Yes Kazhila, people are praised for doing their job. The job they are employed to do. In fact the CFOs are not just praised for doing their job, they are handsomely rewarded financially too. Even a father who takes care of responsibility by making sure that his family is adequately fed and his children are well supported in school will have people “sing” praises to him—especially by his family.

      Even in soccer, goal keepers are employed to man the goal, and they are praised when they keep a clean sheet in a crucial game. Strikers are praised for scoring goals; you don’t say well that’s what they are employed to do, so why praise them? This sort of logic can only come from a cynic!

    • And from your name you are a typical UPND cadre. Give credit where it’s due. Being in opposition doesn’t necessarily mean opposing everything.

  4. OOHH.. by the way GBM said he will comment on the constitution once signed into Law.
    GBM or GBM supporters lets hear your views…

    • What are the views on – Davies Mwila and Mwaliteta to name but two and host of other PF MPs and Councillors?

  5. Twalibelela ubu chushi! Praising a President for doing his duty! He never did you a favor, please get that in your shallow brains ba kaponya imwe! Its like a parent who has paid school fees for his child for the first time and the child sees it strange and goes out to tell the entire world about it.

  6. I Salute the Republican President ECL for Assenting to the Constitutional Amendment Bill. As Usual HH and his UPND have been caught on the wrong side of History. They are now grinding their teeth after finding themselves squeezed between a rock and a hard place. This is what happens when you throw principles to the wind. You end up kicking yourself in the foot.
    By assenting to the Constitution Edgar Lungu is now miles ahead of ECL. Zambians are reasonable people. They are able to see true leadership. And not the type of leadership and politics we have seen from HH. Let HH continue halucinating that Load shedding and Mine Job losses will make him win the Presidency. Come 11th August ECL will win by over 60%.

    • How and why are you reducing the win to 60% when EC Lungu says he will win by 71%?

      How will he win amidst the problems he has brought on us voters and for which he has refused and/or neglected to U turn on:

      1. High mealie meal , kapenta, bread, beans, sugar, fuel, cooking oil, surf, nappies, shoes, clothes, grocery prices
      3. Grand corruption and bribery in public institutions and roadblocks
      2. High debts for corruption contracts
      5. Police harassment of opposition
      4. Electricity tariffs to original levels than this gonga retreat???

  7. *I Salute the Republican President ECL for Assenting to the Constitutional Amendment Bill. As Usual HH and his UPND have been caught on the wrong side of History. They are now grinding their teeth after finding themselves squeezed between a rock and a hard place. This is what happens when you throw principles to the wind. You end up kicking yourself in the foot.
    By assenting to the Constitution Edgar Lungu is now miles ahead of HH. Zambians are reasonable people. They are able to see true leadership. And not the type of leadership and politics we have seen from HH. Let HH continue halucinating that Load shedding and Mine Job losses will make him win the Presidency. Come 11th August ECL will win by over 60%.

  8. This is not a new constitution please. This is an amendment to the same constitution we have had. Why get excited when duped? By the way in 1991 elections were held under 50+1. This was removed by the party of Dr Nevers Mumba. THE PF PROMISED A NEW CONSTITUTION NOT AN AMENDMENT!! They fail to deliver what they promised we praise them . Just like they hike tariffs and then reduce them to where they where we praise them. We are an interesting people !!

  9. Imwe KAzhila and Kazala, your too simplistic.This is a big thing as it affects peoples’ lives in many ways.Mind you it can send you to prison or liberate you depending on circumstances.It can also enrich you as new oppotunities come up or close up and impoverish you.Many lives will depend on it especially political office aspirants.

  10. Iam alarmed at the levels of ignorance in Zambia is it illiteracy or simply down syndrome which rampant in the population.Why do I say so 1.President Lungu only assign a constitution Bill which among other things allows 50%+1,he did not sign a new constitution as put in the media and bloggers on LT. The bill of rights and other Articles will be dealt with in the referendum. So stop misleading people there is no new constitution.2.In this Economy any normal person can not invite the whole country to witness him sign a bill. Most Dcs provincial Ministers and other government official burned a lot fuel to Lusaka from all corners of Zambia.3.On top of they drew allowances .What kind of a president is Lungu?Ichisoso.

  11. This constitution is the best ever since single party rule under the dictator. No manipulations such as vote rigging will work and it is the benefit of the country as far as democratic rule is concerned. Parties must start positioning themselves for running mates and 50+1 percents.

    • 50% (of total valid votes) + 1 (vote)…e.g Total valid votes = 1000, 50% = 500, + 1 = 501 = Majoritarian! Please people please…!

  12. It’s funny how people are slamming others for not feeling as euphoric as they do. One has the constitutional right not to celebrate. The amendments of non contentious issues is to be followed up by a referendum so how about the fact that it is okay to feel ambivalent or apathetic or euphoric. That’s the whole point of a constitution. It solidifies your individual rights. There’s nothing more ironic than behaving like your rights (and feelings) are more important than others. Personally, I cannot even list the amendments made so getting me to party is a huge ask…

  13. Those who were pro PF and those who were anti still remain as they were. Foreigners tend to be circumspect so the UN and the ambassador are spot on. We are sort of back to square one because if UPND wins then we again start talking constitution reforms. Let’s face it the powers of the president are still excessive and too much power still at the centre. No clear line between legislature and executive.

  14. I do not understand people who are saying that it is the old constitution which has been amended. I thought that the minister of justice took the new draft constitution to parliament with the exception of the bill of rights. And that it was this draft constitution (a product of the review comission) which was debated and some closes amended in order to arrive at the constitution which ECL asserted to. Any way, whatever the case I salute ECL and he definetely has my vote

  15. You it’s an amendment, all the outsiders are calling it an amendment because not much has changed, just a few things added and subtracted so it’s not the same one presented to them. There is nothing much to commend ECL for a document he and his party promised to release in 90 days, he was part of the gang that kept that document away from the people. We should infact praise the many people who kept calling for the constitution, without them this issue was going to die a natural death.

  16. Dont worry about these upnd cadres they were hit very hard such that yesterday no one commented on Lt Until Today When They Are Able COmfort Themselves By Attacking On Anything.
    Solve The Equation

  17. This president is definitely much more progressive and far better than the pumpkin and the porcupine we have had in the interim, following the demise of good president Levy Mwanawasa.

  18. PF promised to subject contentious issues to a referendum, not just Article 79 and the Bill of Rights, Part III. So, it should be expected that:
    .the mixed proportional representation,
    .cabinet outside parliament, and
    .Provincial Assemblies
    will also be included in Referendum Bill.

    PF, do not change the goal posts!

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