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Accident forces LWSC to shut water supply to entire city

General News Accident forces LWSC to shut water supply to entire city

The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has shut down water supply to the entire city following an accident involving a vehicle which left the main supply line vandalized at Lusaka Water Works station in Libala.

The accident occurred in the early hours of today when a driver who was trying to avoid another motorist lost control and rammed into an air valve at the LWSC Water Works station in Libala area.

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company Spokesman Nshamba Muzungu said this has damaged the Kafue water supply line which is our main source of water supply to Lusaka.

“Because of the extent of the damage and in order for the engineers and technicians to start repairs, we have been forced to shut down supply to Lusaka city,” said Mr Muzungu.

He added, “This means that most parts of the City will not have water supply until repairs to the line are completed.”

“Our engineers and technicians are already on site and we anticipate to restore water supply atleast in the next 48 hours. However, it will take a few more days for the supply to stabilize after connecting.”


  1. While Lungu and his PF are celebrating the fantastic job they are doing just writing his name on a piece of paper, Zambians now have no water and no power! And a collapsed Kwacha and mealie meal at K90 a bag!

    Well done PF, that is how a country should be run!

    • Be real Dodo … that’s why you are extinct.PF and Lungu did not rum into the water works pipe. HH or UPND would not have prevented the drought and the loss of the Chinese copper buying power. PF or any other party for that matter is not mighty enough to prevent what is happening world wide -except in the US. They can not even prevent the driver from hitting the water works. So pleas stop living on cloud 9.

    • @Muchendemupati

      A competent administration would have a BACK UP PLAN! But we all know PF is the CNP party! They are more focused on getting elected that providing jobs and services for the Nation. Accidents do not “just happen”, they are CAUSED by poor planning, just like our current ZESCO problems! Why do you think there are seat belts in cars??????????

    • Was it Lungu who broke the water valve? Why blame everything on Lungu even things u know he is not responsible for.

    • Actually, HE IS RESPONSIBLE! Ultimately all issues affecting the Nation are his responsibilty.

      That is the job of being President!

      Or are you saying he does not know how to do his job?

      You might be right!

  2. I have never impressed the way LWSC handles its affairs in terms of attending to emergencies like the one they are reporting. How does a driver hit into a water pipe valve? Was he drunk, was the valve site not secured knowing that the location of water works is now surrounded by residential properties etc. Look at the conduct of Lusaka City Council, motorists are now knocking off the street poles along Burma Road and Chilimbulu Road and it takes days before recovery and replacement of such poles. I wonder if there is any warranty guarantee with AVIC International as regards replacements of knocked down street light poles. There is one still lying along Burma Road near Kabwata Clinic and Police Station. Dogs are being run over along the roads and nothing is being done. Govt. through RDA…

  3. Just investigate this driver and make sure it is no an act of sabotage. Check who this person has been speaking to, meeting with for the past months and check his bank statement also. Check his tribe were he works at this point we can not assume it an accident. The kind of hatred and hurting we are seeing with a certain section of people like Dodo above these people will do anything to tarnish the image of government just so that they can get in to plot 1.

    • Lol! Why check his tribe? That if he is Bemba then he wanted to steal the pipe, if Tonga he wanted UPND to win political mileage on the water shortage, if Ngoni he wanted the PF to win political mileage once the problem is solved as their manner is to create a problem and later reverse it just to win praise….? And if Lozi what?

  4. There is nothing political about it, it was an accident. It is clearly written that the driver was avoiding another vehicle. We should comment about the story or news and not everything turning to politics. Possibly we can have a connection to the driver, with /out licenses, road conditions and so forth. In as much I dont like this government there is nothing to connect the accident to govt and neither do we need to investigate which tribe. People who like to write anyhting about tribe /s are tribal themselves

  5. So LWSC has no resevour tanks for emergencies like this?? ine shocked! how do you expect people to survive without water for 48 hours surely? yes we can stay without electricty for all the rest our lives but not water.awe bane, think for the poorest Zambian out their.

    • Suppose the reservoir is just before were this happened? Remember this did not happen in Kafue or Chilanga but within Lusaka.

  6. This speaks volumes about just how vulnerable we are. One relatively small incident (whether a legitimate accident or sabotage) should not cause such a significant impact. Similarly, one or two tripping switches causing a national blackout is just as worrisome.

  7. Stop being sensationalist and alarmist. Its not possible to shut off supply to the entire city ba lipota mulechitako research before writing. Lusaka is a large city with different points of water supply

    • It’s GLOBAL!

      It’s because of drought!

      It’s because of low copper prices!

      Lusaka is not the only CAPITAL CITY in the world that runs out of water!


  9. KCI, I rebuke the hate language you are using. Your hatred of innocent people for no reason may explain why we appear to be under a spell. Why should we go through this crisis all of a sudden? Are we paying the price for being tribal and vindictive and yet knowing we are a Christian nation?

    • Which innocent people do I hate? I just said check the tribe. The driver could be from any tribe or section of society which is hurting and hating to an extent of destroying public infrastructure so that the government can look bad.

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