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Malawian prophet Bushiri acquires his 3rd Jet in 2 years

Headlines Malawian prophet Bushiri acquires his 3rd Jet in 2 years

The interior of Prophet Bushiri’s jet

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has acquired his third private jet in a space of 2 years.This is according to his facebook page.The Malawian born prophet who is currently based in South Africa was presented with a certificate of ownership by Gulf Stream manager Larry Flynn who said the prophet is now the youngest buyer of a gulf stream jet.The prophet is rumored to be the richest man in Malawi.He is said to have investments across Africa including in oil mines in Saudi Arabia.He recently revealed that he plans to open a bank and mobile company in South Africa.

Prophet Bushiri recently made history when he filled the FNB stadium -the largest stadium in South Africa at a service during the 2015-2016 crossover.

However his lavish lifestyle has met with criticism.On his facebook page a Mr.Friday Mulenga wrote the following

How many street kids? How many blind beggars on the street? Not even an orphanage has been built. But someone has bought a jet, expensive cars, expensive clothes. What kind of worship does want? Turning water into paraffin? Who used that paraffin? Manipulating the ipad and think a picture has been captured in air? Any benefit? God help us before the innocent souls are lost. Your people are very thirsty for your word but they are following blindly because they can’t see.

In response Prophet Bushiri said

“Mr Friday Mulenga you can also sell your phone and give the money to the poor. The phone you are using to some is very expensive and they do wonder how you could buy a such a phone and not using it for the poor.

N’tity Serokane asked the following

When will Prophet Shepherd Bushiri take a picture of himself delivering food parcels to needy children or feed the hungry , or visit prisons take pictures with inmates ? I mean if man like you can afford to travel in private jets imagine how much you can do for your countrymen , you could make a far much greater example to humanity or maybe your blessings are not to be shared amongst the greedy ? Or for somewhat reasons prophecy comes with a pride tag not to even visit HIV infected wards? As a black man and as influencial as you are I believe cursing blessings to individuals is a drop in an ocean for u with all due respect Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries preaching prosperity amongst individual has degraded us far much as a continent , what about the ones below the poverty line, who cant afford to fill up stadium’s? So your blessings wont even go passed them ? Or it is for God to decide? Your response will be highly appreciated , P.s im still not convinced

In response Prophet Bushiri said

“When are you going to sell your phone which you have used to type here and give the money to the poor?

Prophet Bushiri enters his jet
Prophet Bushiri enters his jet

Gulf Stream Manager Larry Flynn presents the certificate of ownership to Prophet Bushiri
Gulf Stream Manager Larry Flynn presents the certificate of ownership to Prophet Bushiri


    • Why not if thousands upon thousands of !diots are wilfully giving him their hard earned money every Sunday.

    • These are merchants of faith to the poor. Shame on them! They dupe the poor to sacrifice the
      their last pennies in exchange of a promise that their situations will change for better by their own faith. The fact is only them the church leaders get richer and richer while their followers get poorer and poorer.

      These personal church ministries are big scums governments need to start cracking and force to plough the money back into their communities where it comes from.

      These personal churches are the only authorised pyramid systems unchecked by the world governments.

    • This guy is in the same business as Mark Zuckerberg and all those people who want followers. When there are enough followers, you can monetise the followership. The story above does not say that Bushiri is a Christian preacher. He is just a prophet. A prophet is just another forecaster. He should not be harassed for not doing Christian works. He may not even be a Christian.

    • Its survival on your own. The Prophet has caved up his own way of making a living. Every soul and man for himself, God is for everyone.

  1. Jesus warned us about false prophets who will come in the last days.He said we shall know them by their fruits. I’m disappointed at the response the so called prophet gave to the people asking him why he doesn’t help the poor. Jesus was right- you shall know them by their fruits.

    • I would rather be called the devils child than going to this nonsense( prosperity churches). But those who go and donate their money i say tough luck. AS for me, no way jose!!!

  2. Christians and moslems and all those who believe in magical beings in the sky are the dumbest people in the world and I do not feel sorry that conmen like Bushiri, TB Joshua, Benny Hinn, Imakando and all others peddling that fairytale called the bible take advantage of this dullness.

    • Christians and Moslems do not believe in any magical being in the sky they believe in the one true God the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Whilst some people try to use religion to amass wealth at the expense of Gods word it does not negate the fact that He exists. I don’t trust the so called ‘men of God’ just as much as you and thats because we are all sinners…only one man was without sin -Jesus and he warned us thousands of years ago of the very things we are witnessing before our eyes today.The sky you think contains God is too minute to even contain him.You should check out NASA’s images of the galaxies,and whats out there…Only a f.ool says there is no God

    • Well then am a f.ool dude. Religion has caused so much misery in the world and I question the sanity of people who align it with the word good. Your God in the bible is worse than Hitler. Explain this paradox: China and the Netherlands and to some extent the UK are extremely non-religious but are their citizens suffering? They spend the time chaps here and jumping up and down talking gibberish actually doing work. Africa has the poorest but most religious countries in the world. What logic does your god use to ignore Africans who pray time almost every minute and rewards the atheists? Very sad. If the belief in god did not exist, there would be no ISIS or Boko Haram.


    • These so called ‘men of God’, ‘Prophets’ and ‘Prophetesses’ make me sick. Once the man becomes a ‘prophet’ the wife automaticaily becomes prophetess. Stinking thieves!!!!

    • Even the Pope lives like a KING with an army to guard him… personalised mercedes benz etc… so its not just the African prosperity pastors.

  4. I would rather smoke “chamba” in Chibolya than join these churches…Its day light robbery except that some gullible nincompoops are still in the dark…

  5. So Gullible we Africans are.
    Any wonder whenever we vote for our leaders, we tend to choose useless Crooks, Conmen, Pimps, & Pirates??

  6. Governments should start taxing some of these churches. Every donation made to these churches by poverty stricken people must be accounted for. Your take advantage of peoples desperation for miracles to enrich yourselves. And why do you need 3 jets when you can walk in air?

  7. It seems he is really doing well for himself and those around him. I think that he is a clever guy and let him use his money as he wishes, he works for it after all. It is sad that we still have the mentality of Mulenga thinking it is the responsibility of the rich to look after or take care of the poor. It is the responsibility of govt to take care of its people, leave the young man alone!

  8. I bet that like all those Mega Church owners such as TD Jakes, . Crefto Dollar and Benny Hinn he doesn’t pay any taxes because he runs a non-profit organization which also donates to the poor like himself.
    Smart guy.

  9. Looks more like greed to me… the man they preach about (Jesus) did not amass such wealth even when he could perform miracles, he even had to borrow a donkey at one time, because according to him, he was about his father’s business which was to serve and help the poor, (orphans, widows, oppressed), not amass wealthy for himself.

  10. Prophet Bushiri is a true Man of God. During the cross over 2015/2016 and other worshiping dayp, there were many miracles where the lame walked, the blind started to see, the barreness were fixed, miracle money, and the miracles were preached quoting verses in the bible. Magic can never come in as it is the work of satan. Prophet Joel prophetised that in the last days young men will see visions and the older will be dream and Jesus in John said there will be greater miracles than what he did. So Prophet Bushiri is filling the shoes of Jesus Christ.

    • False prophet Bushiri mocks God and makes videos that have him falsely walking on air and photo shops angles into pictures. He is a silly man that caters for foolish, mindless desperate people.

  11. Jealousy everywhere.That’s why the Malawian National anthem talks of envy as one of our greatest enemies.Everybody wants Malawi to be known for failure,lack etc.Not in our family!! Everybody who keeps quoting the scriptures here wrongly have limited knowledge of the bible-Read about Job (The greatest man in the east.Read about Abraham,Isaac,Joseph,David,Solomon etc.
    Read God’s promises in Isaiah 60,whe whole chapter and Deutronomy 28 vs 1-14 including Hesea 4 vs 6 (though others also quote it amiss).
    Major does charity as well,but the bible also says let not the right hand no what the left is doing.
    “Curse not the king, no not in your thought; and curse not the rich in your bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which has wings shall tell the matter…

    • You only need a little common sense to work out that you’re been taken for a ride using the bible. Too many fo0ls in Africa hence the dire situation we’ve found ourselves into.

  12. With three jets his carbon footprint is going to be very high. Very sad development from a man who should be looking after the environment that God (if he,she, it exists) has bestowed on us.

  13. Worldly poverty stricken peasants used to seeing lil Wayne in jets are mad .listen Christians are taking over, my father is leading the way from groly to groly just like abrahm ,job,Isaac and me

  14. If people wish to believe in the same religions that colonized and enslaved them in the first place, fine by me. Let them be swindled. Besides, the same religions say beware of false prophets. If we are to go by christianity, there is the prophecy and the revelations. Therefore, there can be no other prophets besides those in the old testament, until the revelations, assuming one believes n the Bible in the first place. The problem with many christians of today, their religion is about showing off that they are better than non-christians, so its more about belonging than having faith in what the doctrine actually teaches, which is why most christians in Zambia defending beer drinking and sex before marriage, to suit their own inner desires. Infact, even prostitues call themselves…

  15. Comment: Arm chair critics,if only you knew how much does the prophet spend on the poor you wil be ashamed,I am a member of ECG and very proud of it,in our family(church) we are rich because we share,so many people are on the prophet’s payroll,he can’t mention all the great things he helps people with,but I am alSo a witness of his good doings. I love him bEcause he iS a great teacher of the bible,not only miracles but he is preserving so mAny churches Wich were aS good as dead,!!!!he is my papaooooo!

  16. Read your Bible well and keep reading it! These people can be called prophets but they are not biblical ones. Jesus said in Matthew 24:23-25.
    The fact that someone is showing great signs and wonders does not guarantee someone to be a biblical prophet. I pit you that are possibly deceived by telling a math which is also not backed by biblical truth ( 1+1=2) the answer to that math is not a qualify factor! Keep reading your bible. In what is done there, Jesus is not glorified but self and flesh glories read 1 corinthians 1:1-28

  17. Comment:major 1 the servant of the most high God we love you. Love him or hate him its your choice, we saw the angels in church live, he walks on air, he helps the poor, he heals the sick,cast demons out and preaches the word of God with powerrrrr in jesus’ name THAT IS TRUE GOSPEL

  18. Comment:Iam not a follower of Bushiri, but I cant see anything wrong in him getting rich. As far as I have read the Bible,no verse says men of god should not be rich.

  19. So many people go to see traditional healers, but they never criticize the traditional healers. They only criticize pastors. And they pay so much amount of money. Pastor Bushiri enjoy yourself, and I will attend your Church.

  20. This i my papa, panoramic seer,A.K.A bazuka, wise man ,Major 1, walking in the shoes of Jesus! the man of God i have been looking for! Thank God ,He lead me to you and i am so much humbled and privileged to be under your tutelage. Those critics are blinded by the gods of this world, they can only see the visible but cannot access the invisible (supernatural) which is permanent. They have not seen anything yet. I am very,very,very,very,very,very,very……….. proud to be your daughter My Father Major 1 original! when you are through with us your children, the world will know truly the one true God exist, Jesus is alive through the wonder working power of the Holy ghost. We will do greater works more than Jesus did! the world aren’t seen anything yet. True Christians are taking over!…

  21. Fellow brothers and sisters leave the Prophet of God alone, he has got private businesses of his own heyond church offerings, besides he’s not the first successful black entrepreneur.
    He’s healing millions, of course with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Envy and jealousy down.
    Mazwi love the true Prophet Major 1

  22. I have never seen anywhere in the bible John the baptist visiting jailers, feeding orphans..I have seen where Jesus got into a ship yet he could also walk on water, No where in the bible did the bible forbid men of God from prospering..the bible says those who minister at the alter will live by what is offered at the alter, being a pastor is a job connected to God’s special gift like the Levites did. When pastors starve when starting ministries nobody feels for them but when God blesses their ministries people start to talk. If you are holier than the prophet give away all your possessions to the needy first then come and judge..Every person should give when they want to, if it is not a must for u to give neither is it a must for pastors too. Live your life and let the man live his life…

  23. all of you talking about nonsense talk about the man of God shame on you that is right you see the continent of Africa is like that poverty dirty miserable life all type of diseases witchcraft money rituals that what you people like need you guys are very ignorant stupid I am not an African I am from USA
    no wonder shame on you God never sign no poverty for he’s children
    ok if you don’t like prosperity go and preach poverty on your church shame shame on you

  24. Every one who doesn’t like PAPA you are a suspect go and kill your self and your generation go to hell some African people still have the slavery chain poverty poverty poverty the day I will see you I will deal with you

  25. I luv Bushiri , kamba uzalema. Imagine you guys taking of Prophet Bushiri and you dont even understand who the an is. Even Jesus was said to be possesed and was later pesecuted. I tell the spirit of Judas Iscariot is still in some individuals. My Prophet keep it up. In our familly we dont stress, we relax bevause we know God is in controlComment:

  26. It is funny to oppose what you will never never do in your life. There is lot of man of god why only him being attacked? He heals people and thats good. Judge not

  27. I bet if Jesus shows himself to you,you will chase him out because you are weak in God’s power. Only evil can do good in your eyes, No evil can use the name of Jesus without consequences. God Jehova jaira,God of Daniel,God of Abraham and God of Shepard Bushiri is alive and kicking and he is doing wonders through Prophet Bushiri using him and he is obeying the Lord, and if you obey God and claim him publicly he shall bless you publicly, it’s his blessings the blessings gave to Daniel and Samson. No christian is supposed to be poor and when God gives you,you must show that he gave nothing from God should be a secrete, Jesus didn’t die from the cross for Bushiri to be poor even you if you accept him as your lord and saviour, and stop talking badly of prophets of God who are working for…

  28. I have no comment because five years coming is not any more by calling him prophet.Is a Slav of God,saw you people calling him prophet please stop.Wowwww in Zambia they love him so much are they eating together that money is getting it?

  29. God of Major I is real take it or leave it. We are all entitled to believe what we want to believe so please live the man of God alone and believe what you want to. For us and fellow congrigants are happy with Major 1 yeeeeee

  30. Brothers and sisters, mine is a question ” How can we recognize a false teacher / false prophet?”

    Jesus warned us that “false Christs and false prophets” will come and will attempt to deceive even God’s elect (Matthew 24:23-27; see also 2 Peter 3:3 and Jude 17-18). The best way to guard yourself against falsehood and false teachers is to know the truth. To spot a counterfeit, study the real thing. Any believer who “correctly handles the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15) and who makes a careful study of the Bible can identify false doctrine. For example, a believer who has read the activities of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Matthew 3:16-17 will immediately question any doctrine that denies the Trinity. Therefore, step one is to study the Bible and judge all teaching by what the…

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